Meridian Pint Main Floor Closing Nov. 21-26 for Kitchen Renovations – Basement Bar Will Stay Open

11th and Park Road, NW

From the folks at Meridian Pint:

We will close the ground floor from 10PM on Wednesday, November 21st to Monday, November 26th at 5PM. The basement will be open the following:

Thursday 11/22 from 8PM to close
Friday 11/23 from 5PM to close
Saturday 11/24 from 5PM to close
Sunday 11/25 from noon to close
Monday we will re-open as usual.

We will not have an operational kitchen during that time so there will be no internal food service. We will be providing take out menu’s for folks to order out if they wish. Guest’s will also be allowed to bring in any take out that they wish during this time.

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  • Love the beer selection but have been consistently underwhelmed by their food.

    So hopefully these new reservations will add some flavor to their otherwise flavorless menu. And please, don’t add even more vegetarian options. (anticipating the flack for saying this)

  • why would they need to renovate their kitchen already?

    • We are redoing the floor which has gotten beat up pretty bad in the two and half years we’ve been. As for the menu, my apologies to those that we have been unable to satisfy but it will not be changing much. We will, however, continue to provide the best quality and service that we have for so long. Thanks to all for your continued support.

      • bfinpetworth

        I find your menu to be a pretty creative and quality version of a typical pub fare. I’m 50-something and have determined that when I want normal food in the neighborhood, yours is the place to be. This revelation occurred after twice trying out the Coupe and finding the menu almost impossible to deal with (now that’s a place that REALLY needs to rework their menu!).

      • John,

        I also generally like the food at the Pint. Pub fare is pub fare, and you guys do it well. One small change that would really help would be to up the quality of your rolls/buns that you serve with the burgers/chicken. The straight out of the bag standard issue roll doesn’t do much to make the burger shine.


  • I don’t think a new floor will help make the bland food more palatable, unfortunately.

  • austindc

    I like everything about Meridian Pint. I love the beer. I love the food. I love the feeling you get when they fill your water glass. I hope kitchen renovation is code for bringing back the onion rings.

  • It’s not “the menu” that’s the problem, the offerings are fine. It’s the product on the plate that’s the problem.

    Good beers, good room, good service, but I’ve given up on the food.

  • Bring back the ONION Rings! They were the best I have ever had!

  • Wow, surprised at the haters. Meridian Pint is my and my wife’s favorite restaurant in Cohi. It ain’t haute cuisine but we’ve always loved the food, drinks and ambiance…..except the last time when it was just too loud and crowded. Good luck on the renovation.

  • I think what I’ve read above is pretty fair and unhateful criticism. So the food is the weak link, doesn’t make anyone who notices into a hater.

    • I don’t see how the food can even seen as the “weak link”, unless it’s simply not as epic as the beer list. Everything I’ve eaten there has been way above average for what it is. They should keep doing what they’re doing.

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