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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Women
    Rave: Women

  • RAVE! JUST FOUND OUT THAT PULP IS STILL OPEN! I realize this is old news to most, but I don’t get over to that block of 14th that often, and last I’d heard they were closing the store. I loved having Pulp on the Hill (sadly, nothing has come close to replacing it), and regularly made the trip to 14th once the Hill location closed. I drove by the other day and saw that the shop is still open — hooray!

    Rave: I started (somewhat reluctantly) Weight Watchers in the spring (with support from many PoPville readers — thank you!), and I’m proud to report that I hit my goal!

    Rant: Nothin’ today. Life is pretty damn good.

    • Congrats on hitting your goal! did you do online or meetings? I’ve got to get back on the wagon – I rejoined, but haven’t been to a meeting yet. It’s been incredibly difficult for me to adjust to my husband being home from Afghanistan (cooking for one on a diet is MUCH easier than one on a diet, and another who needs a lot of food) among other reasons. I’ve gained more than I care to admit, and hope when I finally get back to a meeting I’m not mocked. Hoping to go this Saturday.

    • Congrats! And make sure you stick to it during the holidays, don’t let all that hard work go to waste ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Congrats! My cousin just hit her goal after years for hard work with weight watchers – she’s down 100 pounds.
      Also, I second your rave – Pulp is awesome and it’s so wonderful that they were able to keep it open.

    • Thanks for the support, y’all! I did meetings, which I found helped me stay more accountable. And it’s nice to see the wide variety of folks who are on the same journey.
      For jindc — I found that thinking about WW as a lifestyle change rather than a diet is helpful. It’s about learning what triggers overeating (cheese is my downfall) and how you can be more mindful for yourself personally. Rather than cooking different things for my hubs and me, we eat the same thing, just different portion sizes. I’ve found that the recipes on WW online (as well as Cooking Light and Eating Well) are usually pretty darned tasty — just increase the portion size for your man ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rant: One of my favorite magazines, Everyday Food, is no more. It was always a great publication and everything I made from them was good.
    Rave: their online archive and their iPad app are great.

    Rant: weekends are too busy. I feel like I haven’t had some quality leisure time in a while.
    Rave: enough time to see Lincoln this past weekend.

    • You should schedule time for “self”. I have the same problem.

      • I know I SHOULD, but the ability to do so is limited these days, sadly.

        Hopefully soon – I really need a trip to Wegmans and Saravana Palace in Fairfax, but it’s like 4 hours out of my day!

    • WHAT?!?!?! I had no idea they were canceling Everyday Food! Apparently I missed the letter/insert with this last issue. I loved that magazine and agree that some of my family’s favorite recipes were from there. I unfortunately actually dislike their online/iPad content as it is just so large (overloads my small ipad storage). So disappointed….

      PS – If you have money left on your EDF account, they’re going to roll you over to Martha Stewart Living to use that up. They won’t have any EDF-type insert until March so you’d need to have quite a bit left on your subscription to get that again. If you’re like me and dislike the MSL magazine, you can call and get a refund instead, but you have to call and request it (was just on the phone with customer service).

      • hm, maybe I just don’t have much on my ipad? It’s possible – I haven’t noticed it clog my ipad. But the online app is good – you don’t have to save it to your ipad, you just have online access. Hopefully they keep the archives up.

        I’m not a MSL fan, but it’s not worth dealing with a refund considering the subscription was really cheap.

        Such a great mag, but luckily Cooking Light has been turning around a bit for the better!

    • Oh no! I love Everyday Food and was just going to resubscribe! Glad I happened to pick up the December issue at the grocery store. Total bummer!

  • Rave: I’m closer to getting my own apartment! Love my roomies but it’s time to move on.
    Rant: Housing in DC is so expensive. I moved here 4 years ago and prices have gone up a lot since then.
    Rave: I got a really good night of sleep and am feeling rested this morning, which is very usual.

    • I’m in the same boat – moved here 4 years ago, ready to move on from roommates, but having a hard time finding a place in my price range. Any insights to offer?

      • I have looked at places in Arlington, H street corridor and Potomac Ave/Stadium Armory area. There are some places in the $1,000 – $1,200 range but you have to be diligent and patient. Check craigslist every day, tell everyone you know you are looking for a place, etc. I used to live in Logan Circle in one of the big apartments, sometimes they have good deals if you don’t mind being on a wait list. Good luck with the search!

      • You may have luck renting an affordable basement apartment. I was living in one last year for under $1200. My other suggestion is to just walk around in the neighborhoods your want to live in and take down the phone numbers of all apartment buildings and call. I found many apartments in my price range this way and you may be able to get an apartment before it is publicly listed.

    • Ditto. Same boat. Done with roomies disrespecting my things. Any suggestions for affordable studios, efficiencies, or 1-bedrooms? By affordable, I mean $1400 or less…preferably less.

    • pablo .raw

      There’s a program called Manna Citylift that offers 20k free to people buying homes (yes, free); I posted some info on this a while ago and at least a couple of popvillians are already taking advantage of it.

  • Rant: I hate yoga.

  • My Kaiser healthcare premiums went up by $74.00 for 2013 for a single plan. I am so depressed, however, you must have health insurance. It’s costly just to stay alive!

    • Try calling them. I’ve had Kaiser individual plan for years and am terrible at filling out those renewal forms they send at the end of every year. One time I called because my premium went up a lot and they told me that since I didn’t fill out the forms, they made bad assumptions for me and my rate was higher than it needed to be. This was many years ago, so my memory is faded as to the exact reasoning, but give them a call.

    • $74 more per month? for the entire year? If the former, ouch! If the latter, sadly that isn’t bad.

      • Carefirst self-pay also went up $60.00 a month.

        • As someone who has been on an individual plan from age 25-37, the increase is likely age related. Did you just turn 30? Also, as a woman, our individual plan rates are astoundingly higher than men (think 250/month vs. 75/month) because of pregnancy until about age 45, after which women’s costs become cheaper. I’ve tried to opt out of pregnancy coverage to no avail. However, Obama’s new plan is supposed to make gender discrepancies illegal. Whether the insurance companies will just raise the men’s to meet the women’s is still in question, but I hope women’s costs will go down at least a little bit.

    • You can thank your president for that!

  • Rant: Terrible day yesterday where I seriously thought about quitting what I thought would be my dream job. Let’s just say the bloom is off the rose.

    Rant: Daycare called to say daughter was miserable all day and could someone come pick her up? No fever, no obvious illness, but unable to participate and needing more attention throughout the day than the teachers can give. Got there early to find her sobbing uncontrollably, though five minutes after we got home, she was totally fine. Maybe she just needed some mama time.

    Rave: Wall-E, Up and Finding Nemo all on TV last night – all movies that bring a smile to my face.

  • rant: gun robberies right in the heart of dupont circle last night, at 9:30 and 10:20. ughgghhhh

  • RANT: Found out this morning that a friend & his boyfriend were mugged and held up at gun point last night @ 8pm at 19th & R in Dupont Circle. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

    However, the cops were apparently asshole’ish to my friend and other pedestrians did nothing (not even called the cops) as they were screaming for help as it all went down. I really wish pedestrians would pull their heads out of their ass sometimes. Unfortunately, the thieves got away after my friend chased them to Connecticut & R and cops only came after he called 911 while chasing the three kids.

    Be safe out there, PoP’ers.

    • alissaaa

      I saw the police cars when I was out walking my dog last night and was wondering what had happened. There has definitely been a big uptick in muggins around the neighborhood lately. I am sorry for your friend–but very glad that they are okay and weren’t hurt!

      • My friend and his boyfriend are big, muscular guys. They are in the gym everyday of the week, they are incredibly fit, and definitely know how to defend themselves. I’m amazed that these kids even attempted to target them.

        If they’re going after these two guys, then they’ll attack anyone.

        • Did one of your friends run down 19th and onto Corcoran to chase the muggers? Or was that one of the muggers that I saw running? Just terrible … I hope your friends are OK.

    • Shit that’s terrible. My husband and I were out for a walk in the neighborhood a little after eight and I heard people talking on their phones about a mugging – didn’t know it was so close! I hope they’re ok!

    • Wow that’s horrible – I hope your friends are ok.

      That is a pretty brazen time and location to mug people. I know it’s still unlikely to happen, but it does make me worried when I go out – you can’t even go out with a friend and reduce your risk, it looks like!

    • I’d bet that pedestrians did call. Many times I’ve called 911, only to find out that there were multiple calls about the same event, so the dispatcher moves on to the next call.

  • Rant: Trying to put together a King-size Ikea Hemnes bed last night. Some things you need two people for!

    Rave: Excited about Matchox opening

  • novadancer

    rant: big east continues to implode while my non-FBS school continues to do nothing.

  • Rant: Two coworkers wives are pregnant – one 8 weeks, one 11 weeks or something. First, culturally I have never heard people tell so many people prior to the end of the first trimester (Oh, us silly Jews!).

    Just trying to stay positive about the upcoming IVF cycle. It is very difficult to put on a happy face and not blame my husband, meanwhile he is all smiles and cupcakes but doesn’t realize the odds or the pain associated with the process (to me). I still don’t think I want kids enough to go through this, but what can you do? The things we do for family and love!

    Rave: Have kicked the daily at-work coffee addition. I have a cup at home before work, then have herbal tea at work. Saves so much money and has reduced my coffee intake drastically. Sadly!

    • novadancer

      totally with you. Married to someone 7 years younger, and it seems many of the wive’s of his friends are “planning” which month to get pregnant. Ahh, if only it were that easy! Round 3 of ivf currently in progress and with the recent b-day puts me at less than 5%.

      • Which clinic are you using? Have you been to the same one for each cycle?
        My husband is younger than me but just a couple of years, but the maturity is an issue (like, it’s not funny…but laughing is a defense mechanism I guess). And his sister is pregnant, so he spends a lot of time gushing about how excited he is to become an uncle.
        But! Good luck with this round – I hope you are successful, and you can never say you didn’t try your hardest.

    • I’m only 9.5 weeks and was planning on waiting til through first trimester but I just couldn’t hold it in. After we got a heartbeat, I basically spilled the beans to everyone. And yes, my Jewish bff has scolded me ๐Ÿ™‚

      Good luck! Way to kick the coffee habit ahead of time.

  • Rant/Rave/Rant: Husband still not feeling well but we were able to head out for a nice walk in the neighborhood… only to just find out that there was a mugging where we walked a short time before…Jez!

    Rave: Aunt halfway through radiation (second round of breast cancer) and feeling well!

    Rave: Family christmas party this weekend – cannot wait to just relax and enjoy my crazy and huge family!

  • Rant: Working for an org that has poor leadership and shaky financials, but can’t seem to find a company whose a mission I like.

    Rant: Job postings are going on holiday hiatus.

    Rave: Getting a Christmas tree this week!

  • Rant: Supposed to get a Christmas tree last night but to no avail! We walked to our usual place only to find it had moved, then walked to another place and it was closed.

    Rant: Roommates driving me nuts. Two are very loud and somewhat obnoxious and one constantly uses baby talk. I HATE, with a capital H, baby talk! You are 29–act like it! And while we’re at it, stop with the whining. Also not cute.

    Rave: Found website with really cute t-shirts for kids that you can personalize. Christmas presents for nephews and niece – done!

    Rant: I can never come up with anything clever for the caption contest.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’ve had an annoying stress headache since Sunday.
    Rave: It’s not a migraine.

  • Rave: Finally have proof that my neighbor has a dog in his apartment. Left a little late for work this morning and when I opened the door he also walked out with the biggest pit bull I have ever seen. The shock on his face was priceless. Our building has a strict no animal policy. So yes I snitched and emailed pics of said dog with owner to the landlord. Now the ball is in the Property management company’s court.

    • I’m withholding judgment until you give more info. For instance, if the dog is loud & the owner doesn’t take care to minimize disturbance to his neighbors.

      But damn, that’s some cold-hearted shit to do during the holidays.

      • Cold-hearted? Withholding judgement without more info? The building has a strict no pets policy, what’s unclear about that?

        • ^^^ What he/she said. Zero pets policy. Its one of the things that can lead the one being evicted. Yes the dog is loud. Yes he lets it loose in the hallways late at night ( I know because I am up studying at 3 and four in the morning) and it scratches and barks at ppls doors. Yes it he allows it to poop in the carpeted hallway and doesnt clean it up.
          What’s cold-hearted is him allowing all this to happen and not following rules.
          FYI: I carest not about your judgement….

          • I think, given the further details, judgement can now be given. You did the right thing. If it was simply a dog, and the owner carried them from the front door to their condo, and the dog made no noise etc, then perhaps you went to far, but given the circumstances, you certainly did the right thing (I would have done the same!)

          • Reporting during the holidays is still pretty harsh, regardless of whether or not the dog owner is in the wrong. That said, I don’t blame you for being fed up if the owner is acting like such an ass.

            However, I feel like your bldg management company must not care all that much if there were already sightings of poop in the hallway.

            One possibility is that the tenant is temporarily fostering pit bulls for a charitable organization, hence why you’ve had a hard time of gathering definitive evidence. If this is the case, he might be able to weasel out of getting evicted.

          • Why does it matter that it’s during the holidays? And even if the holidays were pertinent, we are about 3 weeks away from being “during” the holidays. It’s not even December for crissakes (store music selections notwithstanding).

          • Even though the building has a clear no pets policy, I wonder if you don’t like the neighbor, which might give more incentive to report him. Sometimes when people do infractions, other people give leeway if they like them. Anyway, if the dog is loud and is doing things like pooping in the hallway, then it’s more than a policy violation, as there are other problems to deal with. Why wasn’t the poop in the hallway enough evidence, especially if neighbor didn’t clean it up? I would have thought someone would have reported it to the management company (even if they weren’t sure if it was human or dog or whatever). Wouldn’t the management company have come to investigate?

          • We used to have onsite people from the management company but a new company purchased the building. This company is located in Bethesda and to my knowledge the only time they have EVER come to our building was when they were doing the pre-purchase inspection. Its hard to get someone on the phone there. I have been sending complaints via letter (because anyone can contest having a phone convo) for months now and to no avail. The last time I spoke to someone on the phone was when i saw ANOTHER dog (a small one I am not good a dog breeds ran up to me in the hallway and tried to climb up my leg) in the building. I was told that since I didnt know who the tenant was they couldnt do anything. I also hear that dog yelping (is that the correct word) during the night. I think its a matter of people realizing that the property managers dont care and they use that opportunity to do whatever they want. I will be moving next spring but until then I would prefer to not be bitten by a dog that (based on what I saw this morning) the owner cannot control.

          • And I like the guy. We speak each time we pass.
            When he first moved in he knocked on my door, gave me a bottle of peach ciroc, and told me that if I smoked weed he had the hook up. I took the ciroc and declined the weed.


    soooo happy, I posted yesterday that it felt like my life was on stand still. Here is to 2013 ๐Ÿ™‚

    This is so life changing, because I am going from an admin position to a “real job” where I can use the things I learned about in my majors in college.


  • Anybody else bothered by the teens smoking a joint in the Petworth metro station around 5:40 pm yesterday? To me, it is a minor offense, but the flagrancy bothers me.

  • gotryit

    Rave: Car free.
    Rant: Not by choice. Damn you, Ford.

  • Rant: Lately a lot of my comments on this site have been deleted by the administrator.

  • Rant โ€“ Softish midsection

    I exercise (strength train + regular cardio) but the same things I used to do in my 20s are not getting it done now that I have a desk job and a 30+ year-old metabolism. Articles I have read state appearance is 80:20 / Diet : Exercise. I cleaned up my diet as much as I can on my own (My Fitness Pal helped monitor caloric intake) I am now thinking about using a sports nutritionist / dietician. I donโ€™t want to train for anything I just want to improve my appearance and look more defined. I have worked out for years, at the โ€˜Yโ€™ and various gyms and I would say MAYBE ยฝ of the personal trainers I have seen in action are worth paying. Has anyone ever worked with a (local) sports nutritionist / dietician? Are sports nutritionists / dieticians worth paying?

  • Rant: My boss told me in confidence that people will be getting laid off on Monday.

    Rave: He told me not to worry, that my job is safe.

    Rant: I can’t tell anyone about the impending layoffs and I have a good idea who is out the door. Layoffs at Christmas (or whatever holiday you are celebrating!) time are brutal. Sorry guys!!!

    • Do you work for a contractor?

      I’m hearing from some friends who are contractors that a lot of their projects are not getting renewed by various government agencies. People are starting to get skittish about their exit options and some have even been told that when the project is done, there will not be a new one for them to transitions onto. It will be interesting to see how these fiscal cliff negotiations work out. There haven’t been a flood of layoffs (yet), but the storm clouds are definitely on the horizon.

      • Or maybe Living Social.

      • yowza. do your friends work for a big development nonprofit? same stuff going on here…

        • Yes, many of them are in the field of development contractors. Though, aid contractors are usually the first thing to get cut backs. Others are in defense contracting.

          One guy I know owns his own small defense contracting company and he’s crapping his pants. He’s totally over-extended – multiple luxury cars, motorcycles, tons of electronic toys, nice expensive house in Falls Church. He keeps getting smaller and smaller contracts. I don’t think it’s gonna end well for him.

          The rest of the country experienced a huge bubble that popped in 2008. The Government Bubble that started in 2001 under Bush is starting to deflate. It was a good ride folks, but we’re in for a long overdue correction.

        • Yep. We are the evil chempire, beltway bandits that suck every dollar out of USAID contracts. Good development = lining corporate pockets with your (and my) tax dollars!

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