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  • Where is this? Where is the Peking Garden? What is the cross street?

  • These prices seem high. I pay $22 for a cut with no shampoo at a barbershop downtown.

  • Looks nice. A little steep. But if it’s one of those places that gives you a beer to drink while you’re there it could be worth it.

  • Any place that charges $40 for a haircut should not label itself as a barber shop. Lame.

  • Nothing like a great straight razor shave, but for $60 I’ll keep doing my mediocre to good straight razor shaving at home.

  • I’m amused – 40 bucks for a cut, which includes shampoo. I think that’s the price for a cheap ladies cut, including shampoo. Wow. But also on tap for 40 bucks a complete head shave. Guess you probably forgo the shampoo with that one.

    • No, a price for man’s cut is $45+ in any of the hipster places in DC like Immortal Beloved, etc. Women’s cuts are $75+.

      • I was thinking of Bang Salon. Maybe they’ve had price increases recently.

        • I used to go to Bang and paid $35 for a women’s haircut, but I think prices have gone up. The $40 haircuts are few and far between these days. When I moved to my neighborhood it took me a while to find a place that wasn’t trying to charge $90.

      • You also missed the point of my post. It wasn’t the price of the cut per se but rather the 40 was for cut and shampoo for one and 40 for a complete head shave for the other, of which I assume no need for shampoo with that one.

    • Seriously – as a woman I’ve been paying $75+ for years for shampoo and cut, even when my hair was just as short as a man’s…

      • Go to Taher at Tigi Boutique at American. I love every haircut I get and it is $45.

      • Do you get your hair cut every month, like I do? Twice a month, like some guys with short hair? The lower prices for men’s haircuts really add up fast.

  • Barber quality cut at salon prices!

    Oh boy!

  • I’m gonna go against the grain here, but $40 bucks doesn’t seem that bad. I believe this is supposed to be a more upscale place somewhere in between a traditional barbershop and a salon. So the price seems to be right inbetween. For those getting good quality cuts, in a nice place, good service, with a little style for less than $40 bucks please share.

    Side note once again, I love hipster as a derogatory term to be used for everything. Cripes… get over it, not eveything is “hipster”. I was unaware that traditional barber chairs, glass pendent globes, lightly stained oak, and a buffalo head, was hipster.

    • ah

      Those things are hipster only when overpriced.

    • They aren’t. It’s the typeface of the price list and the prices themselves that smack of hipster-ism.

      Or perhaps yuppie-ism, as I don’t see a price for “ironic mullet” on the list.

    • So if something is over priced its hipster? Ok, so supper skinny levi’s must be super expensive…

      oh a hipster typeface. actually a graphic artist and never learned what a hipster typeface was. Laughable,

      I believe Cosmo Kramer was once referred to as a Hipster Doofus, he loved expensive stuff, such as old beltless trench coats

      I’d give this place a try

      • hipster just means being one type of fashionable. people needs to label others to help them comprehend things, apparently.

    • I actually like the “hipster” style of the barber place. But it is twice the price of Diego’s at Dupont Circle. I’ve always been happy with Diego’s and can’t really justify spending twice as much for a fairly simple cut.

    • It seems like part of the hipster aesthetic is taking things that were cheap and making them expensive.

  • It seems a little pricey, but not terribly so. A cut and beard trim at VSL usually sets me back $50+, so I’ll give this place a try, especially considering the straight razor.

  • Hey PoP’ville dudes, where are you guys getting your cuts and how much do you pay? My normal guy just moved to PR Partners and my cost for a cut & wash actually went down from $35 to $30! That was a nice surprise.

    Went to Diego’s in Dupont once before and got a terrible cut. They only know how to do cuts for lawyers/lobbyists/politicians. I looked like a tool box.

    • I’ve been going to VSL in Dupont for close to 12 years. It’s a little pricey ($33) but worh it for the convient location and excellent front chair man, Patrick. Patrick flat out gives great hair cuts, he’s meticulous and takes his time.

    • I pay $45 at eastern confederate in mount pleasant.

    • I pay $30 for a haircut at Hair Gallery in Rosslyn. It’s a little on the girly side, but whatever.

      I’m glad to hear that someone else had a crummy haircut from Diego’s. They way people talk about it makes them seem like they’re infallible, and I just caught my guy on a bad day. My Diego’s haircut was the worst.

    • I also go to VSL and am very loyal to my chair man there. But the build-out on this place is very cool and if the cuts are quality, the prices seem justified. Also, please stop calling everything hipster people. The label is pointless now anyway thanks to the crazy overuse of it to dismiss anything that upsets your sensibilities.

    • I pay $35 at Bang in the Metropole.

    • my wife cuts my hair with clippers.

    • saf

      I am not a dude. I am married to a dude.

      He gets his hair cut at Puglisi, at 21st Street and Pennsylvania Ave NW. Been going there since we were students at GW.

      I think he pays 25 or 30 dollars.

      It’s a very old-school barbershop, and he likes the hot lather/straight razor shaves. Also, one of the barbers is the brother of Philip, of Philip’s Shoe Repair on Upshur.

  • It’s on 18th between Vernon and California (in “SoMo” if you will….gag). I’m just glad to see a solid-looking business in this spot that has been vacant for years. Time will tell if it becomes successful, but I’m rooting for it, particularly as a business other than a bar/restaurant in Adams Morgan.

  • Allison

    I found a $16 hair miracle worker. I WILL NEVER SHARE MY SECRET!

  • I guess I’ll be staying with Alex’s in Mt. P.

  • brookland_rez

    $40 for a head shave? I do it myself for free.

    Then again, I’m probably not their target demographic.

  • I thought the White hipster thing to do was to hit up the Black barbershops that still dot Logan Circle, Shaw, Bloomingdale, Cap Hill, etc. I know I see them coming to my barber occasionally.

    • I didn’t realize it was a white hipster thing. I do it as an Italian girl thing because the stylists at black salons are better at handling thick curly hair.

      • I’m not talking about “salons” but you know, barbershops. Old timely Black barbershops manned by Black barbers where most of the customers are Black men getting haircuts with with electric clippers. I’m not trying to be funny here, but it just strikes me as comical when I see them coming to one of these shops clueless as to what they are getting into. The barbers are usually accommodating and I guess have learned to cut white hair along the way, but I keep wondering, what are they expecting? The haircut process and experience is a world of difference for those of us with kinky or curly hair than it is for those with straight hair.

  • this falls right in line with the new hipster motorcycle (fixies no more!) scene. I’m sure this place will sell over priced pomade to go with that greaser look everyone wants now!

  • I pay $30.00 (plus tip) at Bubbles in Pentagon City. I’ve been going to the same person for years and would never leave her. That said, the Wise Owl looks great. It reminds me of the classic hotel barbershop in Connecticut that my dad used to take me to in the 1960s. Ten chairs, and on a Saturday morning every one of them would be full. I think it’s a flower shop now.

  • has anyone making comments here stopped to look at ALL of the options on the menu here – what makes you think that what you get every 2-4 weeks at diego’s for $20 isn’t what WOC is calling a “shape up” costing $20?? i’d have to talk to them to see exactly what each service entails but i’m guessing that the maintenance i have done once every few weeks at diego’s is a shape up at wise owl…keep an open mind, hipsters!

  • has anyone making comments here stopped to look at ALL of the options on the menu – what makes you think that what you get every 2-4 weeks at diego’s for $20 isn’t what WOC is calling a “shape up” costing $20?? i’d have to talk to them to see exactly what each service entails but i’m guessing that the maintenance i have done once every few weeks at diego’s is a shape up at wise owl…keep an open mind, hipsters!

  • If you’re in Columbia Heights/Petworth check out Mohameds Barber Shop on Georgia Avenue

  • When I worked in Old Town Alexandria I used to pay $12 for a cut at Van’s (King and Washington). Probably upped the price to $15 by now, but I just shave it off myself now anyways for free.

  • I guess they have to pay for those chairs and trendy everything, so my haircut, which takes maybe 10 minutes will run me $40 at this joint, not including tip. While I’m a baller just like everyone else in DC, $40 to run a number 1 on the sides and a quick trim on top is a bit much for me. I wish them the best, but Diego’s and it’s awesome $20 spot haircut will continue to get my business.

  • Have you seen the prices at grooming lounge? I think this place is going to do great. Why do a lot of you hate just to hate; thats lame. Straight razor too.

  • Guys, I just went there and the price is totally worth it. Hot towel and shave, really good haircut, straight razor, free good coffee and free wifi while you wait… this is my new place to go. Plus, they are giving a promotional discount for the first week being open for business.

  • people.
    you complain when you don’t have diverse, independent businesses in Washington DC –
    then you get someone who was born and bred here – who painstakingly revitalizes an old building to provide an honest service and experience + you baulk.
    I’m personally so excited to have something that will be a great hangout – read the paper, shoot the sh*t + get my beard trimmed. It looks like a quality over quantity place
    – I’m in.

    • Some of us bitch because we have been to barbershops that this one is trying to be like yet offer haircuts for less than half the price (albeit in a completely different city, but it isn’t like SD is half as cheap as DC is):


      Or, as others have noted, there is Diego’s, which is half the price AND in the same city.

  • it’s $35 (cut and beard) from Bathsheeba at 1800 K St. and $45 from the crazy (said w/ love) Italian guys at Pietro’s in Woodley. Both do excellent jobs. So $55 + tip seems a bit steep.

  • Prices seem reasonable to me. Glad to have her in the neighborhood. My cut and color runs me more than $200 so her prices look more than reasonable.

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