Please Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Lost Husky – Pierce

“My dog is currently missing. He got out from 903 Webster st NW Washington dc. He is a black, white, and gray Siberian Husky named Pierce. He is friendly (not aggressive) and is about 60 pounds. He is very energetic and obedient. I can be reached at 201.618.9361 or 201.275.8984. There is a reward $$$$ for him being found.”

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  • Bummer, within earshot I’m sure, my kids are outside now, howling at the moon, hoping Pierce will respond!

    Which way did he run?

  • Found him today, witnessed him as he ran into the street at Kansas and Georgia and his foot was run over by a car. I caught him afterwards, held him there for a little while and called 911 and animal control. A good dude named TY also helped out. He’s with animal control now. He is lucky to be alive. Call DC 311 and get their number. Please be more careful, He is a great dog.

    • You are an excellent citizen! This is not my dog, but thanks so much for saving him. The world needs more people like you and Ty.

      • Thanks,

        As a dog owner myself I know it can be tough. Can’t imagine how dangerous it is for dogs around Petworth on their own. I see roaming dogs frequently in the neighborhoods and worry about their well being because drivers on streets here don’t slow down when they see a dog off leash near to the road. I’m also really glad he wasn’t the kind of dog that would bite me! 🙂 But he was so gracious despite his injury, he rolled over wanting belly rubs.

    • Excellent, Jack5! I once had a dog escape and was grateful for citizens like you who caught him and kept him safe.

    • Jack5, well done! Good for you and Ty, and all others like you who care enough to get involved. We need more like you. 🙂

      PoP – will the posting comments too quickly problem *ever* be solved?

  • I’m so glad the dog was found – and by such a good person with a good-people assist!

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