Heads Up – Aggressive Raccoon in Foggy Bottom

Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

A reader writes:

“Not sure whether to laugh or to get an updated rabies shot.”

From The Foggy Bottom Association:

“We have heard reports of an aggressive raccoon in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood. The raccoon attempted to bite the pants leg of a neighbor walking his dog along 26th Street one recent evening.

Please be careful. If you see a raccoon, please call DC Animal Control ASAP at 311 or (202) 576-6664.”

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  • And don’t try to shoot it. Rabid animals are like zombies. They just keep on moving.

  • I’d rather a rabid raccoon in Foggy Bottom than the cougars out in Reston Town Center!

  • Totally serious – and yes, totally whacky sounding. But I hope people do take away the serious bit. Any animal behaving strangely is dangerous. Wild animals do indeed often show up on our city streets. And a racoon wandering around a city street in daylight is wrong. Any racoon in your back yard – or on the street is wrong. Dont’ freak out – but do be aware.

  • step 1: allow rabid raccoon to bite you.
    step 2: make list of people you would like to bite
    step 3: wait a few days for foam to appear at the corner of your mouth
    step 4: enjoy your revenge!

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