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  • Cool, I miss the doner places on every corner in Germany!

  • ledroittiger

    Beer is good. My German roommate seems to like the place, although she pointed out that a real doner shop in Germany would never sell pork products.

  • The food is good. It’s not a straight-up doner, but the flavors are nice. The staff is very nice, tries very hard and is a little awkward. So authentic German, essentially.

  • They should open a place called “Donor Kebab,” where you get a free kebab if you give blood.

  • Beer is great and the Doner Box (meat, fries, garlic sauce) is very solid. Wasn’t a huge fan of the currywurst, but overall a solid place – just hope they get enough business on what is unfortunately a bit of a quiet strip of Columbia

    • If only there was a hotel nearby to generate additional foot traffic and support this local, neighborhood-serving business….

      • No way an influx of people on a daily basis would help local businesses! What a crazy idea

        And maybe if there were any plans out there to develop the old theater/CVS space…

  • I haven’t been to this one, but I have been to the one in Leesburg. Not sure how Doner is made in Germany, but as far as Turkish street doner goes, this place is garbage compared to it.

    Kinda off topic, but living across the street from this place is like a nightmare on weekend nights. Since they are open late and have outdoor seating, it can get very loud at 2 am. I wouldn’t be shocked if their outdoor seating is taken away and/or hours curtailed because of this soon.

    • Re: anonymous:
      Jesus, it’s people like you who make living in a city annoying for the rest of us. I too live across the street from this place and not only has it not been an issue at night, it’s a welcome change from the garbage retail that was there before it moved in. You live in a city on a main road, try not complaining about everything.

      • Right on. Everyone knows that it’s impossible to eat indoors after midnight. That’d be the death of urbanism, for sure.

    • Come on, dude. That’s like building a house at Gravelly Point and complaining about the airplanes.

    • Please move to Leesburg.

  • If the same as Leesburg Donor Bistro, it will be great!

  • I love this place. I’ve been there twice and it was delicious both times. It reminds me of my study abroad Doner Kebab that I haven’t found stateside. Service was a little shaky, but the food is well worth it. I just wish I lived closer to Adams Morgan.

  • The falafel was okay, but the toppings were delicious. Also, the beer selection is good/bountiful. It seems like they’re still working out a couple of opening kinks (their register was having issues), but seems like a cool spot.

  • I can’t help but always think of the Donner Dinner Party when I hear of Doner Kabob. That and the play “Cannibal! The Musical”. One of the funniest plays I have ever seen.

  • HUGE upgrade from ShawarmaKing. Doner is delish

  • Great beers, everything about the Doner is good but needs a small tweak to be like it is in Germany. I think the sauce is too sweet — in addition, I think more care needs to be taken to ensure that the toppings are well-distributed through the doner. But, very good (these are minor nit-picks) and I am so happy it is nearby.

  • I went the first week it opened and the service was TERRIBLE and SLOW. The donor had way, way, way too much sauce on it. Hopefully they improved.

  • The online menu has no prices 🙁 Anyone have an estimate on a doner box?

  • Have been twice and enjoyed it both times. The patio seating has been full on other occasions that I’ve walked by when the weather was nice. I especially like the doner box and the beer selection as others have mentioned here.

  • I agree with the other posters; having lived in Germany for five years, this is close but not completely authentic. The sauce needs work – should have lots more garlic and flavor to it. They use feta too, which isn’t bad, but normally isn’t used in döners in Germany. $8 for a döner is hard to swallow, but I’ve done it twice now and will certainly go back given that it’s one of the few options in DC and that it’s just around the corner from me. The beer is very good and makes it worthwhile!

  • And let’s not forget the schnitzel sandwiches. If you’re looking for milanesa or schnitzel, you will be satisfied.

  • Been here twice and both times enjoyed it! Donor box is the way to go if you’re hungry, but I got the salad the second time, and didn’t regret it.They really loaded it up with the good stuff.

  • My husband and I went and thought that it was just ok. We thought that the sauce needed more flavor, garlic, lemon, mint . . .something. I thought that the meat needed a bit more spice too. The fries rocked. The doners are big and messy. We should have split one.

  • Two friends of mine got food poisoning here Friday night 🙁

  • Both the falafel and beef have great flavors and the bretzel is very solid. Don’t forget the spicy mustard for the bretzel. Also, I purchased one of the steins for $9.95 so now I can get a liter of any beer for $9.95, a great deal if you plan on going more than a couple times (0.4 and 0.5 liters are $6 or $7/ea).

  • Been here twice to have the doner, it is cheap, huge, and tasty.

  • I went in without much knowledge of what a doner was (I thought it was the same as a gyro). I got the beef doner with fries, and here’s my rundown:
    -the doner’s bread is french bread in pita format
    -inside the bread were, in order, condiments (lettuce, tomato, onion, not sure about cheese), meat, and a huge dollop of yogurt sauce.
    -the meat wasn’t seasoned very much at all, to my dismay. Tasted and looked like chopped up steak more than shaved spiced meat.
    -the yogurt sauce also didn’t have much flavor, or at least enough to be distinct.
    -the fries were a disaster. each no longer than an inch and remarkably greasy.
    -the doner is a really hefty size

    My overall take is that there needs to be more flavor. Currently, the doner is a beef sandwich with yogurt. I’ll give them another shot in a month or two, but otherwise I’ll do shawarma spot.

  • Huge fan of this place! Great beer selection and really good food. Surprisingly good falafel too!

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