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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • QUESTION: I am fairly new to PoP. Can someone please explain to me what the term “NIMBY” means? I often see it used on here.

  • Revel: Went to sushi heaven for the first time in a while (used to go every monday for a while) and it was just as good as when i was there last. also it looked like the menu had changed as well, need to check out the sticky rice brunch

  • Rave: The Misfits advertisement on the right hand side of the PoP ad bar.
    Rant: With out danzing, they will never, truly, be the Misfits.

  • Rant: Bad anxiety last night. Been a while but when it comes storming back in it is a real b*tch. Need to figure out what I was doing that kept it at bay.

    • The Worst. Mine has been coming on strong lately too. Be well!

      • Same here. Don’t know if it’s the weather, or the time of year, or what but it is kicking my butt. Feels better to know it’s not just me though.

        • Yep. Not just you. I echo the be well command. Part of mine is stress induced from some professional uncertainty and some family problems. I was previously in a great groove. Hoping to get back to it.

        • Allison

          Same, even my dreams are stressful so sleep is no relief. Last night it was the dream where I’ve registered for a class, but oops! forgotten to go to it all semester. So, here I was thinking I was getting enough credits to graduate but now I’m not going to and I’ll never be a lawyer….. Spent a long time this morning convincing myself it was just a dream!!

  • Rave: Might get snow today!!

    Rant: FOUR weeks after a job interview and I am still waiting to hear back. It’s a govie position so that actually isnt that long, but still my whole life feels like it’s in the balance.

  • Rant: Husband sick – inevitable that I’ll end up with it soon as well…
    Rave: Finally – my glasses have the right prescription in them! My goodness, it’s awesome to be able to see so clearly. Also, I finally got my hair cut – feel like a new woman πŸ˜€

  • Revel: I have decided to do something I’ve always wanted to and chop off all my hair. I figure I only have a few years left before having short hair stops being edgy and hot and becomes soccer mom-like. So I’m going to go for it now. I think I have the right kind of face for it.

    Rant: I’m suddenly aware that 1) every woman in DC seems to have long hair, so I will really stand out and 2) the consensus of the world seems to be that men hate short hair. My boyfriend doesn’t mind, although he of course prefers it long, but, I don’t know. Is it lame that I’m kind of terrified of no longer being considered attractive by men? Maybe it will be liberating?

    • the consensus of the world? i don’t think so. if you like it, that is all that matters. if your boyfriend likes it, + for that too.

    • depending on the current length of your hair, you might be able to donate it as well. and i dunno, i think plenty of women around here have short hair. worse comes to worse, if you don’t like it, you can always grow it out again.

    • Many men – myself included – like really like short hair. For whatever it’s worth, my advice would be to consult a professional stylist. You may think you have the right face for short hair but a good stylist will know whether you do.

    • It’s hair. You’re a woman. It’ll grow back. You’ll be fine even if it doesn’t turn out well. Only live once! Should I through in some other cliches? πŸ™‚

      • +1

        after i had dreads, I had to shave my head to get them out. I went through every stage of hair length, from chia pet to finally half way down my back. do whatever you want… hair always grows back (well, unless you’re middle aged and male, in which case you might be balding).

    • My take on short hair – REVEL, but only if you have the face to pull it off. And frankly, you know if you do.

      One of my ex’s cut off all her hair and it looked gorgeous. She has a slim face, pretty face with angular features, so it really worked on her. If you have a round face, short hair doesn’t work as well, in MY opinion.

      But do whatever makes you happy and don’t worry too much about what other people think. That said, I know women who go short tend to complain A LOT more that their hair maintenance has increased.

    • For what it’s worth, I have always liked short hair on women. (I’m a man.)

    • Haircuts are not a big deal. It’ll feel like a big change for you but others will stop caring after about two minutes. Get it cut, if you don’t like it it’ll grow back.

    • Good for you! I’ve had short hair (chin length bob, pretty much) for the past few years. It really does make me realize how many women have long hair but who am I to conform? Besides, my round face does better with a cut that frames it. Also a plus that the boyfriend likes the short hair but not a deciding factor.

    • You should go for it! Especially if you feel like it would flatter your face–when I had short hair, I got so many comments from women who wanted to do the same but felt like their face was too round for a short cut. I only got one negative comment about it–from a girl who, even though she liked my hair, claimed that guys only like long hair. Not true in my experiences, though I gotta say that a guy who would automatically rule out short-haired women is not someone whose attention I’d miss.

      Though short hair’s not necessarily easier to take care of, it’s light and airy in the summer and doesn’t get matted by scarves in the winter–this alone is making me feel the itch to chop it all off again. And if it’s not your cup of tea, it grows!

    • I was just entranced by a woman walking to the metro this morning. She had short hair, and it made her look so confident and put-together. There’s something about young women with short hair that always grabs my attention– I think the vague androgyny is very mysterious and captivating.

    • I went in for a haircut a few weeks ago, thought I’d be getting a few inches off. The stylist cut between 10-12 inches off and I now have short hair. I went through two days of the “I’m not attractive anymore” “my long hair was so beautiful and now my hair is ugly” and then I got over it. Once I got over it, I could finally listen to the people telling me that it looks good. It will grow and even if you don’t like it, it will be ok.

      • novadancer

        atleast we’ve been in hair angst together πŸ™‚ What I have found interestingly is my hubby posted a thanksgiving photo on FB and everyone seems to think the new short do is awesome. Perhaps I’ll get there too eventually!

    • Short hair is fine. The self-consciousness and swipe at soccer mom’s is pretty unattractive though. If you were edgy, you’d just do it whether or not it looked “attractive”.

      • I guess overweight people, and people that wear sweat pants and pajamas outside of the house, are edgy too?

      • Well, therein lies the conflict. I’m kind of surprised about how much I DO care whether people find me conventionally attractive. I didn’t know I felt that way until I decided to chop the hair–which is what makes it an interesting/worthwhile exercise!

        • That’s totally normal. Don’t let the naysayers bring you down for wanting to look your best.

          • Second this. Bottom line is its your head, your hair, and to hell with anyone who calls foul that you’re uncertain about cutting it short because you fear it would make you less conventionally attractive! I don’t agree with that sentiment, but who cares what I think? It’s your hair!

            My complaint about hair is that I took the time to style it this morning, and while it looked adorable when I walked out the door, it was total shite by the time I got to work. It actually looked worse than if I’d done nothing.

    • anon. gardener

      Liberating. I had super short hair for a while, and you really save on shampoo and styling time. it dries in a snap – i never had to do more than run my fingers through it a couple of times. Fabulous in the summer when the weather is so hot. You should do it – I so regret not shaving my head when I was in my 20s and had the chance. Too old to want to take the risk now, and my (bald) husband would kill me. πŸ™‚

      • I shaved my head a decade ago and haven’t looked back. I love it. My shampoo budget is down to almost nothing. I don’t even own a brush anymore. I also have a very round head, very few lumps/scars, and I now sport a very extensive winter hat collection!

    • I prefer short hair on girls…it can be very sexy!

  • Rant: I really need to put assemble my Ikea bed tonight since the mattress will be delivered tomorrow.

    Rave: Working from home…maybe I can start early : )

    • I did mine by myself in like an hour. Worked out great, though when I went to move it a year later, the plywood split. If you have the time, I’d get some extra wood to reinforce it and make it strong from the beginning.

      I will add a related rant (sorry)–my Ikea slats always fall through when my boyfriend sits on my bed!

      • Yikes its King size but I’m a big guy (250). Should I be worried?

        • Probably depends on the bed. We bought a full size one with drawers on either side and it is a tank. Survived a recent move as well.

        • No just don’t leave any parts off when you make the bed, even the ones that don’t seem “super important” (which should be a given). I think my ikea bed was actually recalled because it doesn’t keep it’s box shape (thus the slats fall through) because of those seemingly less important parts is all bent out of shape.

          Didn’t mean to scare you πŸ™‚

          Happy building.

  • RAVE: NT screening showed a very active tiny person (who no longer looks like a blob on the ultrasound) with a strong heart rate. Also, the fluid measurement seems to suggest low risk for downs – though we’ll have to wait a few days for the full results. 11w4d today, and feeling a little more secure about not miscarrying this time around.

    • colheights67

      Best of luck … hope all works out well. Also, when I see your username, I think, “oh, it’s the president of Montana.” : )

    • Good luck and congratulations.

    • “A very active tiny person”- that sounds so cute. Best wishes for a successful pregnancy. πŸ™‚

    • Good luck to you. I know how stressful getting to each of these milestones can be (Im an IVFer and now at 34 weeks!). have you considered maternity 21 testing just for additional comfort? I had it at 10 weeks. there was even an article in the post health section today on it. My dr was hugely supportive of the test.

    • Thanks all! Lol @ the president of Montana – I’m not sure how to get the capitalization into my username, so it just comes out that way.

      To the IVFer – congrats – 34 weeks sounds awesome! To be honest, I thought that Maternity 21 was part of today’s screening, and then it turned out not to be. I’ll ask my midwife about it at Thursday’s appointment.

  • i encountered the cutest dog this morning at 8:45 am on my way to the columbia heights metro. it was black and a tad bit larger than a small dog. it had a turquoise collar on but it eventually wriggled out of the collar and ran away from me. there was no ID on the collar, but maybe you could put in on PoP? it ran away from me at 14th & Irving, so maybe the owners still have a chance to catch it πŸ™‚

    • I saw the same dog! There were two women holding onto it by its collar asking people if they knew whose dog it was. I should have stopped to take a picture, but I was running late. I really hope it makes it home. It was an adorable little pup.

  • Rave: Fostering a new dog this week.

    Rant: I’ve really fallen hard for her and now I want to keep her. But then I wouldn’t be able to foster any other dogs. Oy, don’t know what to do. I guess time will tell.

    Rave: If this is the greatest of my worries, I must be doing pretty well right now!

  • pablo .raw

    rave: I’m in the process of learning a lot about myself.
    rant: I was so shocked by what I learned yesterday, I almost got hit by a car!

  • colheights67

    Rant: My quasi-annual irritation: Why can’t people respond to invitations? Yes, no, maybe. Not hard.

    • What type of invitations did you send? I think people are just tired of the constant barrage of unpersonalized facebook messages. I get invites for things in different states. I have seen e-vites making a comeback, and I am much more inclined to respond to an email than a piece of snail mail or facebook or mass text.

      • colheights67

        Evite. I’m not a big fan but it’s the simplest way to keep track of a guest list … but of course that only works if people actually respond. [My closest friend has told me he never answers Evite — he despises it — so I invite him via email (and he knows about my parties anyway due to the fact he’s my best friend.)] I tend to not respond to FB invitations from people who I don’t know well, especially when the invites appear to be sent to someone’s entire FB list, no matter if the invitees live in that area or not. But I *do* respond to my *friends’* invitations. I take it on faith that they actually *want* me there, so it’s the polite and decent thing to do to give them a heads up if I will actually attend or not.

    • Colheights67, I share your annoyance.

      It’s one thing if someone is using Facebook to invite 300 friends to an event. But when I use Evite to invite 15 people to a birthday party — and when I send a follow-up message to the people who haven’t responded, asking them to respond — I expect to get responses.

      One rather flaky friend didn’t even respond to the follow-up. I don’t think I’ll be inviting her next year.

      • As someone who has given numerous dinner and regular parties, I too have come across some people who refuse to answer invites. It is annoying and I find it rude. However, just recently, I myself had to be gently reminded by a bride that I had still not answered her wedding invitation. Granted, it was not yet technically late, but her family was trying to get things in order. My only excuse is the busyness of life. I think we have information overload with email and Facebook, and sometimes it is just easier to stop responding (even if our sense of manners would not normally condone it). I used to think people who did not respond to each and every email were rude, but I now get it. Unfortunately, even invitations get shuffled aside in the chaos of a modern, hyper-connected life.

    • I try to be good about RSVPing, but sometimes it takes time to coordinate scheduling with my SO and/or work and/or to resolve potential conflicts, and that delay means sometimes I forget to respond. Especially when it’s an open house sort of thing where I know exact counts are less crucial (still rude, of course, but rationalization is how we can all live with ourselves).

      As for the flaky friends who never respond, at some point you have to accept that’s just who they are and decide if that character aspect means you do or don’t want to be friends with them. Or stay friends but stop inviting them to events if it stresses you out not to know if they’ll show up.

      • Of course everyone is busy and emails do flood in and schedules do need to be checked. But responding to an invitation is the simplest form of respect, and not responding is a direct insult. It is the same as telling a person that they do not matter, they rank below you and they are not worthy of 20 seconds of your time. It is like chimps flinging poo.

        It takes 20 seconds to hit “reply” and type “Yes – no – or – Sorry I’m not sure yet!”

        • I totally agree!
          But sometimes when you can’t do the 20-second reply right when you receive the invitation, it scrolls off the screen, and then it is no longer just a 20-second task or a task that is obviously incomplete. I’m not saying it isn’t rude and inconsiderate, even as an occasional offender I think it is. Just explaining why sometimes even those of us with the best of intentions fail to be the good people we like to think we are.

        • Holy moly, that’s a lot. Did you suffer some kind of invitation-related trauma as a child?

    • I feel like a lot of times its “I don’t want to commit to your event because something better might come along. I will maybe respond at the last minute if nothing else comes up.”

      Thanks, ass.

  • Rant: Was walking the dogs this morning, smiling at the Christmas trees and early holiday decorations, when I noticed the lamppost banners proclaiming, “Capitol Hill: Alive for the Holiday’s”. πŸ™

    • Your rant is for the incorrect use of an apostrophe?

      • Yes! Normally I cringe at rogue apostrophes and move on with my life, but these things are presumably being put up all over my neighborhood so I’ll be seeing the error every single day. We get a lot of people visiting from other neighborhoods and the suburbs, even other parts of the country and world, and it’s embarrassing to have such and obvious and glaring error greeting them. The slogan’s ridiculous too; are we not alive the rest of the year?

        • “Such AN obvious and glaring error…”

          Just playing with you… But it seems like you had a great morning. You own multiple dogs; you live on Capitol Hill. I envy you on two fronts. Don’t let such a truly minor problem bring you down.

          • You’re right. I love my neighborhood almost as much as I love my dogs so it pains me to see it being vandalized with one of my most hated grammatical errors.

            And yeah, I caught my typo half a second after I hit “post”… fortunately it’s not being printed on hundreds of banners. πŸ™‚

        • I feel you! Yeah – it isn’t starving children – but it is certainly cringe-worthy. Mostly so for a ridiculous slogan. I would organize a little Christmas caroling party where we go around singing, drinking, and spray painting out the offending apostrophes.

  • Rant: Getting the “you are posting comments too quickly” mesage

    • Well……slow down!!!! By the way, I got the “posting too quickly” comment on this message my first time. LOL

  • Rant(ish): There’s a part of me that really wants to live in NYC. I love that city. But I’m afraid that I couldn’t survive financially, as I’m living paycheck to paycheck here in DC. Plus, instead of wanting to move closer to home, I want to move further away! NYC is calling me but so are my nephews/niece…

    Rant: Completing all my business for the day this morning, leaving nothing for the afternoon. Gonna’ be a long day.

    Rave: Getting our house Christmas tree tonight!!! So happy! And the awful roommate who only let us put up matching decorations is gone so I can hang the decorations my family sent.

    Rave: Chance of snow!!

    • I’ve heard from many people who have lived in both DC and NYC that it’s actually easier to live on a tight budget in NYC. There’s definitely a lot of expensive housing there, but there is also more affordable housing that isn’t as terrible as what you’d get here.

      • Yep. Transport costs can be cheaper too (especially if you currently take Metro to work). More cheap food options, and bargin finds are easier to find in NYC than here- at least that’s been my experience.

        Unless you’re planning and want to live in most of Manhattan or other pricey areas such as Park Slope, I wouldn’t be too concerned about a big rise in living costs due to such a move.

        • Sorry, I poorly worded the part about Manhattan. Just mean if you were focused on living in Manhattan, yeah, that might be a big upward adjustment to your living costs (unless you ended up on the edges such as Inwood, which wasn’t so bad at least a couple years ago).

  • Rave: Do not need to get all of the dental work my last dentist recommended.

    Related: I now have a big excess in my FSA that I need to spend out. Any recs for a place to go where the optician will actually help me find a flattering pair of glasses? The last time I couldn’t find anyone working at any eyeglass place who would express any opinion, even when I tried on the most obviously ridiculous frames in the store.

    • Bring a friend. Be wary of opinions from people who are trying to sell you something (especially if they’re working on commission).

      • Normally I agree, but I will be buying a frame regardless so would appreciate their opinion about WHICH frame. New to the area so no friends locally I feel I can impose on for this sort of thing.

    • If you want the money..go to an eye glass place where they allow the return of glasses such as pearle vision, sears or one of those. Buy the glasses, make a copy of the receipit, submit it in to your FSA, return the glasses. I know it is not kosher but it works.

    • Definitely go see Brendan at the Capitol Hill My Eye Dr. The rest of the staff is good too, but Brendan is exceptionally personable and he has a knack for picking out frames that are the most flattering for a particular person’s face. He’s also really detail-oriented and will carefully inspect the glasses once they’re made to make sure they’re perfect. I think there is one day, either Monday or Tuesday, that he doesn’t work, so I’d recommend going later in the week to catch him.

    • saf

      Not cheap. Worth every penny, especially if you have a complicated prescription like I do.

      Carr & Busch Opticians
      1220 19th St NW
      Washington, DC 20036
      Phone: 202-659-4090

      • I second the recommendation for Carr & Busch Opticians. I ended up getting three pairs of glasses there (reading, driving and sunglasses) – great glasses, great service.

    • They might not cost enough to use your entire balance, but I really like my Warby Parker glasses. You can try them on in home and take pictures/Skype with a friend to get advice.

  • I made the move from NYC to DC two years ago. I was in grad school in NYC and on a fellowship here in DC so i’m still living paycheck to paycheck. I do feel like its a bit easier to live in NYC on a budget. food was much cheaper to get and great places to eat inexpensively. the difference would be in housing mostly. i paid the same amount as i did in NYC but i get to live alone here in DC

    rant: living paycheck to paycheck. sigh. it was hard to go home over thanksgiving where friends are buying houses, getting married and having babies.

  • Question: Does anyone else eat more when it’s winter/colder outside? Sigh.

    • OMG. I cannot stop eating. As if stuffing myself silly over Thanksgiving wasn’t enough, I had a lunch, and TWO dinners yesterday. And then I ate half a doz brownies. BURP.

      now all i want is ramen noodles and mac n cheese. it’s going to be a long winter…

      • Allison

        Oh man… Mac n’ cheese… Kraft will be my downfall. Literally. I will fall down from eating too much mac n’ cheese.

        • Some winter carb-craving tips – for package Mac & cheese – don’t drain the pasta entirely, keep some of the starchy cooking water to mix with the delicious orange cheese-dust instead of milk & low-fat sour cream instead of the butter. Adding chopped fresh arugula is also delicious (we call it mac and sneeze) and the veggie virtue mitigates the guilt.

          A great low-cal comfort food is Congee – a Chinese rice porridge. Simmer 1 part rice to 9 parts water with 4-5 slices of fresh ginger and a large bullion cube – or chx or veg. stock – If you don’t use bullion add 1 T. salt – for about 1.5 hours until it is like porridge. Then add bits of chopped leftover chicken or meat, veggies, fresh cilantro, chives – whatever you like. It keeps well in the fridge and you can scoop out a bowl and microwave as you like.

  • Rant: Cheaters. Why can’t people be more honest in relationships? If you already have a partner, why would you pressure a different person to “be exclusive” with you? Do people not care about the feelings of others anymore?

    • I don’t think it’s a new phenomenon for people to be selfish asshats. Sorry you’ve got an ugly scene on your hands.

  • Rave: Thursday! DC Costco opens (Wife and I love Costco!) So we will be going, and then POP Happy Hour.

    Rant: Only Tuesday.

  • rave: the sonya toaster over comment in another thread made my day
    rant: its been one of those days where a comment about bravo is the highlight
    rave: on the bravo trend, really liking miami this year. UPGRADE.
    rave/rant: im almost caught up on homeland. i dont like the idea of having to wait a week for each new episode

    • LOVE bravo!!! but haven’t been able to get into the miami franchise of real housewives. first episode of the first season turned me off.

      • Miami is dreadful. However, I watch to keep my secret boyfriend, Andy Cohen happy. He likes gingers so maybe I have a shot.

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