Wiseguy NY Pizza Changes Logo – Emphasizes New York Over Yankees

A couple of weeks ago I wondered about the logo of the new pizza spot coming to Mt. Vernon Square. They’ve changed their NY logo and now when you look in the window you see this:

Still waiting on the announcement of an opening day.

4th and H St, NW

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  • If they really want to be like a NYC pizza joint, they should only sell soft drinks that are less than 16 oz!

  • They changed it almost immediately.

  • That was a wise move!

  • Bending to pressure is the least “New Yorker” move ever. I doubt this place’s authenticity

  • They could use another coat of black paint there. I hope they do have great pizza! It has nothing to do with NY or Chicago or WHATEVER, I just haven’t found pizza I love around here. My favorite so far in DC is actually Pizza Bolis, which says a lot.

    • Agreed! Although H & Pizza has definitely got some serious pies going. Pizza and Chinese are two foods DC is seriously lacking in quality.

    • Pizza Bolis is still my favorite too. I have yet to try H&Pizza, but I walked by it when it first opened and the smells coming out of it were promising.

    • orderedchaos

      Nothin’ beats Pete’s — certainly the best that delivers, and among the best overall.

      • (OP) Pete’s is ok for me. I once mentioned that one of my pieces was burned and dry and didn’t really like it, and the guy just laughed at me and asked why I wanted a box (I was going to take it to my garbage disposal roommate) so that put me off. I eat it once in a while, and I do think it is much tastier than Red Rocks or Matchbox, which seem to be favorites down here. I will have to try that H & Pizza place, thanks for the suggestion! 😀

    • I also haven’t found a pizza place that I like a lot in DC. Honestly, the most consistent, and cheapest that I’ve found is Duccinis in Adams Morgan. Can’t beat the delivery till 4 am on the weekends either.

      • the thing is, everyone has different opinions of pizza. even new yorkers disagree about the best new york pizza. you just can’t trust someone elses opinion about pizza. you’ve got to try it yourself.

    • Try Pizzoli’s Pizzeria on 12th NW (PIZZOLIS.COM) I this is the best pizza
      like New York.

  • Emphasizes not getting sued over getting sued.

  • God, this place makes my skin crawl. I hate NY

  • you can still see the yankees logo underneath? how long until the paint peels off and that’s revealed again?

    if you’re unwilling to invest in quality signage (the public face of your business), i’m willing to bet you won’t last long.

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