Holy Scary – Reader Finds Handgun and Blood on New Jersey Ave, NW in Shaw

Dear PoPville,

After lunch today (Sunday) at Beau Thai (in Shaw), my friends and I walked south on New Jersey Avenue when we noticed an unhealthy amount of dried blood on the sidewalk. One of my friends was inquisitive enough to kick at the leaves at the edge of the sidewalk near the biggest smears of blood, and he uncovered a handgun and what looks to be a ski mask (just a guess though, once we saw the gun, we didn’t move any more leaves or otherwise touch anything). I called 911, and we told the police what we knew, which was next to nothing. Anyone hear any follow up?

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  • My husband and I also saw the red stains on NJ ave sidewalk this morning while walking the dogs. My first thought was “blood” – but I hoped I was wring. I’m sorry to learn it was indeed blood. Hope to learn more from police soon.

  • Awful. I am sorry that my question is this but: is that a picture that the reader took, or did you actually find a picture online of a gun in some leaves with blood nearby??

  • What part of NJ Avenue was this? What was the cross street?

  • New Jersey and R… I was walking to the metro a little after 4pm as the firetrucks were leaving after cleaning up the blood… except there were clearly still blood splatters and small pools left behind. Probably 20 feet of the sidewalk had some blood in differentspots.

  • a tweet by Rachelle Nigro helps here… it appears that the person (aka “the bleeder”) may have shot his hand accidentally and was not cooperating with the police… im assuming, to get medical attention. there’s still a lot of fog around the fact that a gun was left lying in the leaves… http://m.tmi.me/B9NhS

  • On top of all of this, around 3pm, a woman had her Lexus stolen at the Hess at New Jersey Ave NW and Rhode Island Ave NW. She left the keys in it and a dude jumped right in a drove off while she was paying.

    I was on the other side of the intersection and saw the tail end of the crime. There were about a dozen cops about 50 yards away at the scene of the found gun. Crazy Sunday…

  • Also the same spot on NJ and R where the car chase ended a couple of weeks ago with a pretty bad wreck

  • I just hate that there are so many thugs with handguns in DC!

  • well, at least they’re shooting their own hands off and not someone else’s! Darwinism at its best.

  • Anonjmous

    Did the person wait for police to arrive? Or just call 911 then leave?

    Also, I just don’t see how this is possible with DC’s strict gun control. Aren’t guns outside illegal??

  • I chatted with police when the blocked off the whole block. They said that they were investigating the scene and said that someone got either shot OR stabbed.

  • so….sounds like several people saw the trail of blood BUT the police couldn’t find a weapon to clean up? this investigation sounds like it was more sloppy than that sidewalk.

  • Jeez people. We’ll find out eventually, but it sounds like some [email protected] shot himself in the hand, dropped his gun (blood spurting everywhere), and made his way toward the nearest hospital (Howard). Meantime, people walked through the bloody sidewalk all day, maybe let their dogs lap up some protein as they chatted on their cell phones oblivious to the world, until finally!!! Someone walked by who had the presence of mind to find it odd that the sidewalk was covered in blood (well, maybe at least unusual), saw then gun, reported to police (who then connected the dots…).

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