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  • Went the first week they were open and sat at the bar. I really enjoyed the mussels. However, I did not appreciate the snarky attitude of some of the servers.

  • My girlfriend and I went to Le Grenier for my birthday a couple weeks ago. I wanted to try someplace new that was cozy and romantic. Plus they have flaming crepes, which is a good stand-in for birthday cake. 🙂

    Overall, I was happy with the experience. The ambiance is warm and welcoming, and I was charmed by the decor. It’s definitely whimsical but they managed to do it without it looking forced or tacky. Despite it being a Friday night with most of the tables occupied the noise level was pleasantly low. Unlike Bistro Cacao, where I had my birthday dinner last year, this place has more of a bistro feel but is still elegant enough for a special occasion.

    I had a gallette that was filled with spinach and smoked salmon, and my girlfriend had the fish of the day. Both entrees were good, although mine was a tad on the salty side and both were very garlicky. Her dish came with some gnocchi on the side that was heavenly and light. The crepe flambee that I ordered for dessert, with apples and Calvados, was boozy but fun. The apple filling was amazing! I need to figure out how to recreate it at home. The menu posted online, by the way, is not exactly what is offered right now, although a lot of the items are the same.

    The service could use a little work. Our waiter, though attentive, was not terribly friendly and had a very thick accent. They get points for the authenticity, but I was the only one that could understand him (thanks to four years of French, I suppose). Also, the print on the menu was in microscopic cursive that was hard to read in the dim light.

    Bistro Cacao is still my favorite French restaurant in the neighborhood, mainly because their ambiance is so special and the service is some of the best I’ve ever had, anywhere. But Le Grenier is a strong runner-up. For being so new they are doing really well so far.

  • Spent my birthday dinner there with family back in August. My mother had a lovely duck dish set atop artichoke quinoa that was to die for. Wine list was extensive with many affordable items and ambiance was upscale-casual. Would definitely go back.

  • I’ve been 3 times, and have really enjoyed it each time. Mussels are yummy, good wine and beer selection, and an easy neighborhood haunt.

  • Nice, relaxed ambiance, not over-priced. Only been once, but the dishes were either really delicious or ho-hum. The boudin blanc was overwhelmed with truffle oil, but decent over all. Ratatouillle was very bland. Foie gras brulee was amazing. I also had and enjoyed the smoked salmon galette. Really great chocolate mousse. With such a large and varied menu, I definitely want to go back (although perhaps they’d be best served narrowing down to the things they excel at and cutting the chaff).

  • I’ve been there once with my husband and was very disappointed. Our starters were both fine but the entrees were horrible. My husband’s hanger steak was horribly overcooked and lacked all flavor. I had ordered the salmon. It was also horribly overcooked and the quality of the fish was very poor. It tasted as though it was frozen, not fresh. I’ll go back to try the crepes since I have enjoyed those at le chat noir.

  • msmaryedith

    I’m kinda “meh” still. I have only been once and will give it another chance, but I have a sour taste in my mouth.

    The good:
    1)The décor. It looks like you just walked into Anthropologie. It’s still elegant without looking too shabby, but it is really adorable.
    2) The drinks. The St Polten and Le jardin both were REALLY fantastic. Very original, very flavorful, and delicious.

    The ok:
    1) The food. It was really JUST ok. Les Grenouilles (frog legs) cooked in garlic butter were good, but not the best I have had. The seafood stew had undercooked and rubbery fish, and was skimpy on the rest. The steak frites were totally OVERcooked.

    The not nice:
    1) Drink prices were outrageous, given they are served tiiiiny little glasses, FILLED with ice, with only a few sips of the drink in each. So at $11 a pop, they can add up quickly.
    2) I was starving when we got there, so when my ordered-medium-rare steak showed up cooked medium well, I was annoyed, but didn’t want to wait for a new one. The manager stopped by a minute later to ask if everything was good, and I said that I didn’t want to send my dish back, but that it was very overcooked. He again said he could send it back (but I didn’t want to–that makes it awkward for my dining partner, and I was hungry and didn’t want to wait any longer). So he just kind-of shrugged and apologized. But as a new restaurant, when I tell you something like that and am very polite about it (and the steak clearly has NO pink on it, at all), then you should offer to comp the appetizer, or bring a dessert, or offer an incentive for a return visit.

    All in all, it was good, and the place is precious. But the total tab for two entrees, one appetizer, and two drinks each was about $130 with tip. My meal was a café-ish (i.e. no veggies, not a nice cut of meat) overcooked steak, two frog legs, and the equivalent of one drink for $65–not a good deal in my book.

  • I’ve been once and it was good, if not great… my gallette was served cold, and when I asked them to warm it after taking a bite they brought me a new one which was much better. The appetizers were, on a whole, better than the entrees.

    The wine list is strong and the cheese plate is a good value. I really love what they’ve done with the decor too- maybe the nicest shabby chic spot on H Street. Definitely worth a visit.

  • Finally got out to give this place a try. Really liked this spot. I felt like I was back in Chantilly (outside of Paris). Once youre inside, especially downstairs near or at the bar you really feel like you’ve escaped DC for a bit. All the food we ordered was great. Hanger steak was amazing and the fish of the day (mahi-mahi) was fresh and delicious. Highly recommended.

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