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  • Panera – I hope you’ll be ready for the X2 masses needing a toilet and/or a place to stand during a rainy day …

  • i’m sure this pleases many people. i am not one of them.

  • I completely understand that only chain retailers or restaurants could afford to set up shop at this location. But I can’t imagine anything more boring than this.

  • What’s so great about Panera? They charge $7+ for a below average sandwich, so it’s not a cheap option. I’ll take the Walgreens since it’s convenient on my way home from Metro.

  • To be fair Jackey Cafe also sucks. Haven’t tried Eat First though.

    • hahaha. okay. i do like Eat First though.
      it’s no Great Wall, but it’s decent. AND better than anything i’ve had at panera.

  • Hope the Walgreens in 24/7. It’s annoying how often I have wanted to pick something up only to see the CVS on 8th close at 10:00. Yeah, the CVS down H is already 24/7. But, it’s a little out of the way from the metro and is on a pretty sketchy block at night.

  • This is not just about a short order restaurant chain that routinely wins my imaginary awards for ‘biggest letdown’ and ‘I can’t believe I thought that was good in high school.’ This is about the constant push push push East and North. As the first missionaries in North Africa laid the groundwork for colonialism, so do Panera Breads serve as white people oases within patches of uncertainty, calking the cracks between gentrified neighborhoods with pesto paninis. Panera Breads are like ‘base’ for white people, who “you know I know the neighborhood is changing but it’s still a little dangerous and anything can happen” all day long. This is deceptively significant – one day we may wake and find the whole district is Panera Breads and Maclaren strollers.

  • Looking forward to having a quick sushi lunch option near my office. Panera? Yeah, could care less about that place.

  • How did the Panera floodgates break? I’ve been bragging for 10 years the entirety of DC refuses to accept the chain (bolstered by locations closely flanking the city in Maryland suburbs; one on GA ave in Silver Spring and another directly across the border in Chevy Chase). Then all of a sudden, woosh!

  • I’m against all sushi chains unless they are runned by immigrant Asians. I’m racist like that. Support Wok N Roll!!!!

    • boo Wok n’ Roll…. try Momiji down H near 5th. You can thank me later.

      • Another vote for Momiji. We go there about once a week and have never had a bad meal. But our son loves Yo Sushi, so I can see that we are going to be eating an awful lot of sushi.

        • both Wok and Roll and Momiji suck… you need to get your ace out to Kotobuki on MacArthur Blvd. Blows everything downtown out of the water.

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