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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Falling asleep at my desk and it’s not even 10:30.
    Rave: There are many but my rant is sucking all of the energy out of me right now…

  • Rant: All the traffic yesterday due to the holiday and no rush hour rules. Heard metro was screwed up as well. When half the City does not have the day off, does this policy make sense?

  • Rave: Awesome trip to Newport – such a beautiful town! Enjoyed major quality time with family, friends, and the husband 😀

    Rant: Uncoordinated work travel schedules – I spent the first six months of the year in and out of the country for work, and now the husband has spent the last six months of the year doing the same. Can’t we coordinate!?

    Rave: Common courtesy – I am working with the sweetest French consultant and he is just so kind and courteous. It really makes a difference.

  • Rant: Still dealing with bronchitis. It’s been two weeks and still hasn’t gotten better.

    Rave: Went to the doctor last night and got a number of prescriptions to hopefully make imy lungs better. Optimistic that it will work.

    Related Rave: The staff at the Metro Immediate Care office are absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait for them to open their DC Georgia Avenue location.

  • Rave: Despite the rain, I still drove to work and made it in before 8 am! All those overly cautious drivers actually tempered traffic a bit–totally shocked!

    Rave: In the last few days, I’ve figured out that I can finish my graduate degree in May 2013, what my thesis will be on, and have lined up a potential adviser!

    Rant: Not working out enough, which is even more difficult to do with early dark nights. My mom’s visiting this weekend and she’s probably got a comment already lined up for me about my appearance… I love her, but not her rare but blatantly rude comments.

  • Rant: Wife gone, kids back at college, house empty, day grim.

    Rave: No one’s died or pointed a gun at my head in nine days.

    Rave: Back at work. Friends have my back.

  • Rave: Finally pregnant!
    Rant: My numbers are low, and i’m scared that it won’t stick.

    • Congrats! Hang in there on the betas though. those numbers are ALL OVER The place. I know women who had beta’s of 30 which is considered low and they had healthy pregnancies…It was a long road for me as well (32 weeks tomorrow!). Celebrate every milestone.

    • My wife had low numbers, too. Now we have a beautiful baby boy. Stay positive, and start eating healthy, it’s never too early for that. Good luck.

    • CONGRATULATIONS! oh how I hope you’re my awesome coworker.

    • Thank you (from the OP)! This situation exacerbates my love/hate relationship with the internet. Half the internet seems to think it’s fine, whatever. And the other half is warning me that i’m going to have a miscarriage. I go back for my second beta tomorrow. Fingers crossed my number doubles!

      • we’ll be thinking of you—check back in if you can. I know the anxiety of the betas all too well. I got so worked up that I was convinced I was going to cause a miscarriage myself with all my nerves (I didn’t and I’m now 28 weeks). I think odds are on your side and a first beta doesn’t really mean anything in a vacuum. I know it’s hard to get through these early days, but we’ll be hoping you get great numbers tomorrow. take care!

      • Not sure what a beta is, but I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed that your number goes up!

  • Rant: That “The Coupe” still seems to have issues with basic service, especially at the host stand. When I have been standing at the front podium for 10 minutes without being addressed and then am given a bewildered look when I say “Party of three”, something needs to change.

    Rave: The bar at “The Coupe” that serves the full menu. A tasty menu at that! I also love having this new location along with all the others on that block.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Still feel like crap. Lingering colds suck.

    Rave: I love rainy days in the Fall that make pictures like the one above possible. I really enjoyed all the changing trees on my way to work this morning.

  • Rave: I ran my first ever race this weekend in Richmond. It was only an 8K, but I finished and ran the whole thing, no walking! I think I am going to do another race, but train for it this time.

    Rave: Came back into town early Sunday for my soccer playoff game, played with my legs feeling like jelly, but we won 5-1 and I scored my first goal this season!

    Rant: Shorts weather to jacket weather in less than 24 hours! Make up your mind mother nature!

  • Rave: Leaving work early!

    Rant: … to get the heat fixed. more $ out of my pocket. oh the joys of homeownership.

  • Rave: Wet leaves are pretty
    Rant: Neighbors with six cars are saving spaces, how do I deal with this?

    • This sounds so grade school? How do you save 6 spaces for cars? Are they consecutive spaces? The only way I can see someone with 6 spaces is by parking cars in these spaces and then it would no longer be “saving” spaces.

      • My guess is that they have a bunch of cars and when some of them aren’t there, they space out the others so that no one else can park there. If this is what’s happening it would really piss me off too, but it doesn’t sound illegal.

        • Thanks for explaining how this situation would work. That makes more sense to me now. By the way, I re-read my comment and I hope the OP didn’t think I was saying they were so grade school. Just the idea of *saving* parking spaces. With quick typing, I guess it could have been misconstrued that I was saying the OP was being so grade school.

      • saf

        Well, if they are like my annoying neighbor, they use cones or cinder blocks to mark off the spaces when they leave. Also, they retaliate against those who might dare to park there in cases where the spaces are randomly left available.

        • I’ve on occasion seen where people use cones to save public parking/street parking but only for 1 space. It always makes me laugh because someone could just move them and park in the space. The retaliation thing that you mention, though, is not cool.

          • saf

            No, it’s not, and it’s an ongoing problem. I really wish people could learn to play nice with each other. It’s not that hard, really.

          • saf,

            A little puzzled. Why the “No, it’s not?” What in my comment made you reply that way? I didn’t think anything in my response was in the form of a question? Maybe a rhetorical one at most.

          • saf

            I was agreeing with you – you said retaliation is not cool, and I said, “No, it’s not.”

          • I believe Saf is following up on your statement that it’s not cool and saying no, it’s not (cool).

          • Ah, thanks to both saf and Anonymous for clarifying that point. I’m a little slow today, I guess. Jolt of caffeine didn’t do the usual. I have no other excuse than that.

        • Yikes! No retaliation here yet. Out of spite once in a while I have been going and getting a Car2go and fitting it into the spot . Problem is they get picked up soon after.

  • Rant: This job. Maybe I’m being lazy about my job searching…

    Rave: Turkey Day food planning. A fried bird it is!

  • rant: Failed my crim law midterm.
    rave: Figured out what I did wrong.

  • anon. gardener

    Rave: the weekend weather. I wish I had a month off to do nothing but ride my horse, and weather like that every day. Sadly, by the time i am able to realize this dream, i will probably be too old and arthritic to do it.

    No rants today, only mild anxiety about picking the right contractor to renovate our house.

    • You should have major anxiety about picking the right contractor, unless you have a million bucks to spend on the reno. There isn’t a decent contractor who will work for less than that in this city. Breaks my heart to see what crap work they do for $300k…

      • anon. gardener

        Ha. we’ve only talked to 2 contractors so far. I fully expect my anxiety will reach epic levels soon, especially since i find it hard to spend money, and don’t have unlimited funds. Owning a house and renovating it are two things I never thought I’d do. So I’m lucky to have such problems. 🙂

  • Revel: Our Country’s incredible infatuation with extramarital affairs!

  • rant: There appears to be a difference between the course I think I am taking (graduate-level Introductory Econometrics) and the course that my professor THINKS he is teaching (graduate-level Intermediate Mathematical Statistics). I could only even attempt to answer 3 out of 6 questions on my midterm yesterday. le sigh.
    rave: 1.5 month-long sinus infection appears to be responding to current dose of antibiotics – fingers crossed!

  • Rave: The band’s new cd is out.

    Rant: I’m only on one track on it!

  • Rant: Sinus infection and a forty-minute wait at the doctor’s office today.

    Rave: Doctor called in a z-pack so here’s hoping for fast, sweet relief.

    Rant: Parents and brother acting irrationally ridiculous about money my parents loaned my brother. Likely my brother will not be coming for Thanksgiving, which is a bummer, but he’s free to make that call. Not getting in the middle of it.

  • Because I found the petitions for secession on the White House site sickening, I figured a petition for US citizens without full rights as a state who actually would like to join the union was needed.

    Link to petition here: wh.gov/9JcR

    It won’t be seen here, until the petition receives 150 signatures. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petitions

    I know it won’t accomplish a single thing for the DC statehood movement, but I would like to see it among the secessionists – especially as news outlets start to report this farce.

    • I would sign a petition allowing several of those states to secede. Most every one gets more than they pay in to the federal government. Let them go it alone for a while and see how that works out.

    • don’t worry things will be all right. I remember when Bush was reelected, a lot of people were talking all crazy. Lots of talk about moving to Canada and having the blue states be their own country. Just the post elections blues…

  • skj84

    Rant: Super anxiety today. I’ve just been down in the dumps and on the edge the whole day.

    Rave: took a Xanex which has helped me calm down. Just don’t want to make it a commen thing though.

    Rant: My manager at work does not have my back. I feel like everything that goes wrong is my fault and my fault only. When I was upset at the way I was being treated by co workers I was told to “Get over it”. Incredibly frustrating and rude.

    Rave: Going to hang with friends tonight!

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