Good Deal or Not? “giant private roof deck” edition

This condo is located at 1442 Harvard St, NW:

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The listing says:

“Old Bacon Street Condominiums were designed to carefully embrace both the old & the new by creating homes that meld a historic restoration with the latest modern conveniences & distinctive touches. This large 2BR/2BA features a giant private roof deck, exposed brick, and 20 ft celings Bosch SS appliances, & silestone counter tops. Walking Distance to CH Metro and Target. Parking included!”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $659,900 ($444 monthly condo fee.)

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  • Did that street used to be known as Bacon Street? Interesting.

  • That huge open space and they give you two feet of usable countertop? **rolls eyes** Who designs these things?!

  • The kitchen has no space and is there a mover that will want to carry anything up that spiral staircase? I hope that isn’t the only one leading to the second floor.

  • Yea, that “kitchen” is way too small, why is there so much wasted space?!?! It looks comical. You’d at least think the developer could create a second countertop/bar area and delineate the kitchen from the living room. The spiral staircase is also a pain if that’s the only way to the second floor. It seems like the developer was designing for a much smaller space than it actually is.

    Nice rooftop deck though.

  • did anyone else notice that the master bedroom is actually an open space at the top of the stairs landing? No wall or door separating it from the stairs which are open to the downstairs living room. So really 1 bedroom, one big open space (game room is what we used to call these). Hrmnf.

  • I live on Harvard Street and went to an open house here. The space was better then other new developments on the street. Living room was huge and kitchen was nice and would be perfect with a butcher block. Really great roof deck!

    • I agree with the last comment…I also live on Harvard Street and have gone to open houses from time to time in the past couple of years and the level of detail that I saw at Old Bacon Street was above that of any of the other new buildings on the street. Loft-style layouts are not for everybody, but personally I love the open feeling of the master bedroom and you can’t beat that roof top deck! I’m sure that this place will not be on the market much longer. If I was in the position to purchase at this time I would definitely love to live in this building.

  • $660k plus $444 a month for this?

    • AND you get to tear out the kitchen to create something functional! What a deal.

      For the above comment: what size “butcher block” are you imagining would transform this into a cooking space befitting a $650k condo? 4′ x 8′? I’ve seen studios with better kitchen layouts.

      • Why do you need a large kitchen? This condo is located in a great location with many restaurants and other food options around. All you really need the kitchen for is drinks, breakfast, and maybe snacks.

        • Because to some people, a large kitchen is the heart-and-soul of a home; this may not be true in your case. While there are plenty of food options/restaurants to fill x person’s nutritional/eating needs, not everyone wants to nor is able to afford to do so 2 or 3 meals per day. After spending 660K and almost 450/month on fees, you might not have the funds to eat out every meal, every day. Even if the places nearby were totally cheap, it would still add up quickly. For those who are able to do this, more power to you. It’s not only a question of cost, though, some people are actually handy in the kitchen and enjoy cooking or baking and the kitchen spaces becomes the most important room in one’s home. It’s at the center/focal point of home more than any other room. Again, may not be in the case for you.

          To anon’s point about the kitchen being small. Trust me, there is no kitchen too small to be functional where a talented cook can put out fabulous meals. In another city, a friend of mind had the kitchen the size of a small coat closet and was able to turn out excellent meals, so it’s possible, may not be ideal. You must not have seen many condos in that price range with small kitchens and not much countertop. I have. While personally I would like to have more cabinet space, because this floor plan is open, at least you are not cooking in a closet so it’s not quite as bad as some of the comments would suggest.

          • Complaining about the kitchen seems similar to complaining about not having a large back yard in the city. You can’t have it all unless you want to pay the price. Complaining about this kitchen which is in a very walkable and urban area seems ridiculous. If you want a large kitchen and not a high price tag, then move somewhere else.

          • Petworth?

  • “A new paradigm is usually just a bubble that hasn’t popped yet.”
    @GS Elevator Gossip

  • Huh, Redfin shows that the price dropped to $639k. From a size and amenities perspective, sure, $639k seems reasonable for a 2br/2ba in Columbia Heights at 1400+ sq feet. But, I dunno if I would really classify this as a 2BR in the nominal sense. You would need a proper door to the master bedroom if you rent this out (I think but not 100%).

    Who would want to live in a space for that much money with no counter space unless you build it, lacking cabinet space, and a pain-in-the-ass it’ll be to block out light in the “master” at night when sleeping? Poor design.

  • The roof deck is killer, but I agree with the other comments – lots of space but some odd choices. On another note…mmmmm, bacon….

  • Did y’all notice that there is no way to get from the parking out back to the units? The one door to the parking area leads directly into one of the lower floor units. Guess everyone else has to walk several houses over to the alley and then several hoses back to the building, $40 K for parking.

  • It was called Bacon Street until the 1930’s.

  • I have too many fun nights to want to negotiate spiral stairs to my bedroom. This place is absolutely 100% ridiculous at this price and condo fee. (100% as in absolutely!)

  • Interestingly, the original plans called for an island and a study in that huge empty space. Wonder why they didn’t do it.

  • What do you all think about the basement place? I’m thinking about getting it. Pretty good neighborhood for a single guy to live?

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