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  • Got one today. Decent. A tad skimpy on the meat. The pâté you can get as a spread was pretty good. I also got a pork bun, which was bad.

  • Pho DC has absolutely the worst pho in the city.

  • Who has the best Pho? I am in Shaw and in need of a place that is close.

    • Pho Viet on 14th has the best Pho in the city limits.

      • As a Vietnamese person from California, I would agree. Pho Viet is as good as you’re going to get within DC city limits. Next would be Pho 14. Pho DC is mediocre, at best. Nam Viet in Cleveland Park is the absolute worst pho I’ve ever had. If you can venture out a little, Pho 75 in Arlington is really good. The best pho in the DMV, IMO, is Pho Golden Cow on Leesburg Pike about a mile past the Eden Center.

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