Columbia Heights ANC Member Used DC Issued Phone for Adult Chat Lines

From the Washington Post’s Mike DeBonis:

Yet one commissioner has used his government-paid cellphone to call such numbers at least 240 times since August 2011, according to phone records.

Lenwood O. Johnson, who represents a district in Columbia Heights, spent more than 158 hours — nearly a week — on the “D.C. Raven” and “D.C. Alibi” chat lines, in addition to making many other personal calls.

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  • Are we surprised? That man is a disaster.

  • Adult telephone chat lines? What is this? 1989?

  • For those who live in this district, vote for Anthony Cimino, so we can finally send Lenwood packing.

  • There was a thing on the ballot about removing councilmembers who do illegal/ sleazy stuff while in office. Vote for that!

  • I am just north of this district but can see clearly how this clown lenwood affects the entire ANC I am a part of. I know there are a lot of negative comments on blogs, the papers etc about the dysfunctional ANCs in this City and a lot of that is true. But seriously, if you are going to vote next week please please take the time to find out who your ANC commissioner is and what they do. Its pretty amazing how much power they can weld over day to day quality of life issues. Lenwood is notorious for his fighting, name calling and general lunacy yet either people vote him in or he just runs unopposed. It would be great to see more folks attend ANC meetings or reach out to the ANC to hold them accountable. We are lucky and quite happy with our Commissioner (Kent Boese) in Park View. If all ANC commissioners worked that hard I think a lot more would get accomplished in DC.

    • +1 and then some. Lenwood O. Johnson is a parody of a bad ANC Commissioner, yet he exists in the flesh in blood. Shame on us if we let him stay.

  • I wish this were my ANC rep… it would be so poetic.

  • Good opportunity to remind folks in ANC 1B-12 to vote for anyone BUT Dan Wittels. The man is running a campaign that is stealthly funded by the reactionary group, “Shaw Dupont Citizens Alliance,” whose primary aim is to impose a Wallach Place-driven liquor license moratorium on the ENTIRE U Street Corridor.

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