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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant/Rave: Need a new laptop. Has anyone in PoPville ever bought a macbook from somewhere other than apple to get a lower price, either an older model, refurb, or something like that??? Any suggestions? Is ebay trustworthy?

    Rave: Thanksgiving is SOON! Get to see my brother.

    Rant: The Friday question of the day. Been trying to get better about not comparing myself to others and that just brought me down a notch. not reading any more of it!

    • Agree on the question of the day. Without more information for each person, it’s just really depressing. I was feeling pretty good about my finances until I started reading those comments.

    • I bought a new macbook (after many awful years of Dell) from a computer store 5 years ago. I have never had any issues with it – it’s never had to be serviced or anything. So, while expensive, it’s paid for itself many times over by now!

    • I have bought a refurbished one from Apple 5 years ago, and now have a used one from a pawn shop. They both work great, though the 5 year old’s graphic card had to be replaced for $300 once. But it’s not bad, they rarely break.

      I think ebay is fine too.

    • Small Dog is a great Apple-authorized reseller; I’ve bought several things from them over the years and been happy. They have older models, refurbs, etc. They’re based in Vermont but will ship anywhere.

    • Allison

      On the laptop, if you’re not completely set on an Apple, I can’t say enough good things about the Samsung S5 Ultrabook. Just as small as a mac, just as fast, and less expensive. Love this ‘puter!

  • Rant: Worked late the past two days.

    Rave: Ducking out of work early to hit up the barn and then head to visit family :-D.

    Rave: Happy Friday!

  • Query: Which restaurants are open on Thanksgiving Day? I was going to cook but I don’t feel like it anymore.

  • Rant: Last night a girl I liked said she thought of me as a brother. However, based on past experiences in our friendship we are from West Virginia. I don’t get you ladies at all.

  • Rant: The semester in grad school is kicking my ass. I don’t have time or energy to do anything other than schoolwork. The current lack of cleanliness in my apartment is proof of that.

    Revel: Canal Park! Holy crap, it looks awesome! The ice has been ready for a few days and they were testing the projected art installation when I walked by after work last night. I LOVE seeing the signs for “Skate Rental” and the like. It’s just so cozy. It’s going to be such an awesome addition to the neighborhood.

    • Ditto on your revel! I haven’t seen it in person yet, but it looks awesome, and I love how the ice skating rink is not just a big oval. The park makes me want to move to that neighborhood.

      • Yes!! The park is equidistant from my home and my work (about a 20 min walk from either) so I think I will be using it a lot. Checking it out on my way home tonight, and stopping by for some of the ice performances tomorrow! And when I visit my parents next week I’m going to see if I can find my old skates.

  • Rant: I was going to see Lincoln until I read a review that says he gets shot and killed in it. Thanks for the spoiler warning, jerk!!!

  • Rant: This parallels a rant someone else posted last week, but I too am noticing cavalier attitudes among some of my social circles, which seems to range from Queen Bee/Real Housewives grade drama to unqualified financial advice on real estate investment.

    Rave: The cool, sane, and confident friends in my circle.

    Rave: Trending in the right direction toward retirement.

    • ugghreally,

      I’m not getting your Rant? I probably missed the thread with a similar rant but either am missing something or just not understanding. Sorry, could you try explaining again.

  • Rave: Friends bearing breakfast pastries

    Rave: Baby kicking at his toys

    Rant: impending influx of high maintenance relatives

    Rave: they’re not staying with me!

  • Rant: Seriously can’t get a read on this girl I’ve been seeing. We’re in that purgatory-like space between friendship and dating. Ugh.

    Revel: Today’s my birthday. This past year has been pretty good to me.

    Rant: Unlikely that the next year will be just as good (barring winning the lottery).

  • Rave: Two good friends in town. Had a super fun night of catching up last night with one of them, and the other one just arrived. About to play hooky and check out some FotoWeek exhibits!

    Rant: Last night’s revelry has me feeling a bit under the weather.

    Tentative rave: Will hopefully get some good news soon. Very very good news.

  • Rave: Today is payday.
    Rant: That money is gone.

  • Going out tonight, just a few middle aged women, and desperate for suggestions!

    Anywhere north of downtown is fine; we were thinking U Street or environs. Looking for a good happy hour and good food, but most importantly, an environment where we can have a conversation below monster-truck-rally volume. I know. We’re old.


  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Heathers reference in Vampire Diaries last night. I love that show more than I should.

    Rant: Didn’t sleep well last night.

    Rave: One more long day at work and then I’m done until after Thanksgiving.

    Rave: My sister’s support of my evil plan 🙂

  • Super-Rave #1: Will be getting year-end performance bonus.
    Super-Rave #2: Just found out that the bonus will be about twice what I expected!

  • Rant: A little discouraged after reading responses to the Friday Question of the Day. I thought I was doing all right by having no debt other than mortgage debt, and substantial savings (enough to do things like buy my car outright rather than get a car loan).

    • You are doing well. Trust me.

      • binpetworth

        I agree. The major takeaway I had from today’s question was that it clearly pays to be married–in this town, at least, I would guess that the majority of couples draw two incomes and therefore double their retirement savings. But even if you’re single, having no debt and money in the bank (regardless of amount) is something to be proud of.

    • I feel the same way! I’m 26 and have no debt, and a decent amount of savings and retirement investments but still, I feel like I should have a lot more after reading that post.

    • Seriously, me too. If I stress anything to my kids (if I have any), it’s that they should get their graduate degree right after undergrad OR don’t get one at all and spend the rest of their life working their ass off to rise in rank at a company. Finishing my masters’ degree at 30 was stupid.

      • RAVE: That post has made me get serious about trying to get a counter-offer from another employer. Our manager actually told one our co-workers that they best way to get more money and promoted more quickly than the usual snail’s pace at our agency was to come in with an offer from another agency or the private sector. I think its time that I looked into this – I need more money if I ever want to buy a half-decent home in DC.

      • No, no, no, unless that’s what they want. I didn’t go to grad school until I was almost 40, and I’m on track for a reasonably comfortable retirement. I really enjoyed my irresponsible, pre-career youth.

      • Wait, why? I’m finishing up my MS at age 30 (part-time, and my company reimburses the tuition, so I’m not sure my situation is the same was yours) but I think it’s smart to work a little after undergrad to figure out what your career is going to be and whether a Master’s would actually be helpful.

    • There are 925 million people in the world who are starving or malnurished. You’re doing fine.

  • Rant: I have to work 9hr days
    Rave: Just got approved to have every other Friday or Monday off.

  • Rant: Still haven’t bought my plane ticket for Christmas. I tried to get my mom on the ball way back in August but she kept dragging her feet…now prices are uber expensive!

    Rave: My mom is paying for the ticket!

    Rave: Thinking about all that I am thankful for this year–near the top of my list is that my family is not dysfunctional!

    Rant: My office just bought an iPad, which is currently charging at my desk. What I wouldn’t give to spend the rest of the day playing with it!

    Random: I have decided to do a ‘Facebook Fast’.

  • Rave: Oyster riot tonight!

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