Bienvenue a Shaw and other old Murals from 9th and Q Street, NW

When I posted about the transformation at 9th and Q St, NW I couldn’t find many of my old photos (taken around 2007) of the murals on the building. [You can see how the building now looks here. Word is that a barber is coming to the retail space in the front half of the building.]

Well I was cleaning out an old computer and finally found a couple more photos of the murals.

Seems like a lifetime ago:

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  • Cafe Putain? Oh lord….

  • Anti-props to the pious goobers who painted over the ~le slum historique~….

  • One does have an sense of nostalgic for these things… ah the Café Putain Qui Pue, Woodson Nature Trail, Carter G. Woodson house, Warren Willliams dump at 1547 7th St… oh wait. Nevermind. There’s still plenty of urban blight to enjoy inShaw.

  • Mr. Ray, the impious Goober here. I was shouted down for being racist for referencing ‘ghetto’ (I think it’s more inherently racist to to imply a race, color, or creed with the term than a state of mind), so I renamed it the “Smelly Whore Café” (Montreal probably does have a good putain or two, but they also have good artery-clogging poutine, not to be confused with Russia’s President Putin) to commemorate its denizens on several occasions during my tenure next door, in between a seven-year curse of the Nubian Islamic Hebrews (Google ‘Nuwaubians’). I am recommending that ruins at 509 O Street be placed on the Shaw Historic Slum house tour. At night, with the moon shining through the roofless shell, they could inspire a multi-versed romantic poem in iambic pentameter by some hipster with a typewriter. I am nonetheless very pleased to have great neighbors now living next door. We will be working on crafting a sign to commemorate the Shaw Historic Slum ‘traditional mud sidewalk’ in front of our houses that the city, for some odd reason, cannot find a means to repair after the rehabilitation of the corner properties. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

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