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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Question: How soon is it OK to pick up newspapers from neighbors stairs?

    I need to coupon to buy food for my family and SmartSource isn’t distributed widely as RedPlum. I usually wait until Tuesday since the new Northwest Current is delivered Wednesday. I want to start going around the neighborhood today but don’t know if its proper to do so.

    • Have you always been a thief? I hope someone catches you in the act.

      • I get caught all of the time. The homeowner ALWAYS thank me. Most people believe in recycling and prefer someone else to pick up the newspapers they have no intest in than have them collect at the bottom of their steps.

    • I say give your neighbors’ newspapers 3 days, then pick them up. Burglars look for newspapers as a sign that homeowners are out of town and will strike the house. It’s a safety issue, and I would definitely give them no more than 3 days before holding the newspapers until you can deliver them directly to your neighbor.

    • Go to SmartSource.com and print the coupons you want.

    • How about just leave notes on your neighbor’s doors asking them to leave their coupon flyers out for you if they don’t use them? Also ask them if they would like you to pick up their papers when they have been around a few days so their property doesn’t look empty? This is so not difficult.

    • At quick and first reading, I thought you wanted to snatch the newspaper to read and because you saw it sitting there for a couple of days, thought it wouldn’t be a problem. Reading your entire post a little more carefully, I see the purpose of your wanting to collect the papers. I can’t tell whether it’s before your neighbors take the paper in and read it or do whatever they do with the paper or if it’s after and you see them in a recycling bin. I guess what I’m unclear about is if they are your neighbors, they presumably know you (at least by sight), couldn’t you talk to them and ask if they are okay with your collecting their newspapers after they look at the paper. No need to go into specifics about your wanting/needing the coupons unless you feel like sharing that. Could be a win-win situation for everyone and you might be able to avoid the awkward question of asking how long would be an appropriate time before you go and try to collect these papers.

    • Go to starbucks and grab them from one of the purchased/read magazines or ask on Sunday night/Monday morning if they have any unsold papers left and grab the coupon section.

  • Rant: I can’t find dosas (South Indian food) in DC! Anyone have recommendations? I’m craving a masala dosa…

    Rave: TGIF!

  • Rave: Three day weekend. See you next Tuesday!

  • RAVE: Purchased my first “real” bike after living for a while with one that was the equivalent of a Huffy. Whoa. What a difference- I had no idea what I was missing.
    Rant: Because I had a craptastic bike previously, I never had to worry about people stealing it. The new one is going to require a more extensive locking method (u-bar plus 7 ft. cable going through all the parts).

    • a mini u lock (fits in your back pocket) and no quick release (or locking skewers) are so much easier and as effective.

      • Yeah, unfortunately, both of the tires are indeed quick release. I might get them bolted eventually, but the cable will have to suffice for now. I wish I could use the mini u-bar, but with the quick release tires, I have to use my huge Krptonite u-bar wrapped around the frame and back tire. The price of living in the city.

        • For about the same price as the cable you’ll run through the tires, you can buy non-quick release skewers AND the wrenches needed for them. I’m sure that if you’re nice at the local bike shop they’ll even show you how to put them on (it’s super easy) for free.

          • Thanks for the tip. But if it is really easy to buy the wrench to screw the things on, wouldn’t it be easy for the thief to ultimately unscrew the tires and take them off? I’m a bike novice (been commuting for only two years with no mechanical knowledge), so this is all new to me!

          • if you already have quick release, even easier. You can buy ones with special keys that only you can take off.

            I think OnGuard makes them and thttp://www.pitlock.com/ makes higher quality but more expensive ones.

          • Thanks- this is helpful!

    • I recently went from a $100 Wal-mart bike to an $1100 Trek. I love it! I found a wheel and seat lock set at Capitol Hill bikes that only allow the parts to be removed if the bike is upside down. They look like regular quick release levers. That way if your bike is locked correctly (I use the Fahgettaboudit Mini) the thief couldn’t turn your bike upside down to remove the wheels and/or seat.

      • Is it easy to use? Was it expensive- what is the brand? Is it easy to carry in a bike bag? I also go to Capitol Hill Bikes, so I might look into this… Thanks.

        • I believe they were about $50 and were some German brand….I want to say it started with a Z. You just install them on your bike and remove the existing quick release levers…not carry them around. The older man that owns the place recommended them to me so I’m sure he could point you in the right direction if you told him what you were looking for.

  • Rave: Was feeling really great about life this morning and was able to just sit back and reflect on all of my blessings. Those moments are too few and far between they are good to recognize.

  • Rant: I’m sure someone already asked this but what is that weird smell on the metro? It smells like Red Tide when I wait for my train. Are we supposed to be breathing that in?

  • SouthwestDC

    Rave: Looks like my partner and I will have warmer weather for our debut as Eastern Market vendors on Sunday. I was bracing myself for freezing cold and windy, but the forecast actually looks pretty mild.

  • Anyone have an update on when Pho 14 at 1769 Columbia Rd will be open?

  • Rant: Small claims court with my rat-poison-in-my-yard neighbor was a bust. Judge said unless I had a video of her doing it or she admitted doing it, there was no case. She of course totally lied.

    Rave: I don’t have to live my life as she does, knowing she’s a lying sack of s**t willing even to lie under oath.

    Rave: After court, I went to see the Lichtenstein exhibit at the National Gallery – it was really good.

    • There are cheap night-vision security cameras. Put them all over the house with one facing the porch and yard.

    • The judicial system in this country is a joke. I’m sorry it didn’t help you, but I can’t say I’m surprised. You’d think the medical records from the vet, which prove your dog got sick from the rat poison, would be good enough proof. Unless you were poisoning your own dog just to get some money out of the neighbor… but if the judge honestly believed that was a possibility they should have been concerned about your dog who has a owner that might be poisoning it.

      • I think the issue was who made the dog sick, not what made the dog sick. If the neighbor is willing to perjure herself, and there is no other evidence that she poisoned the dog, then there probably isn’t much the judge could do. I am always amazed at how willing people are to lie, even under oath. Victoria–I’m sorry that things didn’t work out better for you.

        • That’s my point. Either it was the dog’s owner (unlikely) or the neighbor.

          • I’m curious, how do you know this?

          • Or . . . one of the several hundred other people who walked by her house?

          • Maybe I’m remembering the story wrong, but I was under the impression the rat poison was placed in her backyard, not a spot a random person on the street could easily get to. Although sure, someone could have gotten a ladder and climber over her fence under the cover of darkness to pull off this dastardly deed…

          • Wow gdopplerxt and kenyondweller, are you two the ones responsible for so many of DC’s violent criminals not being convicted? With that logic it sure sounds like it.

          • Anonymous, I very much want to see bad deeds punished but judges can’t do it without evidence. I’m curious how you came to such an airtight conclusion when the judge apparently couldn’t.

          • I’m not. It’s called laziness and/or bribery.

        • The neighbor didn’t intend to poison my dog. She was just being stupid/irresponsible. She put out pieces of aluminum foil baited with a lump of food & sprinkled with rat poison – as well as open trays of rat poison. She put one in her yard and one in each yard adjoining hers, about a foot inside my fence. She admitted that she put them out in her yard and the other yard but denied putting the identical bundle in my yard.

          (And no chance the bundle was dragged into my yard by rats or other animals.)

          Fortunately, I discovered it in time to take my dog to the vet for a pre-emptive shot of Vitamin K.

          I can’t dwell on it – but anyone walking a dog on Irving St. between 13th & 14th st. should be aware that these packets of food-baited poison might be put out anywhere anytime. The other yard next to hers does not have a fence. Also – if you have free-roaming cats around here, there are still open trays of D-con rat poison out in this person’s yard.

          • I’m wondering why your neighbor just doesn’t get some of the rat poison boxes from the city’s rat abatement team? Those black boxes are designed to let rats in (but not dogs or cats) to feed on the poison that is supposed to go inside of the boxes? I know they are ugly but can’t imagine that they are worse than foil packages/poisonous treats for the rodents. Anyway, if you wanted to help yourself, your dog and your neighbor (as well as other neighborhood animals), could you call the city’s rat abatement team and ask for some of those rat boxes and give them to your neighbor? I know, you shouldn’t have to do that and it’s not your responsibility for sure. As a way to try to remedy this situation, it might be the best option for a win-win resolution?

          • That’s the stupidest part – we had both been calling & working with the city rat abatement team for years. They’ve come out and baited burrows on both our properties and several other properties many times. They don’t actually use those black boxes anymore however. They inject a powder deep into burrows then close up the burrows so other animals don’t get to the poison.

            You can buy those boxes in Home Depot however. I’ve done that too. I put out an electric rat-zapper as well. She is just not very smart, generally mean and prone to flying off the handle (to craziness.)

  • Rave: Friend coming to town.
    Rant: Not good for my diet.

    Rave: I woke up this morning in the exact same position that I fell asleep in. So did my lazy cat.

  • skj84

    Rave: Got out of work early!

    Rave: 3 day weekend!

    Rave: This beautiful weather. I love a crisp fall day.

    Rant: I’m wiped out. Between Tweed Ride on Sunday, A late bedtime on Tuesday, and getting up so early during the week I haven’t had time to recharge. I was so tired I almost fell asleep while the stylist was doing my hair at the salon yesterday.

  • Rave: finally met someone I like – attractive & smart.
    Rant: medical resident, so who knows when we’ll hang out again.

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