PoP Preview – Farmers Fishers Bakers – Opening Friday at the Georgetown Waterfront

3000 K Street NW at the Washington Harbour

Farmers Fishers Bakers will open at 11:30AM on Friday, November 9th. Check out their menus here. To say the space turned out great is a tremendous understatement. This is one of the nicest looking new restaurants I’ve seen in a while. The details are phenomenal. Have a look:

Lots more photos after the jump.

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  • What’s up with that photo? It looks like the fountain area is flooded? But they did get the flood gates up for Sandy – ????

  • What’s up with the “Farmers Market Brunch” menu?
    Do you get all that food or do you have to pick a few items?
    Looks gooood…

  • Menu looks amazing.

  • I have a reservation for the sushi area on Friday. Does anyone know if this is actual ‘bar’ seating or a real table? Going with a few people and it might be awkward to have the four of us sitting side by side at a bar.

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