Props to the Cops – Bike Recovery Edition

Dear PoPville,

A few months back I wrote with a pretty bad story of a bike accident resulting in a head injury and the theft of my bike. I’m happy to report today on a happy ending.

Friday night after work at Smoke & Barrel on 18th Street, I was walking with my new bike, lock in my back pocket, when I spotted my old bike locked to a tree fence in front of Pharmacy Bar. I locked my old bike with my lock and this morning returned to the scene and called MPD.

Armed with my receipt and serial number I was able to prove the bike was mine, and I swore out a statement that I had not sold the bike, and it had in fact been stolen. Officer Henderson (3rd District) was excellent and called DC FEMS to the scene to cut the lock.

The scene got a little comical when a mix up between MPD and DCFEMS dispatchers resulted in a call of a Box Alarm (structural fire involving multiple buildings) and seven fire trucks showed up. But after the police assured them the dispatchers screwed things up, the scene calmed down, and my bike was recovered.

Kind of a cluster, but I sure am happy with the ending.

P.S. Anyone want to buy a new bike?! Now I have two!

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  • @PoP:

    Sorry, but props to the OP, not the Cops. Great that he found his bike, but the only contribution from DC’s finest was to send seven fire trucks to help a guy recover his own bike.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Ed. Note: It was the OP who was giving the props to the cops.

    • Yeah, I don’t really think it was “comical” that a fleet of fire trucks and emergency responders were roused to the scene unnecessarily. That must have been expensive, and what if they were needed to deal with a true emergency?

      I’m happy the OP got his bike back though. It was amazingly bad luck that it got stolen in the first place, and incredibly good luck that he happened to spot it later.

      I wonder what happens if you don’t have the receipt and serial number. Will the cops still take your word for it that it’s yours?

    • I was giving props both to Ofc. Henderson for how he handled the recovery and another officer the night before who said to come to the scene the next day with proof of ownership and said MPD would help cut the lock. I take credit (along with pure dumb luck) for finding the thing.

  • Happy ending indeed, except that now someone else, who likely bought the bike off CL in good faith, thinks his/her bike has been stolen.

    • If he/she came back to the bike and found someone else’s lock on it, wouldn’t he/she have called the police (unless he/she was the bike thief or was otherwise shady)?

    • FWIW, a tenant of the building the bike was locked in front of told me it had been locked there about two weeks. Tires were flat,which makes me believe it. My theory is that the thief was stop l trying to unload the bike and was stashing it there in the meantime.

      • Ahh… I didn’t realize from the original post that the bike was already locked with another lock, and that it was the first lock that you arranged to have cut.

  • How did you get both bikes home?

  • what are the specs on the bike for sale?

  • Congrats E, glad to hear it.

  • I am so happy you got your bike back! Two months ago my bike was stolen and recovered and when I got it back, I was on top of the world.

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