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Photo by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

Congrats to austindc with:

“You like dogs? I’m really more of a cat person.”

Runner up to Lamonting with:

Just think of me as your afternoon animal fix.”

Honorable mention to ehscribe with:

“After they cancelled Thundercats, I landed a gig as back up bassist and road manager for Josie and the Pussycats. I was a total rock star… living fast and loose. Catnip was big in the 80′s and I developed a bit of a problem. Next thing I knew I was strung out and on the streets with a bunch of misfits that called themselves the Jellicles. I finally got some help, got clean, moved to DC, and now I mostly sell real estate.”

Winners please email me directly at princeofpetworth(at) gmail so I can get you your shirt.

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  • Ah, PoP, look, I love your site, but you continually rob the deserving of their rightful shirts. In fact, you do this frequently: give “honorable mention” to the ones actually deserving the win. Ehscribe’s submission was absolute genius, and you gave the winning nod to the joke that about 35,000 people would have come up with at the same time. Next time you’re judging, transpose your “winner” and your “honorable mention,” and then you’ll actually have your winner. Just some well intentioned advice…

  • You might be right about the shirts. If so, great. But the submission that should have “won” this didn’t.

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