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  • Sounds about right for that area…good deal.

  • talula

    This is such a pretty building. $1850 seems ok for a one bedroom in that location. Although I wouldn’t love living on the ground floor on Calvert Street, I imagine it gets pretty noisy.

  • My ex lived in this building in a 2BR and it is really nice. They also have a great roof deck that overlooks the zoo. The rounded rooms on the corner of the building are awesome! Tons of light.

    • what about the sunday morning barf and pee pee that kev29 hypothesized about?

      • Haha, not a common occurrence (that I know of). Adams Morgan is close but still far enough away so you don’t see/hear too much of the riff-raff.

        Great location if you’re a runner and want quick access to the Rock Creek trails and Stroga is literally across the street.

        Parking majorly sucks around here.

        • I owned a house on this block for 3+ years and it is a sh*t show every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. If you enjoy pizza crusts/plates in your bushes, cigarette butts and red solo cups on your steps, drunk girls walking home with their shoes in hand asking if they can use your bathroom, groups of people headed to metro singing ‘we all live in a yellow submarine,’ no parking, and people playing beer pong outside until 4 am in the patio level units of this building, then your deal has arrived.

          • Didn’t seem to be an issue for my ex or her roommate (who is a good friend of mine and lived in the apt for nearly 3 years). Whatever noise they encountered seemed to be worth it considering the low rent, lots of space, their own bathrooms, a private balcony, and plenty of light.

            The only issue they had was that its on Calvert, which seems to get quite a bit of traffic. Emergency vehicles like to drive on Calvert since its the fastest way to connect between upper NW and lower NW. But I guess that’s one of the drawbacks of living in a major metropolitan center.

          • drunk girls in heels asking to come into my apartment? I don’t see the problem!

  • Emmaleigh504

    I say good deal. The dogs walking their humans eat most of the neighborhood vomit before too many other humans are up and about.

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