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  • Was walking by it on Sunday. The transformation is absolutely amazing. What a great outdoor patio that will be come Spring/Summer.

  • This restaurant will make so much money, it makes me envious of the owners/investors. Jeeeshh…They should’ve shot for a rooftop bar only area where people could get drinks as they wait for seating…

  • Wow…looks fantastic!

  • I live around the corner and can’t wait for it to open! Welcome to the neighborhood! We all aren’t part of the Wallach Place/U st/Dupont NIMBY crowd.

  • What exactly is “vintage pizza bistro” supposed to connote? Vintage pizza? Gross.

  • I’m excited for this and Teds – I’m often saying that the area lacks casual mid-range (or cheap) places. We always end up at Commissary which is hit or miss when we’re in the, “I don’t know, what do you want?” mood.

    These are great additions. Now, for more eastern expansion folks. Move more stuff to 11th and 9th Streets!

  • Holy wow! Good for them! Great location. We look forward to having them in the neighborhood. Great job on the building.

  • Awesome!!!! This is an excellent addition to our neighborhood! This place will have an awesome business!!!!! Thank you Matchbox for coming to us!!!!

  • Top notch renovation.

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