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  • That is especially creepy given that I just saw Life of Pi.

  • i saw him with a bedazzled red bow tie when i walked pass him this past sunday night. haha.

  • It’s from Halloween.

    • So it’s creepy and incredibly lazy. They must be fantastic neighbors.

      • They were the spookiest house we visited on Halloween. Given all the other things they had going on up on the porch, you couldn’t call them lazy that night. I couldn’t figure out whether the ghoul in the back corner of the porch was a hard-working person with a strong back, or some sort of machine. Either way, impressive job. And they appear to have updated it for Thanksgiving.

        They earned the right to keep the tiger up for a long time. My kids still love it when we walk by. We live in Columbia Heights, not McLean — a little idiosyncrasy from time to time shouldn’t trouble you.

        • Oh right, we don’t live in McLean so we should just learn to enjoy living with filth. Because that is all we can expect from each other in the big city.

          • We have different definitions of filth. I’m not rationalizing this thing. I actually like it. If it’s there in a year, if it’s sopping wet, moldy and caked in mud, i won’t like it anymore. That’s where I draw the line under my subjective standard. I don’t expect you to have the same subjective standard as me; just suggesting you loosen yours a bit.

  • Siegfried and Roy’s lost tiger?

  • Love it.. keep it out all year

  • I think it’s awesome!

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