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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Obama :-l

    Rave: Romney!

    • Rave: FEMA
      Rant: Privatized disaster relief

      • Rave: to go with above…OccupySandy and OccupyWall Street…first responders into some of the hardest hit areas..rockaways, coney island, red hook… thousands of volunteers on the ground before folks ever got a whiff of Red Cross or FEMA…. Yesterday two national guard trucks full of supplies showed up at Occupy Sandy in rockaways and said they were told to bring the supplies to Occupy because “They would know what to do with it”… Mutual aid…a better world is possible!

    • I just find the pro-Romney mindset difficult to understand. I can understand the idea of someone being a fiscal conservative, but the shameless pandering to the “religious right” is just appalling. I couldn’t believe the headline (and article) I saw this morning:

      Paul Ryan Says Obama Would Compromise ‘Judeo-Christian Western Civilization Values’

      Way to appeal to the portions of the base that persist in thinking Obama is Kenyan-born and/or Muslim. πŸ™

      • A lot of them claim it has to do with “fixing the debt” and “ending deficits”. But the central tenets of Romney/Ryans plan is to enact a massive tax cut and boost defense spending! WTF? That is a recipe for deeper deficits.

        I just think that these people are scared of an America is increasingly becoming disentangled from the status quo, which is to say an American controlled by whites. Of course, they will never say that, but it’s the truth. They are scared that of an economic marketplace that is quickly eroding exclusive white privileges. But hey, that’s capitalism, right?

        • Good transition from conservatives are stupid to conservatives are racists. Almost seamless. You have the talking points down.

          • It’s not racism – it’s the fear of moving down a notch on the economic ladder due to global competitive pressures. As a white male, I can tell you that whites – especially men – are fat, over-privileged, and resting on their laurels. They aren’t working with the same hunger and vigor as highly educated women, the children of immigrants (especially Asian-Americans), or foreign entrepreneurs. Sliding down the economic ladder will quickly translate into slides down the ladder of political power, as well. Obama is the clearest sign of that to date, hence their guttural and violently hostile reaction to him and ANY policies he suggests (even when he proposing policies that the GOP previously proposed).

            There’s a tectonic shift happening right now in white America and it has more to do with economic class and privilege than it does with simple racial hatred.

        • Last Friday, Bill Mahr (sp) said that a lot of the right is scared because this will be the last election that the white male will have control/the majority…interesting.

          • The GOP are shooting themselves in the foot right now. They are on the wrong side of history. This is really the last election for national office where you can rely solely on a cohesive vote to get propelled to the Presidency. The Democrat’s investment in the Big Tent theory of electoral politics is going to pay big dividends for a generation.

    • Plus the trip to St Martin will be long over before we actually know who won. I anticipate lots of recounting and challenges ahead.

      • I have no idea why this comment landed here instead of below on the thread about watching election coverage on vacation….

    • I think, a lot of U.S. voters are going to be shocked to see Mitt Romney win, particularly in the black community. President Obama have divided this country and he pimped blacks for their vote. Prepare yourselves for a Mitt Romney victory.

      Rant: Did anyone see the Michael Moore video with one 97 year old senior citizen stating, if Obama loses, they are going to burn this MF down? I was appalled and laughed at this video with senior citizens using curse words. However, I will be glad with this political race is over because I’m overwhelmed with political ads.

    • Nooooooooooooooooo.

  • Rant: New Hampshire Ave south of Dupont Circle is insane – so many potholes, crazy traffic patterns, lots of construction.
    Rave: Natural traffic calming – Drivers have to slow the heck down and pay attention. Makes the bike ride almost pleasant (minus the potholes!)
    Rave: Barn and riding every day for the past four days – makes me very happy!

  • Looking for a good dog walker in Eckington, any recommendations?

  • Rant: Redksins lost!

    Rave: According to the “Redskins Rule,” Romney will win tomorrow!

  • Rave: My company is providing a 100% match of all Red Cross donations towards hurricane relief

  • Rant: T-DOGGIE

    Rave: That body on Mishonne!

  • Rave: Election Day tomorrow! And hopefully an end to the relentless barrage of toxic, mean-spirited attack ads that have chocked virtually all forms of media for the past year! It is time to get this show on the road.

  • Rant: am I the only one who has seen the harassment that passersby are dealing with at the Columbia Heights metro? There are these 3-4 guys who have been standing out there yelling sexist/violent remarks at women walking by, religious phrases are invoked (not sure why) but no one I have asked seems to know why or what is going, and no one does anything to stop them. They are like the black Westboro Baptist Church.

  • Rant: Bronchitis. Have had it for over a week and it is still lingering.

    Rave: Got antibiotics for it on Saturday, so it should speed up the process.

    Related rave: All of the coughing has given my abs a great workout, so I don’t feel too bad about having to miss Pilates today.

    Rant/Rave: New fridge finally arrived from Best Buy after three weeks of delivery problems. Never again will I shop at Best Buy, but at least the fridge is here!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Have a cold and thus grumpy.

    Rave: Election tomorrow so will probably get at least a week off from politicians campaigning.

    Rave: I love the picture for this post. Good job ep_jhu!

  • Rant: HR at work can’t seem to get it together about my leave.

    Rave: Sprained ankle healing

    Rave: Beautiful day

    Rave: Friends over for chili last night, family & friends visiting from out of town this week.

  • talula

    Rant – the people who parked in front of the ’emergency no parking’ spaces I reserved for the moving truck, even though I put up those signs 4 days in advance.

    Rave – DC’s 311 app! Was able to get an officer to come by and ticket those cars parked in my reserve spaces.

    • Leave it to DC to respond quickly when there’s an opportunity to make some easy money!

      Though, tickets don’t help your situation at all. Why didn’t they tow the cars? You need them out of there to park your truck.

      Also, even if you put up the signs 4 days ago, my guess is that the car owners probably haven’t touched their cars in that whole period of time. Now that street sweeping is done, District residents who utilize public transport but still own a car in the city will be leaving their cars in one spot for a week at a time or longer.

      • talula

        We spoke to my building’s manager and he let us park the truck in the building’s main driveway. The officer who responded offered to tow the cars but we were already loading up the truck at that point so it wasn’t really necessary. We should have had them towed, but we just wanted to pack up and move out ASAP.

      • novadancer

        when we moved I ran into the same issue. However, the neighbor pulled into the spot minutes before our moving truck arrived. Did not set a great precedent for “friendliness”. And there were plenty of spots across the street, so it wasn’t like he didn’t have anywhere else to park!

  • What time do you all think I should get to the polls tomorrow? I’d like to vote as soon as the doors open at 7am. Is 6am too early? 630am? Its gonna be a coolllddd morning standing in line.

  • Rave: Leaving for St. Martin tomorrow morning, will also be hitting Anguilla and St. Barth’s.

    Rant: Won’t be here for the actual election but will definitely be watching from St. Martin.

    Rave: I already voted.

    Rant: Packing. And from what I understand, they are pretty stuffy over there so I may actually have to bring “real clothes” (read dressier than normal island wear…)

  • Rant: today is my 40th birthday.

    Rave: my birthday wish comes true tomorrow when the campaign ads stop.

  • I have two questions that I’m hoping someone can answer:

    1. Looking at the ballot, on what basis does one select Candidate A or B for ANC Commissioner? Am I missing something or is this totally arbitrary? All I can find are lists of names but no info.

    2. I understand we have a special election for Council Chair but I’m curious to know why a special election, and how it works? For instance, if there weren’t a special election how long would the current Chair serve, and at would point would there be a normally scheduled election as opposed to a special election.

    Many thanks to anyone who clarify this with me! Just trying to get a solid understanding of the process here in DC.

  • msmaryedith

    Rave: DC Tweed Ride. So fun!

  • Rant: For some reason, ended up doing everything others wanted to do and nothing I wanted to do this weekend. Oh, well, still had fun.

    Rant: Didn’t sleep well, woke up really late……and my day just keeps getting crappier from there.

    Rant: Our heat only has two settings: ON (stuck at 85 degrees) or OFF. Neither is pleasant.

    Rave: ……………………….I’m sure there’s something.

  • Rave: Louis CK on SNL. Especially the Lincoln sketch.

    Rant: I think this election will extend way beyond tomorrow night, and we’ll see multiple lawuits, recounts, etc. I just want it to end!

  • Rant: Collision w/ another cyclist has left me with a broken rib. Even though I’ve broken things before, I’ve never had this type of sustained, intense pain.
    Rant part deux: Broken rib has taken me out of the rest of my over-30 soccer season. It’s been my best season in several, partly due to lost weight and better cardio from cycling. I’m sitting on 2 goals and several assists after 5 games. Hoping my body doesn’t go to sh*t while I heal. Bummed.

    • You have my sympathy. I’m just getting over bruised ribs from a bike accident. It’s been over three weeks and there is still some pain.

      • Any pain mgmt. tips you’d like to throw out there? I’m mostly good as long as I’m in line w/ my center of gravity, but any movement out of square w/ my hips, like bending over or to the side, is excruciating. That and riding in a vehicle (metro this morning was brutal…the bus especially), and getting into/out of furniture is super tough. I’m not taking any meds (outside advil) b/c I hate the foggy feeling.

        • I’d recommend taking a stronger pain killer. I was on Tylenol 3, and that helped some. I was able to switch to naproxen after about a week.

          Ice helps. Try sleeping with your back propped up by cushions. That was the only way I could sleep without too much pain (getting up and out of bed was always horrible.)

          It’s going to take a while to heal, and there’s not much you can do. Get used to moving slower for a while. And try not to laugh, cough, sneeze or breathe. πŸ™‚

          • Ending your paragraph w/ “try not to laugh, cough, sneeze or breathe” isn’t helping me NOT laugh. Neither is my wife actually, who has a wicked sense of humor and made me hurt just a little extra this weekend. Yeah, sleeping is pretty uncomfortable, propping myself up does help though.

    • Hope you heal quickly.

      BTW, if the league is in DC or close to it and you need a male sub while you are out, let me know, it would be my pleasure to help out (though I can’t make it this week). I can definitely hold my own out there…

  • Rant: Monday and it seems like EVERYONE has a case of them today.

    Rave: Cute outfit today.

  • Looking for a good dog daycare in Columbia Heights – any suggestions?

  • Rant: The political ads. I’ll be a MUCH happier girl after tomorrow (… I think. I hope.)

    Hopeful rave: Please stay blue, Wisconsin!!

    Rave: DC early voting was so smooth. I wish my vote meant something in the grander scheme, but may affect change locally too!

    Super-mega-giant rave: Will be in Istanbul in two weeks!! Booked a food tour, and that (and a place to stay) are probably all that I need to be happy.

    • And elect Tammy Baldwin for Senate!

      Please, please, please stay true to your roots, Wisconsin!

    • Don’t hold your breath, badgerwonk. In 2004, Kerry and Bruce Springsteen brought between 70,000 to 80,000 attendees for a rally days before the election. The Boss was in the Mad City very recently, and garnered 18,000. Oops! I’m also a Badger, btw, and I’m pumped about Wisconsin’s contributions tomorrow.

      • MadTOWN, sir/madam. Madtown. πŸ™‚

        And it really will be interesting to see how this plays out – I know a lot of my friends back home are really suffering from “Swing-State Fatigue,” but I believe a large chunk of them have early voted as well, so who knows. It’s also been interesting talking to friends/family members who voted to keep Walker in, but plan (or planned) on voting for the incumbent Presidential ticket. We shall see!

        • Haha. Yes, I have family in Middleton, and they will definitely be glad to have this behind us. The phone calls are non-stop and getting a bit tiring.

  • valentina

    Rant: people comparing the mother in NY losing her children to Sandy with the Kitty Genovese story. That man wasn’t desensitized he was just plain racist imho.

    Rave: on my way to Atlanta for a week and the temps are going to be mid 70’s all week.

    Rant: Going for work.

  • Rave: Googles SWEET voting site. I just put in my address and it pulled up all of the social network pages for each candidate broken down by race. It also provided my polling location with a map and when I clicked on the map it provided me with turn by turn directions. Thanks Google!

    Rave: Boyfriend suggested we move in together once we both graduate school in May. So incredibly excited. Will be moving from DC to Manassas but I will be saving money to pay off those loans.

  • Anyone use Planet Pet for dog daycare or boarding? If so, shoot me your name so we can use you for a referral and you’ll get 10 hours of free daycare! By doing this, you get us a free socialization test πŸ™‚

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