AGAINN Gastropub Officially Closed

1099 New York Avenue, NW

A couple weeks ago a reader shared a tip and a call to the restaurant indicated that Againn Gastropub would be closing after Nov. 3rd at 1099 New York Avenue, NW. Their General Manager and partner, Romeo Santos, emailed me saying they would not be closing. Their Website now says:

“It is with regret that we announce the closure of AGAINN. After weeks of deliberation with our investors we have decided to close. We want to thank the great city of Washington for its support over the last three years. We have been honored to serve all who have come into AGAINN. We will miss all of the wonderful people in this city! Regretfully, Romeo Santos, General Manager/Partner, AGAINN DC”

I emailed Mr. Santos to confirm that they have closed and this time he did confirm the closure.

Thanks to all who sent emails about the update.

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  • Shouldn’t that headline read, “AGAINN Gastropub Officially Closed AGAINN?”

  • Wait, important question: will there be a whisky sale/auction?

    • I attended an open-bar wedding on Saturday, and many of the requested name brands were unavailable, so sale/auction items may be limited

  • hopefully this will put an end to overpriced gastropubs in dc. but probably not. the legacy of $20+ fish and chips shall continue i’m sure…

    • With them and Commonwealth closing, I hope there’s a place to get reasonably priced Brit pub food in the city. I’m not a huge fan of that style, but I hear Queen Vic is pretty good.

      • Queen Vic is pretty good and much more reasonably priced than CommonWealth or AGAINN were.

        • Fish and chips at Againn were $17 (had them a few weeks ago) – same dish is $15 at The Queen Vic. I’ll miss the proper chips at Againn – skin on fries at Queen Vic ain’t chips guv.

  • How about Brit pub beer? Boddington’s and Speckled Hen are nearly impossible to find, despite their pervasive distribution in the states.

    • Queen Vic has both of them

    • Queen Vic and The Brixton

      Mainstream British beers have lost tons of tap handles over the years with the popularity of American craft brews. And frankly it makes sense, microbrews and fresher and easier to sell. I’ll take a pint of Oliver’s from Baltimore over a Boddingtons any day.

      • Absolutely. If Oliver’s would open a pub down here, life would be great.

        • You can usually find one of their ales on cask at Churchkey. I get my British beer fix there with Oliver’s and the occasional BrewDog, Thornbridge or Ridgeway. They’ve had some amazing UK casks there – wish they were able to do that more frequently.

  • Is there any place in town where I can get Spotted Dick?

  • The Codmother on U Street has the beers you mentioned and amazing pub food. It’s also insanely cheap.

  • This place was overpriced with a $35 rib eye. Additionally the service always sucked. The last time I was there (30 days ago) we were served by the hostess and a waitress. 3/4 through dinner a new waitress came to our table and announced that she was our waitress!?!? She was busy doing other work. The restaurant was EMPTY. None of them communicated with each other. We had to order everything 2-3 times. On another visit for lunch the waiter was high as a kite. Brought us the desert menu after we had only ordered our drinks and had yet to order lunch! When it came time for the bill he was MIA. Actually he was MIA for the entire lunch. We explained the situation to the hostess and she comped our lunch. NO LOVE LOST with the closure of this place.

  • Tough area to compete. Overpriced food. Paid $75 for a mediocre roast for two. They hyped it as local and all that, but nothing close to $75 worth of food. Much rather waltz up the street to Bras Beck.

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