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  • Whoever put these signs up made the critical mistakes of (a) assuming that people who allow their pets to defecate everywhere are not illiterate and (b) that they actually give a (non pet) $h!t what people think in the first place.

    • So right. Nicely asking doesn’t change a jerk. On the terminology, I am offended that dog sh** is often called “pet waste” in regulatory documents and signs. “Dog Feces” is the proper terminology.

      • This assumes that the semi-literate can read “feces,” which I doubt they can. “Poop” is both easy to read and a kinder word than shit. One wants to create a balance between chiding rude neighbors and not offending the kind ones.

        My pet peeve (no pun intended) is the guy who lives in one of those red apartment buildings just across from the intersection of 9th and Quincy. He stands his fat, lazy self on his building’s stoop and lets the dog run down the block, doing its thing wherever it likes.

  • I’m still trying to decide if “Graphic Box Management” is real or meant to be a pun…

  • Perhaps a more effective method to deter repeat offenders would be to pick up the “pet waste” and smear it in their faces.

  • I understand people get frustrated, but the language is inappropriate. I can’t imagine anyone inconsiderate enough to do this being swayed by this kind of sign (the second one).

  • I am completely offended by “Please!”. That’s wrong, man, wrong all the way.

    Also, is Dog Shit trademarked or something?

  • I’m probably begging for a scolding by those who’ve stepped in dog waste, but what are people’s thoughts on the waste removal of tiny dog (8lbs or less) feces? I have a chihuahua who I always pick up after. I use the smallest bags I can find to do this, which could probably hold up to 20 of his usual bowel movements if they had to. I pick up after him every time he poops anywhere, including on the sides of trails in Rock Creek. I know I’m doing what the law and society dictate, but honestly, I’d prefer to let the pieces of poop smaller than the size of my pinky remain on the outskirts of the flower bed or mulch pile my dog tends to frequent most often in my neighborhood. They dry almost instantly and are about as innocuous as poop can be. Mostly because it seems an environmentally backwards thing to do considering how much plastic is wasted while I’m collecting dung that’s a step up from a rabbits. Any thoughts on how to waste less, on, well waste? I’d appreciate the suggestions of any small dog owners in particular.

    • A good rule of thumb is, “If everyone in the city did this, would it be OK?” And if everyone had a chihuahua and failed to clean up after it, there would be dog crap everywhere. So yes, you should still clean up after your pet.

      Suggestions for cutting down on plastic: use sandwich bags. Or repurpose other bags you would throw away empty (e.g. frozen food bags, bags of Halloween candy, etc.). You’re just putting poop in them, they don’t have to be clean.

      • The logic of your argument is built on an odd premise. Everyone in the city doesn’t have a chihuahua. Everyone in the city doesn’t even have a dog. Using absurd hypotheticals as a way to argue a point seems silly if there’s no chance of it ever coming true.

        • It’s my perhaps ineffective way to get people away from the “little old me isn’t going to make a difference” way of thinking. If you scale up (about not collecting poop, not stopping at stop signs, whatever) and it would cause a problem, then yeah, even little old you is creating a problem. It’s not as big a problem as if everyone in the city was doing it, maybe, but that doesn’t mean you should do it (leave your poop, blow through a stop sign, whatever).

          • This still seems a faulty comparison. There is a big difference between a car running a stop sign, and a small dog owner leaving a scintilla of poop on the ground. Isn’t the proportionate impact of “little old me” in the later case far less significant than in the former? While the tennents of city living generally dictate that we interact with each other in a way that is as inoffensive to our fellow citizens as possible, especially when using common spaces, imagining mounds of shit piling up on a sidewalk because every chihuahua owner decided to stop picking up their dogs’ poop doesn’t make for much of a compelling arguement.

          • I think you’re being overly literal and analytical about a comment on a posting about dog shit.

          • And yeah, picking up rabbit sized pellets left by a toy breed and running red lights are different-sized problems. But will the advice, “scale up and imagine the consequences if everyone broke this rule” ever make you do the WRONG thing? You may end up doing something unnecessary in the grand scheme of things, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the right thing to do.

    • We too have a tiny dog. I use the green friendly plain paper towels with no plastic bags. One good twist and the tiny doo – doo is ready to be pitch in the trash.


    • Nice try on the rationalizing/justifying, but you still need to pick up your tiny dog’s tiny poop. I’m sure the rats in D.C. enjoy a small snack just as much as a big meal.

      Other people’s suggestions re. paper towels or bags you’d be throwing out anyway sound good.

      • Are you suggesting that the main impetus for picking up dog poop is because it keeps rats at bay? Given the amount of litter and garbage strewn about virtually every sidewalk and patch of grass in every neighborhood of the city, I’m less inclined to believe the “poop as rat food” arguement in this case. Moreover, there are loads of small wild animals that leave waste on the ground, along with domestic outdoor cats, that probably create more of a hazard in that regard than a chihuahua.

        • I don’t know whether rats prefer dog poop over other potential food, but they do consume dog poop. See http://dpw.dc.gov/DC/DPW/Publication%20Files/DoggyDuties.pdf.

          And while you’re at it, note the following from that flyer: “Leaving dog waste behind is not just unsightly and irresponsible, it’s a health hazard.
          Rain can wash fecal matter into storm water drains, and contaminate our drinking water and marine life with such bacteria as E. coli, Salmonella, and Tapeworm. Excrement left behind on the ground also can pass diseases, intestinal parasites, and infections on to dogs, adults, and children. And, you or your dog can step into the waste then track it into your home or car.”

          Littering is illegal, just as not picking up after one’s dog is. Just because some people litter doesn’t make it OK for you not to pick up after your dog. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

          Or you can just keep on trolling.

          • I see these arguments made ad nauseum about dog waste being a major health hazard, and I’m not going to disagree with that line of thinking. It’s also not my intention to troll or insite any intensely annoyed reaction from you with my response. I am trying to debate a relatively smallish issue that I had a legit question about. Specifically, why does something that leaves waste the size of say, a rabbit’s, create waste that would be more of a health hazard than a rabbit’s? If we’re worried about the health risks of small dog waste, why not keep outdoor cats on leashes so we can track their bowel movements as well? I’m fully aware this comment string is starting to devolve into the ridiculous. But that’s sort of the point. The standards set by law and dictated by what we’ve deemed socially responsible are pretty subjective, at least in this context.

          • I see it as a broken windows issue. Even if it’s small, it’s there, and people see it.

            It’s also a slippery slope. Who’s to decide what the size cut off is? Easier to just have everyone pick up their dog’ poop.

  • The snarky side of me suggests you increase efficiency by getting a bigger dog.

    The realistic side of me asks where one would draw the line—at what size dog? The certainty of a debate over this question would suggest you keep cleaning up—and many thanks for doing so. Stepping in poop, no matter the size, is, well, shitty.

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