Good Deal or Not? “1-private balcony + terrace” edition

This house/condo is located at 1 U St, NW:

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The listing says:

“Historic Townhome with Modern Design * Sun-drenched 2-level unit * Expansive living space * Gourmet Kitchens * Induction cook-top stove/oven * Moen faucets * Granite countertops * Granite back splashes * Gleaming hardwood floors * 1-private balcony + terrace * Open & Light-filled with Walls of Windows * Stacked washer & dryer!”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $479,000 ($293 monthly condo fee.)

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    The unit looks awesome, BUT there’s no parking that I see and it is literally RIGHT on north capitol.

    • They missed a great opportunity to put recessed lighting in there, but I love the bathroom cabinets, flooring, and the marble tiled front entrance.

  • Actually, a really nice job but it is on an incredibly busy road at an incredibly busy intersection — you can actually look into the North Capitol underpass where Rhode Island Ave crosses.

  • Yeah, right next to the highway is ideal, but pretty sweet address.

    1 U Street NW

  • It’s a nice job, for sure.

    I’m curious: for how many people is the location a deal breaker? Is it worth paying $100K – $150K more for a comparable house one or two blocks west? (That appears to be the cost bump for recent sales on U, V and W between 1st and NCap. Houses with parking and/or that back out to Crispus Attucks sell for even more.)

    I’ve lived in a fantastic apartment on Rhode Island for five years, and I’ve loved it. The noise has never been an issue, nor the traffic. Now that I’m in the market to buy, I’m definitely not excluding places like this.

    Seems to me that noise and traffic are just things you deal with in a city.

  • A tad noiser than the surrounding neighborhood, but Bloomingdale is generally pretty quiet so it’s not much of an unfavorable comparison. North Capitol goes through an underpass right there, so that also dampens the noise. Difficult to say if it’s a good deal, though, as most of the units in this area are houses rather than condos. My instinct is that it’s a little on the pricey side, but not by much.

  • no way. the bedrooms are on the “cellar level” and it’s only a 2-unit condo, so you’re screwed if your co-owner doesn’t want to pay for repairs or maintenance (or is just crazy). You are paying almost half a million dollars to buy a house on a highway with a stranger.

  • considering how many houses there are on north capitol, noise seems a non issue to many people.

    do people complain about the noise on connecticut ave? haven’t seen that complaint, yet the noise must be comparable.

  • My guess is that they will get close to this price for a 3/2.5 in that area, but I’m not sure it’s a great deal:

    – Price per sq ft is a little high (~$320/sf); the condo fee only makes that worse
    – For some buyers, the noise from N Cap + RI Ave will be a big issue (but not as big of an issue as some here think it is; noise isn’t a deal breaker for many city dwellers, or even much of a consideration at all)
    – Parking. But street parking in that part of Bloomingdale is pretty easy
    – Outdoor space is pretty cramped despite the decks. The corner lots are much bigger a block or two north

  • I live on North Capitol. Its not so bad. Im not sure if I’d want to live right next to Rhode Island and North Cap, because then you have the noise from 2 busy streets. But North Cap isnt bad because its so far below grade. Rhode Island and Florida can be much worse because big trucks and EMS vehicles get caught at lights and just sit there and its all at grade.

    North Capitol you get some road noise and the occasional loud truck/loud bike – but I grew up in the middle of a suburban development and at night I could hear engine braking and loud bikes from a highway a mile away.

    Seems like its hard to get a finished place for under 500k, if not under 600k, so I’d think this was a pretty good deal if you wanted a condo situation.

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