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  • Wow – I’m not a prude, and I get the “artsy” effort here – but really??? It looks like that girl has no pants on! (yeah, I see the wrinkles in the leggings – but seriously – that is a coochie shot!)

    • Emmaleigh504

      I missed the leggings, I thought she was just wearing a sizzler.

    • Ok, glad it’s not just me. With the boots standing in the empty night street it looks like she’s a prostitute. They’re probably light-colored skinny jeans and not leggings (leggings aren’t that wrinkly).

  • Saxamphone. Saxamophone!

  • Any suggestions to get the prostitutes and pimps away from 14th and Spring NW at night? Its getting too sad to walk by anymore.

    • Work to legalize sex work. Seriously. People need it. It is a legitimate service. There is good profit available. Make it safe and legal and taxable.

      • I mean a real solution that could do something in our lifetimes. I’m watching new businesses get built and young professionals move in but there this sad and horrible situation is just being ignored. A couple of these women look like they may be working there against their will.

  • That IS a real solution. It sounds like you are upset that prostitution happens in areas where young professionals live?? So wrong!

    If something matters to you – work for it. If you see women that you think are being forced to work against their will – i.e. enslaved as sex workers – you have a moral human duty to shelter them. Take them into your home. Or STFU. Of course it is a more complicated issue.

  • If you click the link for the image, the description indicates the photo is of “an attendee at the DC High Heel Race alon 17th street (between S and P Streets), stepping aside from the crowds downQ Street”

  • Glad they’re letting the unglamorous in for the high heel race now!

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