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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.pablo.raw

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  • rant: Morons who through eggs at busses last night. Management rerouted the busses, inconveniencing a lot of people.

  • em

    Revel: Early voted last night. No line, but there were some cute little kids in costume waiting for their parents to vote.

    Rant: Haven’t heard back from the sellers on our counter offer for the house we’re interested in.

  • Rave: The weather. My favorite days are 30-40s in the morning and 50s in the afternoon. If it was sunny, I would be giving these days a 10 out of 10. I hate the weather in this city from May through most of September. If I never see another 85 degree or higher temp in my life, excepting beach vacations, it will be too soon. Alas, weather is not the determining factor for where I live, so I’m staying here. But I get to enjoy the next few months…yeah bring on the sweatshirts!!!! (Disclaimer: I was born and raised in the upper mid-west. I’ve lived here for 7 years, and as far as I’m concerned, it has never once in those 7 years been what I would describe as cold: your experience may differ.)

    • A native Southern Californian definitely disagrees with you!

      If I could live in Brazil or Australia for our winters, I would do it without hesitation. Summer all year round is my goal in life.

    • I’m with you. The summers here are unbearable. Looking forward to a few months of more comfortable temperatures and hopefully even some snow this winter. In the winter you can always add more/warmer clothes – in the summer you can only remove so much.

    • Right there with you adoring this weather! 40s-50s are my favorite temperatures. Makes me feel invigorated and alive, and is perfect for running and hiking.

  • Rant: Daughter (baby) pooped in the tub this morning. Ironic given my rant from yesterday.

  • talula

    Rant: Someone was mugged right in front of my apartment building early yesterday evening, while everyone was outside trick or treating.

    Rave: Loving the colder weather.

    • Ditto rant: I was enraged when I saw that this had happened. At 8:30. When children were all over Lanier trick-or-treating.

      • Was this the robbery in the 1600 block of Argonne? Saw that on MPD’s Twitter feed, and was actually just about to rant about it here myself (that’s my block). Granted, crimes like this happen daily all over the city, but it’s still unsettling–all the more so given that it happened relatively early at night and that there was probably more foot traffic than usual (I’m assuming; I was inside) because of Halloween.

      • Lanier is a weird pocket of crime in an otherwise really nice neighborhood. I’ve had a few friends violently mugged there over the past 18 months. It’s definitely a noticeable pattern.

        • Yeah, I wonder why that is…lack of foot traffic, maybe? I live on Argonne and like to cut down Lanier sometimes to get a break from the hustle and bustle of Columbia Rd, but I’ve avoided doing so at night because of the recent crime reports (which I suppose means I’m contributing to the lack of foot traffic, then. Sigh.)

          • Yeah I guess it’s probably a combination of quiet & dark streets along with low foot traffic and an intricate network of alleys for thieves to emerge from/escape back into. From what the cops told my friends, they think the muggings are punk kids coming from the 14th Street public housing complexes. They prefer not to commit their crimes so close to home.

  • Rave: Weekend filling up with fun, interesting things to do with great people.

    Rant: My need to fill up every moment my husband is away from home. I either want to do absolutely nothing when he’s gone or do so much that I don’t have two seconds to myself. It’s like I’m try to fill the void…

    Rave: Holiday time – spending time with the husband, and our families and celebrating my incredible grandfather’s 93rd birthday 😀

  • Rant: I’m tired of Bronco Obama and Mitt Romney! Can’t wait for this election to end.

    • Ditto. I live in Montgomery county and I’m getting fed up with the ballot question commercials. Some of the anti-Question 6 commercials are downright vile and discriminatory–makes me sick to my goddamn stomach. Enough already!

      • saf

        I live in Petworth. I am sick to death of MD and VA political commercials.

        Well, at least this year we haven’t had the WV ones. And I watch most of my tv on tivo, so I can skip a lot of the commercials.

      • I live in PG and I saw like 9 million question 7 signs at the polling place last night. I didn’t vote because I couldn’t find anywhere to park. Maybe it will be less crowded tonight.

        I’m sick of the commercials and the robocalls.

        • Is that the gambling one? I am no puritan but I think it is funny that gambling – one of the most regressive forms of revenue – is being hailed as a savior to education. The casinos might destroy just as many lives as they end up helping.

      • Thankfully, the only robocall I’ve received was letting me know that the early voting would be extended. A helpful, unbiased, and factually correct call from my Senator. Incredible!

  • Rant: Forgot to set alarm last night and cold, dreary morning turned off both my internal alarm and my backup alarm (two dogs).

    Rave: How polite all the trick-or-treaters were last night.

    • My back up alarm dog has been failing me for the past month or so. She’s slacking big time and making me late for work… perhaps on purpose.

    • I wish my dogs could be used as backup alarms. If it were up to them they wouldn’t get up until noon. My internal alarm is completely unreliable this time of year, when it stays dark until I arrive at work, so I absolutely have to have a couple of regular alarms set.

    • binpetworth

      I have a backup alarm cat that you can borrow; she’s good for slapping you in the face at 6 am if you’re not already up!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Lots of cute costumes out and about last night and on facebook.

    Rave: Got word from my apartment manager that there was storm damage on my side of the building and they would send someone to fix it. No damage to my apartment. (I think this means I’m going straight to Hell, do no pass Go, do not collect $200.)

    Rant: They will probably still send someone to check my apartment and my small clothes are out.

    Rave: I think I’ll survive the embarrassment.

  • mtpgal

    Rave: The block party on Lamont St. in MtP last night. This event is SO much fun and the fact that it’s entirely run by and for neighbors is incredible. I couldn’t love my neighborhood more. Thanks everyone for the great time!

  • Rave: After feeling curmudgeonly all day yesterday, I finally got into the holiday spirit and did some speed decorating in advance of the trick-or-treaters. Adults should get to play with construction paper more often!

    Rant: In the flurry of spiritedness, I way, WAY over-committed on candy. We got some cute (and polite!) trick-or-treaters, but not nearly enough to even put a dent in the chocolate pile. I was so proud of having lost weight (over vacation, even!) and my will power sadly melts in the face of chocolate.

    • Leave it in the kitchen at work and let your coworkers get fat from it. I overbought last year too. I hid the leftover candy in a closet, but my girlfriend forced me to disclose the location and then all bets were off. I didn’t gain weight from it because I obsessively log my calories, but I was eating candy instead of better things for a couple months.

      • Yes! Bringing stuff into work is the best way to get rid of those yummy desserts 😀

      • I was going to say if you’ve got will power, it’s nice to have a stash of small chocolates or whatever to nosh on here and there. If that’s not an option, then definitely second and third the bring to office suggestion. Your co-workers will love you. With the small caveat: At an office I worked at years ago, everyone did this and I was so sick of sugar and candy, it took me years to recover from the sugar overload.

  • Revel: I signed up for the National Writing Month and started this morning. Not sure I’ll make the whole month, but it felt so nice to sit down and write without a purpose or editing. I got 2,00 words before breakfast!

    Rant/reconsideration: Not sure if some friends have changed or if I’ve changed, but their pretentiousness is seriously getting on my nerves.

    Rave: Halfway through a 3 day week!

  • Anyone know what the wells fargo protest last night on Q street was about? Confused why they were shouting at an apartment building…

  • Rant: Rush plus! It’s so dumb and in the morning it just means that my train comes every 8 minutes instead of every 4, and it confuses me when grumbly late sleepy me gets on the wrong train (AGAIN).

  • Rave: Organizing a weekly activity for friends as we’re tired of sitting on our asses at our desks for hours and hours a day. Bring on the new standing hobby post-work hours!

    Rant: Energy bills. I’m scared to turn on the heat as PEPCO is going to jump on us and we’re going to be paying $115 a month (our average last year). I live in a draft apartment with a brick wall and have the insulation in place, but it’s not enough. I’m all for setting the temp at 70, but some people say that’s way too high. Anyone know the best temperature to set in winter?

    Rave/Rant: Halloween last night. DC was so not in the mood pre-10 p.m. — maybe Sandy dampened the spirit, but at least Adams Morgan was faring well later that night! Saw some great costumes in front of Madam’s Organ. However, the fact that my roommate and I got strange looks for being dressed up around 9 p.m. is a sad, sad commentary on this bowtie society. Boo.

    • Get a programmable thermostat if you don’t have one and make the apartment cooler when you’re at work and at night. I personally wouldn’t go below 70 when I’m home and awake– I think it’s depressing to be cold and bundled in blankets in your own home.

    • If you feel drafts, then the insulation is either not enough, old and falling apart, etc. The point is that it’s not working or is not enough. If you have blankets or towels or old sweaters/sweatshirts, roll them up and put them on the base of windows, doors where leakage might be. I’ve heard that there is this clear stuff you can put on windows so it’s supposed to be a layer of insulation on the window to help with drafts (someone please chime in if you know what I’m talking about). As to temperature settings, every single degree will raise your energy bill (while that sounds obvious, people say if you’re looking to slice off from your energy bills, every degree matters). If you’re really budget conscious, some will say 68. I think it depends upon how big the place is, how high the ceilings are and how well your place holds in the heat. I tend to think 70 is a pretty good compromise in terms of temperature/budget. At night, you can lower the temps (65-68) because it’s better to sleep in cooler rooms, if you can tolerate that. If I had my way without thought to cost, I’d love to have my home 75 to maybe 78 on especially cold days. I think that 70-72 is a pretty decent range. Good luck!

    • 70° seems really high for me for the winter. I’d say 68 during the day and a degree or two lower at night. Weather strip your windows with plastic. Looks crappy, but will prevent drafts.

      • oh, and only 68° when you’re actually home during the day. otherwise knock it down to 65° or so. if you have pets, they’ll survive, they have fur coats. sleep in warm pjs so it doesn’t seem hard to get out of bed… or I used to sleep in just underwear, but put pjs on my night stand and pull them into bed when the alarm went off. they’d warm up and then it’s easy to get out of bed.

    • If you have drafty windows, you can cover them with film over the winter. basically, it is a clear plastic film that you tape around the window, then use a hair dryer to stretch it tight. It blocks extra air from entering and serves as an extra layer of insulation around the window. Really easy to put up and doesn’t block your view. You can find it at any hardware store.

  • Revel: Early voting location is only a block from my apartment! Very happy to vote early and so close by.

    Rant: Second parking ticket in less than a month. Do any of you ever park on Fuller St. between 15th St. and the playground? I live right near there and park there frequently. I got a ticket that said “Public Space” in the explanation. I was parked on the North side. Both sides of the street allow parking (except for street sweeping days). I was parked over the little hump/curb, but not on the sidewalk at all, just like the entire row of cars in front and behind me. I’m too afraid to park there anymore now because I have no idea how to park there the “right” way.

    • Not being familiar with this block, it’s difficult to picture. What “little hump/curb” are you talking about? Were you perhaps parked too close to a curb cut (for an alley entrance or whatever)?

    • I’ve never been to that block before, but looking at it on Google maps my guess is that you were not parked on the street but in the public space between the sidewalk and the street. The “hump/curb” appears to be the curb, so if you were parked over it then part of your car was not in the street.

    • saf

      That “little hump” is the curb. So you were parked over the curb, in the tree box.

      • It’s not even a curb though. It doesn’t even run the full length of the block. Keep in mind I am talking about the north side–there is a fence along side it and an apartment building. If you park the car 100% off the “curb” you will block the street to traffic. On street view, the blue van is parked exactly like I (and everyone else) always park there. There is no flower box.

        • saf

          Be that as it may, that car is parked in the tree box.

          You may have to take pictures and submit a protest.

          Be prepared to be told that it IS indeed the curb.

        • From Google Street View, it looks like there’s a curb, albeit a disintegrating one.

          I would suggest that you ask for the ticket to be rescinded on the grounds that it wasn’t obvious that there was a curb. Apologize and say you’ll never do it again, and say that you’re asking your councilmember to ask DDOT to restore the curb so that it looks and acts like a proper curb.

  • RANT: I’ve been trying to figure out where I’m supposed to vote, but the DC board of elections site has been down every time I’ve tried to go there for the last month. Anyone know how I can find this info out?? It seems criminal that their site is down right now.

  • Rant: The administration at UDC is laughable, some of the teachers are ok but the administration is run by a bunch of morons.

    Rant: UDC is the only affordable option for DC residents.

    Rave: It’s kickball night already!

  • Rant: Early-voted last night in Columbia Heights. Process went quickly, and the poll workers were super-friendly. (Coming off a similar experience at the DMV, I’m kind of on a roll with this surprisingly-efficient bureaucracy thing, here!)

    Semi-rant: Only one candidate running for my ANC seat, unopposed. And who didn’t answer any of the League of Women Voter’s questions for the voter guide (there were only two question), thereby providing no info to the average voter. Not that it’s high office with well-financed campaigning, but still. Makes me wish I’d gotten my stuff together in time and run for ANC myself. Then again, maybe there’s a reason only one candidate was running…

  • Question: Will the polling places allow you to take a marked-up voting guide in the voting booth with you? This is the first year that I’m overwhelmed with ballot questions and want to make sure my memory doesn’t screw with me.

    Rant: water damage in our house is worst than the contractors originally thought. Fingers crossed that they can dry it out!

    Rave: The contractors have been really nice, even though they’ve been working like crazy since the storm.

    Rant: One month to the day until my sister makes an enormous mistake, marrying a guy that my family thinks is intolerable. (a) what the hell is the rush? (b) THIS GUY, REALLY?

    Silver-lining rave: At least some of the goddamn family drama will die down after this clusterf*ck of a wedding. One can only hope..

  • Rave: Last week all staff members company-wide had to fill out a sheet for ‘Recognition’ (favorite pizza toppings, snack, drink, etc). Today our director tells us to be in the department for a surprise at 12:30–she has at least one favorite for everybody! It was a really nice gesture.

    Rant: People who talk on their cell phones while in the (public) bathroom. And double rant–people who do so on speaker!

    Rave: Three day week!

    Rant: Other two days are considered leave days………even though metro was closed and there was NO way for me to get to work.

    Rave: Employee of the Year celebration tonight at the French Embassy!

    • I’ll take your bathroom rant and raise it to people who talk to each other in the bathroom when one person is finished and just standing around and the other is actually using the toilet (and then I come in, “interrupting” a conversation so that I can use the bathroom and then the whole situation seems really awkward).

  • Rave: Blessed to turn 35 today.

    Rave: Already received the best present ever.

    Rave: Looking forward to my rescheduled trip next week.

    Rave: Life is good.

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