Boloco Burritos Opens Today – Get a Mini Taste for Free

1028 19th Street, NW

The Boloco Burritos opens today at 1028 19th Street, NW between L and K Streets. From an email:

Thursday 11/29
Noon – 7pm

DC, this is how we say “Hello, nice to meet you!”

Small & Mini size burritos & bowls are FREE.

Original size is a buck.

Everything else on the menu (like shakes, smoothies and sides) is regular price.

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  • Went here at 11:30 this morning with a wait of 5 minutes. As we left around 12:20, the line reached to almost K st.

    Have fun with the hour wait!

  • I just walked by, the line was wrapped around K street. Silly people.

  • I went at 1:20 and only spent 20 mins…the line went really quickly!

  • I have been to the one in Bethesda and it is not worth the wait even if it is free. I have had better/fresher burritos at gas stations.

    • MountP
      There is only one way what you say is possible. And it does happen, every day in fact. We blew your order. Made it incorrectly. Something. Because when the ingredients come to us, they are the best you can get. It’s up to us to do right by them or mess them up. Sounds like we did the latter. Send me an email to buzz @boloco dot com with your mailing info and we’ll get you refunded and set up for a visit on us. It’s the least we can do. (Also, you have to try different menu selections to find your vice… Trust me you’ll find one)

      Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully we’ll earn your trust in the future.

      John Pepper
      CEO and Cofounder

      • Gonna assume this is a legit reply from the CEO here as I received a similar response based on comments I made on Yelp. Kudos to the company for being “social” and responsive, but I have to agree with MountP; I found the burritos here just a dry, throat-chiking flavorless mess, not nearly as good as Chipotle in terms of ‘quality’ of ingredients

        • Rozcat
          There would be literally hundreds of thousands of people who would read your comment and simply not believe it. I often have to convince people that we so make errors and mess up. So I obviously do believe you. I know we’re far from perfect, though “dry”, “throat choking” and “flavorless mess” make me question my entire 16 years of trying to build a meaningful business that makes a difference.
          Same offer as to MountP stands. That said, there are many reasonable people who will choose not to like us, or have a bad experience and just drop us. We know that we can’t please everyone, though we’ll go as hard as we can to try.
          Thanks again for sharing and for the honest feedback.

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