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Photo by PoPville flickr user Massoud Adibpour

You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • No raves or rants to share today. Just want to know where that picture was taken. The photographer has a remarkable eye.

  • Rant: apt searching in the quasi-burbs close-to-DC-Maryland…
    Rave: Still have hope I can find a nice spacious place to shack up with the man friend for less than 1400
    Rant: Moving to MD
    Rave: Moving to MD

    haha I certainly go back and forth on this one!

    • Have you looked in Hyattsville?

      • Yes I am looking in Hyattesville, Takoma Park, Silver Spring, Wheaton, and Gaithersberg.

        It’ll be tough, I don’t/won’t have a car, so this is a bit of a downer for me.

        Do you live in Hyattesville or know anyone that lives in a nice building? Apartment ratings says every single apartment on the planet is infested with rats, bed bugs, roaches, criminals, and bad management, so looking online is just extremely hard; I have no idea what to believe.

        • And Bethesda, Cheverly and New Carrolton, though admittedly I don’t know much about the latter 2.

        • I live pretty close to Hyattsville, in College Park. There are lots of new apartments and condos being built there. I don’t know what they’re like, but I heard they’re pretty nice.

          It looks like a good area to live in. It’s close to metro and some of the local bike paths. Plus, there is Franklin’s (restaurant, brewpub and store.)

          • Yeah its just balancing safety and price at this point. I gave up on a short commute (I work in SE Washington DC), once I realized that if I bust my butt now, I could save a lot more money. Living on a bus line vs. the metro takes an 1800+ one bedroom and will give you a 1400 3BR; I just don’t have any way to learn which places to avoid and whatnot.

        • There’s also Laurel, but you would have to be pretty close to the MARC station for the commute.

      • What about the Takoma Park/Langley Park area? There are a number of bus lines that take you to the metro. I bought a condo over there earlier this year. If you can find someone renting out their condo at the Takoma Overlook, I’d highly recommend it.

    • Have you considered Mt Ranier? Friends of mine just moved there from a loft in Dupont to a whole house with a massive backyard and parking for about the same price in rent.

      • Yes, I was going to suggest Mt. Rainier. It has a strong arts community which makes it more interesting than your typical suburb.

    • Look at Mt. Rainier! The apts there aren’t great, but I know of multiple homes for rent. Also, there are several new buildings in College Park.

      • I would love to find someting in Mt. Rainer! I have eyed some beautiful historic smaller buildings. I guess I should have added that I am stuck in my current place until March, so anything I find on craigslist or anything will probably be snatched up. Trying to narrow it down to a few neighborhoods now, and will see what’s available in March.

        Thanks for all the support guys! If only my workaholic boyfriend would be so helpful :p

  • Rave: Sandy cleared the fog over Rock Creek and my view of the Cathedral, Wilson High School and what I think is Maryland is gorgeous.

    Rant: I need to get binoculars to better identify the amazing view.

  • Rant: Going to be a lonnnngggg day at work.

    Rave: Going turkey hunting this weekend!

  • Rant: Bought some new pants for work last night and they wouldn’t fit! Gotta get my bike fixed and start going back to the gym. I didn’t lose 30 pounds a few years ago just so I could gain it back!

    Rave: Incentive to start exercising and eating right again.

    Rant: Beer and pizza is too good to resist!

    • I know the feeling!! And winter is the hardest time to lose weight, but good luck and enjoy the riding!

    • I have the opposite rant. I lost 8 pounds in the past year and now all my pants are too big. I’ve tried to find new ones but even the size zeros are too big (which is ridiculous; there are lot of people skinnier than I am)! Would love some suggestions for stores besides Forever 21 that sell small clothes.

      • I think I alluded to the fact that I went on DC Urban Mom’s once to look for information for schools. When I read your post I was immediately thinking how it would be received on that site. They would be vicious toward your problem of being too skinny. I think as a social experiment you should post your question in the general advice section and report back with the answer.

      • Caroline – I found some small pants at JCrew and Zara, and gstar jeans.

        • Thanks! Zara clothes don’t fit me properly because I’m short and curvy and their stuff is cut more for tall people with narrow hips. But I’ll check J Crew.

          • Yeah, i only have one pair of Zara pants, they are my “work pants”. I stick to skirts and jeans mostly.

          • SouthwestDC

            I mostly wear skirts too, but some days I don’t feel like dealing with tights so it would be nice to have 1-2 pairs of work pants I like.

          • I have this problem too. Only pants made for teens fit me, which is fine for jeans, but not for work. I try to stick to dresses and petite skirts (usually slimmer around the waist in 00 but I’m too tall for petite pants). JCrew usually runs too big for me. I would also be interested in knowing where people who are thinner than I am get their pants – I know these people are out there!!! This is a real problem!!

      • You’ll have to go online. I’m extremely petite (xxs or 00) and end up buying everything online. Banana Republic and J Crew both have good work pants, but the small sizes are mostly/only available online. In my experience Gap or Old Navy sizes are too big; they seem to be cut larger than the more expensive brands. Try petite sizing, which is smaller than regular sizes. This may not work if you are of average height or tall, but it’s worth trying. Vanity sizing is the stupidest thing ever, by the way. Saying I’m a 00 makes me sound like a twig, but if you saw me I don’t think you’d guess that’s my size.

        • Yes, I’m just like you! I try to find petite sizes although I don’t mind hemming if they fit well otherwise. I’ve tried Gap and Banana Republic for work pants but I’ll see what they have online. I think the smallest BR ones fit pretty well except the waists were too big. My waist-to-hip ratio is pretty crazy so that makes it extra challenging.

          • Find a good tailor. I can’t wear anything off the rack and have it fit correctly. For me, pants that fit my hips are also always too big in the waist, so I buy less expensive pants that fit my hips and spend the money I saved to have the waist taken in.

          • SouthwestDC

            I can sew a little so I was thinking of trying to get better at tailoring (I can practice on all the pants I have that are too big).

          • Caroline,

            I have been told that Banana Republic tends to carry petite small sizes, which was recommended by a colleague who is petite on the bottom. Good luck!

          • SouthwestDC

            The problem with Banana Republic pants (at least the ones I’ve tried) is that they have too much of a waist gap. Some gapping is inevitable when you have wide hips, but I hate when the waistband is hovering an inch or two away from my skin.

          • That’s good to know about BR. I was also going to say that this was a few years back so not sure if the information is still relevant. Ann Taylor used to be good for petite women, then there was a period where it was awful. I think they’ve returned to carrying some more true-to-petite sizes, so that could be an option to check out.

          • Banana pants don’t work for me either, in part because of the waist-hip problem. I really like The Limited’s exact stretch pants for work. I’m not sure how small they go, but may be worth a try.

    • @Anon 10:46 – I had a problem w/ beer weight gain. I noticed certain craft beers have really high calorie count (higher %age of alcohol) I gave up some flavor to duck some calories.

  • Rave: Crisp and Juicy in Tenleytown. Last night I remembered why I love it so much. Yum.

    Rant: It’s cold.

  • Rant: 6 hours at the doctor/ER last night.
    Rave: No pulmonary embolism or blood clot!!
    Rant: No idea what’s wrong with me then..
    Rave: Husband home from China!!
    Rant: Hubby had to come straight to the ER to be with me.
    Unrelated rave: Off to Newport this weekend! Cannot wait to just hang with family.

  • Rave- a cold, windy but none the less beautiful 10 mile run to work this morning past the Capital, down the mall, by the new reflecting pool, through virginia back to georgetown to remind me what everything is all about. My ability to vote for whatever canidate that I want, and reguardless of the outcome still suppport my country. Most importantly, the opportunity this country gives me to work my ass off and prosper, to support my wife doing the hardest job out of all of us, staying home and raising our two fantastic boys into the wonderful kids they have become and will be

    Rant. Wanted snow last night and to sit and watch the United Game, got snow, though not here, which cancelled the game, ha… GO UNITED

  • Rave: Social Distortion was AMAZING last night. Sold out crowd, great set list, wild mosh pit, faces young and old
    Rant: My rib cage is in shambles, and my liver hates me.

  • RANT: I’m missing the ocean and San Francisco. I keep seeing all my SF friends’ mobile pics on Facebook and I am extremely jealous. Autumn in San Fran is absolutely gorgeous and basically makes up for their mediocre summer. I want to wake up and go surfing every morning before heading into work. I can’t do that here in DC. After being on the East Coast for the last 12 years, maybe it’s time for a change.

    • Hey, I also moved here from SF 12 years ago. But, I don’t miss it. Sure October is gorgeous, but I generally prefer the weather here.

      • That’s one way Oakland beats SF: better weather, especially in summer since it gets less fog.

        That being said, I definitely would take San Francisco’s weather over DC’s any day. No need for AC nor heavy coats and gloves…

    • If you can surf, try whitewater kayaking. Surfing the potomac near Great Falls is its own urban thrill.

      • I don’t own a car and it’s too far removed to get there. I used to surf 4 days/week since I only lived 3 miles from the beach in SoCal. I want to be able to surf on a daily basis and only need to bike a few blocks to get there. I’ve been checking rents in the Outer Sunset and Outer Richmond/Seacliff neighborhoods of San Fran. Those areas are perfect for my needs.

        The hard part is just getting a stable job out there that won’t be downsized at some point in the near future (I’m in banking/finance, which is permanently being downsized to a smaller portion of the nation’s economy). My job in DC is incredibly stable, fairly well paid and intellectually stimulating; it’s hard to give that up.

  • Rave/Rant: Listening to Neil Young’s Harvest. So pretty but so depressing. A man needs a maid is making me teary.

  • Rave: Had a really good interview last Wednesday, just waiting to hear back!!!!
    Rant: Work in the gov’t so things move at a SNAILS pace, and may not hear for a few weeks

    Rave (/proudofmyselfbecause) I have managed to work here for 2 years, and I have not broken my “rule” one time!!

    My rule is to never leave enough emails in the inbox that it makes a scroll bar. Usually it is around 10 emails. It makes me feel so good!! I never get too swamped with ongoing tasks, because I start most days pretty fresh. Having so few emails in the box means that I don’t miss important taskings either. I do the little ankle biter emails that I would ordinarily ignore just to get my count down at the end of the day, and I always file or delete emails that don’t need action or attention.

    Hoping I can achieve this at my (fingers crossed) new job too!

    • novadancer

      do you delete the emails? Just curious as currently I have almost 2000 (and that is after archivng everything from June and earlier)!! However, with my job I often have to refer back to data in them so deleting is not an option. Just curious of your system as I would LOVE to have 10 emails in my inbox ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I have 16414. that’s right, 16 thousand.

      • I work with Outlook, and I’ve got an extensive archive system set up. Because keeping all these emails dumped in my inbox doesn’t help me find them at all. If I need to keep it, it goes in the proper archive folder. If I don’t, it gets deleted.

        I’m not as good as the poster above, but with my archive system in place, I generally keep my inbox around 40-50 emails. I’m also able to find things a lot more quickly that way. In my last job, I could never find anything, and I kept getting those awful “Your mailbox is over its size limit” warnings, so I’ve made a point of keeping the email beast under control with this job. I’m surprised at how much anxiety it has relieved in my work day!

      • I manage it by both deleting and filing (equally important to me).

        – I often delete emails in a chain, and only keep the most recent in the chain (since it has a copy of everything before underneath) which helps.
        -I also delete annoying Reply Alls that just say “Thanks.”
        – I file everything I think there is a shot in hell I might need someday. I even have an FYI folder for junk that I may need to refer to, but doesn’t immediately relate to a project.
        -I have project folders that I subordinate to an “Old” folder when done or no longer needed.
        -I also have personal folders and subfolders (even one that says “kudos” so I save the nice things people send me).
        -I also delete some items where neither I nor my office are the “expert”–I can always get better or more updated information from the expert (ex–if it is a Finance matter, that’s not my office, so I will trust them to be the holders of that information)

        Deleting just FEEEEELS good.

        I tend to think of email as a ledger of communication, not the great storage pot we all use it for, especially as at my office our IT often goes down. Plus, even emails get outdated and new information supplants the old. I also pull important docs out of email and save them to the hard drive, then delete the email.

        Those are some of my tips!

  • Massoud Adibpour,

    What an amazing photo! The use of color, balance and bridging worlds is magical. Congratulations!

  • RAVE: Just learned today is International Stout Day! Please observe this day accordingly. I, for one, will enjoy a Oskar Blues Ten Fidy upon arriving home.

  • rave: looking forward to crafty bastards this weekend! and checking out union market.

  • Rave: Just found out that I’m Employee of the Month! I’m not supposed to know but am so excited that I shall share it in my anonymity. This is super exciting because A) I’m only an admin assistant and B) I’m surrounded by people doing awesome things every single day. YAY!

    Rant: Speaking of being a lowly admin, my copy machine is out of toner. Just yesterday it started flashing Toner Low and now, when I need it most, the Toner is empty.

    Rave: My problems are minimal. I’m currently helping with a memorial for all of the children who have passed away this year…I can’t even imagine being in that situation. I lost my Dad, but losing a child?

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