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  • Nice! Very well done, blends with the existing buildings quite well. Especially the arched brickwork on the windows.

  • i assume we’re looking at the two houses, right?
    from the outside these are absolutely perfect additions to this block.

  • i think this company does pretty good work…

  • My posts never post as anonymous…weird.

    Anyway, I would prefer the third-floor balcony like the red brick house in the far right of the second picture. But I agree, it’s looks fantastic and well done.

  • They are nice. Though still located next to a stretch (one block south) on 9th st that will be hard to see improving for years.

  • Very nice… Blends in great with the rest of the block. Other developers around DC should take note. This company is working on another rowhouse project on P St. Can’t wait to see the finish product.

  • Wow. Those look like SFDs, not shoehorned 2- or 3-unit condos. No basement level! That IS big news in downtown infill development.

    • Operative term: “…look like” SFDs. Went to the website. Each address is 2 units, one and a half floors each. I still appreciate that they didn’t force living space down underground, though. These buildings look perfect on this lovely old block.

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