Radius Pizza now Serving Alcohol in Mt. Pleasant

3155 Mount Pleasant Street, NW

Good news from the folks at Radius Pizza:

“We just wanted you to know that Radius Pizza is now serving alcohol! Our liquor license was finally received last Wednesday and we are serving beer and wine at this time. Liquor/cocktails are coming this weekend. We are also offering a great $5 happy hour menu every day between 5PM and 7PM”

You can see their menu here.

Drink and happy hour menus after the jump.

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  • I thought Radius already served alcohol. Didn’t they have some good football pizza-and-beer specials?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      The liquor license needed to transfer to the new owners so they weren’t able to serve until the transfer went through.

  • Menu looks great, $7 for a pint and slice is still a great bargain in my opinion (especially if that includes two hearted or the mama’s pils).

  • anyone know if they still have a vegan cheese option?

  • Has anyone actually dined here since it reopened? I’m curious as to what people’s impressions are.

  • I am so happy for them! My boyfriend and I went, and it was excellent. The cauliflower was incredible, and so was the pasta. The pizza crust was also fantastic. The new owners seem like good people and they’re putting out an excellent product, so I hope this gets people back into those doors.

  • I was a regular at the old Radius and I was really unhappy when I heard about the plans for reopening (i.e., trying to serve cheaper, family-friendly entrees). I went a week or so ago and was pleased to see a lot of interesting options on the menu. It’s a little heavy, and I’d like to see some sandwiches, but on the whole, it is a good menu. The pizza remains quite good. I am happy because our little neighborhood needs it.

  • Wake me up when they start serving good pizza.

    On second thought, maybe it’s time to call this one. Radius hasn’t been good in at least 3, probably 4, years. We gave this recent iteration a shot, and it was disappointing: mediocre crust, awful sauce, poor-quality toppings (e.g. the sausage tasted “off”). Honestly, I get better pizza from Angelico’s.

    • If they can’t beat Angelico’s for taste, they really ought not bother. Looks like a lateral move on the beer taps. What did they have before? Alagash White, 60 min and Peroni? I’ll drink the 2 Hearted and Lil Yella Pils.

      • Actually they used to frequently have great local beers on tap like Star Hill and Dogfish Head. I don’t ever remember seeing Peroni or Alagash White… I haven’t been since re-opening but Radius used to have the best pizza in DC in my opinion, and the toppings were awesome! I hope it still compares…

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