Checking in on – All Souls Neighborhood Bar Coming to Shaw

725 T St, NW

Dear PoPville,

Do you by chance know what’s going on with not-yet-opened All Souls Tavern at 8th and T, NW?

Last I heard they were targeting a Halloween opening. I walked by today and it looks like there are a couple of white bench/table things in there, but overall, it still looks very decrepit, inside and out and certainly nowhere close to opening. An employee from a nearby business commented that there had been some activity there, but they hadn’t seen anything happening for a few weeks. What gives?

Lots of folks have been writing asking about the status of All Souls. I’m told, unfortunately, there was a delay getting structural engineer plans which was needed before permitting was issued. That seems to be back on track and the new goal is to now open in “early 2013”.

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  • It’s great that All Souls is planning to move in and that there are a couple of other business in that strip, but boy, that structure screams out for razing and rebuilding something modern and a little denser.

  • Actually that area is about to get very dense so it is nice to have a few historic smaller structures to balance it all out (these were built as horse stables). Progression Place is diagonally across the street at the end of the very short block (7th and T St.) and JBG is putting in two modern big buildings at the end of the block the other way at 8th and U St. Also hopefully soon the parking lot directly diagonally across from this end of the building will become a 4 or 5 story residential bldg.

    • And don’t forget, the surrounding blocks are mostly small 2-story houses.
      As a neighbor, I welcome most of the density, but we don’t want to go completely high rise.

      Although anything anyone wants to replace that CVS with would be fine by me.

      • Right, it’s not always a choice between a one-story crumbling horse stable and a 9 story high rise. I think a 2 -4 level modern building with retail and offices or apartments would work nicely there.

        And agree re: the CVS! what a giant waste of surface space on a prominent corner!

        • I agree that these could have been renovated in a more interesting manner, but these are the only buildings like this in the area and as I said they will soon be surrounded by exactly what you say you want – modern, mixed use buildings. I think leaving some variety is a good thing.

  • I guess if you squint really hard they might look historic, but to me they just look like a decrepit failed urban strip mall. Perhaps I have no vision.

  • I think it’s kind of cool to have a tavern with a religious theme. Should be very interesting, and perhaps it’s a way to bridge the gap between longtime residents and newcomers.

  • A delay getting structural engineer plans? Who did they hire? A clown? Seriosuly, business owners need to learn that it is essential to hire a good architect, a good engineer, and a good accountant. There is no room for DIY in these areas.

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