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  • i heart standard

  • Do they have carryout?

  • Are the pulled pork sandwiches and hushpuppies good? Do they cook their food on-site?

  • Whatever happened with the heat lamps they had built on to the side of the wall? They rolled the lamps out for like…. 3 days last year and then closed for the winter.

    Also how the hell do they afford to stay closed all winter anyway?

    • I think they do very well in the warmer months to be able to afford the rent for the 4 months they are closed. It’s a known cost of doing business and they just factor it into their prices. After all, it’s just an empty lot and a small shack. Their rent is probably only a fraction of the rent charged to restaurants/bars in real buildings on that block.

      Scuttlebutt alert: one of my old roommates worked at the Standard about a year after it opened. He told me that the owners had submitted a proposal to get it opened year-round with a tent & heat lamps, but the city rejected it and did not appear open to negotiating. Pretty lame on the city’s part, IMHO.

  • It looks like Matchbox at 14th and T will have a huge heated outdoor area.

  • That place gets insanely busy whenever there’s even a hint of nice weather. Seriously, the crowd spills over onto 14th like zombies at a brains convention.

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