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  • I can’t speak for other voters, however, I’ve been overwhelmed with seeing so much Presidential ads, Maryland Voter 6 & 7. I am going to chill and watch Arrow on the CW channel. I hate NCSI L.A. will not be televised. I will be glad when this nasty mean spirited Presidential campaign is over.

  • I’ll be watching at home, with a bottle of good vodka.

    • Don’t forget the orange juice. LOL

      I will check out who won the election around midnight. Right now I don’t want to watch any news because I am burned out. The same applies to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. It’s depressing to see people homeless because it could be us.

  • Yeah, stay at home and leave the bar for people who like to have fun and socialize.

  • I’m going to The Pinch on 14th street they will have beer from Great Lakes, giveaways, live music, and will be showing the results.

  • At home smoking a fat j01nt….

    • [email protected]

      I remember those days 30 years ago in undegraduate school.

  • Don’t get too excited, this election has all the flavor of a Bush/Gore situation – I think we’ll be counting votes for dayssssss

  • With a few good friends at home over beers and pizza. I can guarantee the company will be wonderful and I can only *hope the outcome of the evening will be… I’m a nervous wreck. Be safe, everyone!

  • Duffy’s has results on all 13 flat screens with sound starting at 4pm. Details here:

  • Tangier in Adams Morgan is running hookah and drink specials tonight, should be a good time

  • I will be catching up on my television shows On Demand, Homeland. I will not look at any news, until midnight. If Romey wins, I guess the 97 year old senior citizen in Michael Moore’s video will burn this MF down, according to her and other seniors in the commercial. LOL

  • As has been my tradition since 2000, I will watch on the couch with a large pizza and 12-pack of Busch beer (it’s tradition, don’t mock my drink of choice). The results will determine how much of said Busch I consume.

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