Vote for Your Favorite U Street Neighborhood Logo

Thanks to all who submitted such great logos. Below are the 6 finalists based on reader comments and my favorites. We are on the honor system here so please vote only once. Winner will be announced Monday and I’ll share details of how to get a shirt. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to enter. A new neighborhood will be picked the week after next.

Mike Fogel

Erin Pedati

Tom Haskard

Nadia Powell



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  • To reiterate what’d been said on one of the preceding posts: these are all great designs. While I am personally fond of Mike Fogel’s design (and I maintain that it needs to be wheatpasted all over), my gratitude goes out to all the artists for their efforts & creativity!

    • Please no wheatpasting of this or anything else!

      I like Mike Fogel’s design too, but the problem with wheatpasting is that the material degrades over time and looks grubby, and then it becomes someone else’s problem to remove it.

      It’s particularly annoying when people wheatpaste flyers for protest marches, etc., because the flyers stay put long after the events have come and gone.

      Personally, I think this could be a very cool mural.

  • Right on Bossi. These are all very nice.

  • I congratulate all of the submissions – it’s amazing to see DC creativity coming out of hiding. While there’s a lot to like about Mike’s submission, it doesn’t necessarily denote that it is Washington, D. C. Does that matter?

  • Wow, this is a tough choice. I’m really impressed with the creativity of each one. Congrats to all of you.

  • I participated in this contest, and want to say how disappointed I was in PoP audience. I sincerely doubt I will participate again because of how rude and accepting people were of non-professional logos.

    I equate it to loving to cook but not being a professional chef. Does that mean you can’t enter a chili cook off with your “friends”? I love art and design, but chose a different path for my professional career, but these “critics” sucked ALL the fun out of this competition for me.

    I never expected to win, but jeez, did you have to tell me there are “no words” for how much my design depresses you”?

    • I did not mean to put anonymous*

      • Prince Of Petworth

        I too was extremely disappointed in the folks that simply criticized entries. It was not in the spirit of this contest. No matter how long I’ve been doing this it never ceases to amaze me how rude some folks can be. Their comments will not be permitted in future contests. It totally sucked the fun out for me (and many others as well.) Fortunately there are tons of really positive supportive people as well. Of course many negative folks seem to have the ability to be extremely vocal. There is a time and place for that. A fun neighborhood logo competition is not one of them.

        Thanks again for entering. I really do appreciate your efforts!

        • Thanks! And unfortunately, the internet is a place where people can let out some aggression that they don’t get a chance to release in real life. I still think it’s a neat contest and am far to obsessed with PoP for my own good.


    • I’m glad you came back to say what you said because it’s important. I think it’s in poor taste to be extra critical. I looked back at your design and actually think your entry did a good job to encapsulate the U street neighborhood in DC…you did it simply, effectively and it would have been a statement on a t-shirt. Congratulations on your efforts and submission. I hope you don’t give up just because of what some PoPpers write. There are some extra critical commenters and that’s just who they are. I’m not talking about just the Anonymous posters because even with a moniker, one is still anonymous on these boards. I hope you continue with your creative side, even if in a non-profressional way. There are so few people who make it to the top in creative fields. And there are lots of good reasons for not pursuing the Arts as your profession because many people need to make a living.

      • Thanks! I actually entered after I saw the first few weren’t overly professional looking designs, I felt emboldened. I am actually not that sensitive, and like constructive criticism. And of course I will never quit doodling, I just felt the need to call some people out =) I am very impressed with the finalists and have cast my vote!

        • I have to admit that I didn’t spend much time reading people’s comments on the logo contest but looked at each submission. I did scan and saw some commenters were really critical. Anyway, it’s really hard to nail logos spot-on and there are not that many (even in the design-world) who can do it, do it well and do it often. When it is done, though, those are the unforgettable ads/logos.

        • Kiah… I actually went back to find yours and I think it is fantastic! As an architect i think the composition is simple yet very smart. 🙂

  • I think Nadia’s is the most creative, and is also beautiful!

  • PoP, not a complaint, but links back to the original posts would be helpful. On a related note, your categories function seems not to be working properly… I clicked on the category “contest” at the bottom of this post (hoping to find the original posts with all the other entries), and just get a blank page saying “Sorry, no posts match your criteria.”

  • PoP, i’m confused. I thought there was going to be a poll for people to vote on their favorite designs? It wasn’t clear to me that “leaving a comment” was considered a vote to put a design in the final round. Also, having the chosen finalist designs be ones that were “your favorite” seems wholly unfair to the designers who surely spent a good amount of time crafting their logos. Maybe next time you should consider making it a more fair process where you collect all the entries, post them at the same time, rather than posting the initial ones before the deadline, then let people vote on all of the entered designs. I am pretty disappointed in the process that led to the decision of 6 final designs, and I didn’t even enter one, so I can only imagine how the designers feel who weren’t selected.

  • I like Erin’s the most. It really represents the spirit of U street more than the others. But they are all great!

  • No offense to Tom’s logo, but Kiah’s entry got more positive comments on the day those two were posted and I’m disappointed it didn’t make it to the finals!

  • They are all great, it’s hard to choose one, although Erin Pedati’s submission really captures the spirit of UStreet; it’s history and vibe. I want that T-Shirt!!!

  • Honestly, I didn’t like any of the designs that were some version of a U and some stars. They say D.C. government to me and don’t really speak to U Street’s unique flavor and personality. As such, I prefer the more artistic ones like Mike Fogel’s for the logo.

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