The Huxley Night Club Opening at 1730 M Street, NW in mid-November

1730 M Street, NW

Back in May 2012 we learned that a new night club was coming to 1730 M Street, NW just east of Connecticut Ave. The night club will be called The Huxley – from a press release:

Owners Ryan Seelbach and Eric Lund proudly announce the opening of The Huxley, Washington’s newest premiere destination for the city’s most elite and sophisticated crowd. Scheduled to open in mid-November, this luxurious 4,600 square foot nightclub and event space will provide an unparalleled nightlife experience in DC. The venue has been designed from the ground up using the latest innovations from Las Vegas and New York City nightlife and bringing them to the nation’s capital.

Seelbach, former Manager of Business Operations of TAO Group in Las Vegas remarks: “We took over an old TV studio space. It is extremely rare in Washington hospitality to be given a blank canvas to design your dream venue. Often times, operators just slap on new finishes and new names to old restaurants, nightclubs, and bars. Thanks to the strength of our management team and our investor group, we were able to build a completely new high-end hospitality venue in a very unique space that features high ceilings and an expansive ground level layout. The efficient design of our venue, coupled with a rigorous training program for our employees, will help us deliver true ‘Vegas-Style’ customer service. From how our doorman greets you at the entrance to how our bartenders and cocktail waitresses pour your champagne, it will be easy for you to see how much thought has gone into providing the very best customer service experience.”

“The Huxley will set a new standard for nightlife in this market with costumed performers, live musicians, celebrity DJs, and surprise entertainment,” says Lund, Washington’s top nightlife marketer. “At the end of the day, all clubs are selling the same alcohol products so the key is to provide value to patrons through a better overall experience. It’s all about ‘the show’ and it starts at the front door.”


The Ballroom (200 person capacity) – A stunning seven-foot gold plated grand chandelier surrounded by smaller crystal chandeliers welcomes guests to The Ballroom of The Huxley. The rich red wall-coverings and mirrors aligned with purple velvet curtains mimic the striking floor-to-ceilings windows often found in traditional ballrooms. The elegant hardwood dance floor is encircled by banquette-style seating with leather-tufted cushions and an elevated dance platform behind each table. All 11 “bottle-service” tables have great sightlines to the raised DJ booth which is located in the middle of the room. The Ballroom is perfect for over-the-top birthday and bachelorette parties.

The Study (80 person capacity) – With the words of literary greats resting elegantly on the bookshelf, The Study is a cozy lounge featuring an old-world library – and immaculate coffered ceilings and dimly lit candle chandeliers. Six spacious and elevated table alcoves, each crowned with its own glass and copper pendant lighting fixture, surround the room providing guests a much more intimate experience. Dark wood beams and beige wall-coverings offer a sophisticated contrast to the plush reds, purples, and gold coloring of The Ballroom. The Study has its own DJ booth and independent sound system, and is ideal for smaller groups who want to enjoy specialty cocktails and listen to great music.

The Huxley was designed by architects Brian Miller and Lauren Winter, an award-winning duo who have designed local venues such as The Gibson, Marvin, The Brixton and U Street Music Hall. The builder of this venue is Potomac Construction Services, whose portfolio includes DC hotspots Estadio, Proof, Pearl Dive Oyster Palace and Black Jack.

10pm-3am Friday and Saturday only
Available for private events Sunday through Thursday


Admittance will be by guest list and table service only. Those who wish to request a reservation must send a text message with full name to 202-RESERVE (202-737-3783). The Huxley will maintain a strict dress code.

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  • “Admittance will be by guest list and table service only.”

    Hahaha, yeah right. For the first three weeks is my guess.

    • “Admittance will be by guest list and table service only, until we’re struggling financially to sell 150$ bottles of Smirnoff”

      Fixed that for you. 🙂

      • $150 is far too low. This place is only open 10 hours per week.

        I’m thinking it’ll be closer to $300 per bottle.

  • DC is still desperately grasping for cultural club relevance. Sorry, frumpy capital hill interns can’t exactly compete with the treasures of New York or L.A. This place will be shuttered in six months.

    • I hope not. Shutters would look extremely tacky on the modern facade of this building.

    • U Street Music Hall is actually really well-known outside of DC and there’s really nothing quite like it in NYC (anymore) due to the high investment costs there. Many internationally-known DJs and live music acts are starting to prefer to play at U Hall than similar clubs/music venues in NYC because people here actually dance and are less pretentious.

      While DC will never have anything that rivals Vegas or NYC in attracting the preening, monied, douche crowd that The Huxley hopes to attract, we do have a lot going for us in the underground/non-mainstream music and club scene.

      • This is right on. See also: 18th Street Lounge.

        Although the people who think “The Huxley” can’t be successful may be underestimating the volume of douchery we are capable of. Try hitting Josephine some Friday night.

        • ESL is also great, though it definitely draws a more refined crowd than USMC.

          Something like the The Huxley has a shelf life of 3 years or so before having its crowd poached by the bottle service club du jour. Josephine only recently opened under new management and after a renovation. I’m sure they will have another year or two before another reboot. And let’s be real here – the people who frequent these spots are not DC residents. It’s almost exclusively filled with people from the ‘burbs living out their Friday night fantasies. The only friends I have who frequent these spots don’t live here.

  • Yeah, and for the type of crowd they’ll get, let’s do the math here: red wall coverings, purple velvet curtains, multiple rooms, faux “VIP service” = TROUBLE

  • Sounds like a great place for assholes to gather.

  • a bit pretentious. we’ll see if it lasts.

  • Some much negativity. Yes, it will require you to leave the Red Derby and shower, but it might be fun.

    • More popular delusions about club life. It isn’t about dressing nice or showering, it’s about having money and power (if you’re a male), or being an attractive female (however the heteronormative bouncers determine that to be). That might as well put a sign on this place that says NO BLACKS, NO GAYS, NO POORS.

      • Oh please. I don’t know what clubs you’ve been to, but the first two categories are well represented in club culture. You may have a point with the “poors” though.

      • hahahah – what are you talking about? No Blacks + No gays = No club

        BTW – they will have to do something significant to draw the club population away from The Park and Town – respectively

    • It’s hilarious that the Red Derby is the barometer of Hipsterdom in D.C. Shows how clueless some are about supposed “counterculture”. In any other town it’d just be a quaint neighborhood bar. The bathrooms are easily among some of the most immaculate in the city.

  • I’m going to open the Huxtable across the street, where Jell-O Pudding Pops are $1 and no Cosby sweater = no entry. I’m pretty sure I could get Malcolm-Jamal Warner to work the door.

  • An ingenious way to corral douchebags in one spot. They can then be ear tagged with bluetooth earpieces and released back into the wild.

  • Is is going to be on the ground floor? Cause if so, you can import all the “latest innovations from Las Vegas and New York City nightlife” you want but you aren’t going to attract and “elite and sophisticated crowd” and create an “unparalleled nightlife experience” in that space and location. DC ain’t Manhattan.

  • Sounds like it will be an Aldous Huxley-themed club. Does that mean they’ll be spiking your drinks?

  • Well, the nightlife in DC sucks so badly why not let one more club have a go?

  • Not that it’s meant to succeed in the long term but I’d be surprised if they can even make a marginal profit in the under 3 years it will take to close. Fortunately they have a lot of trashy people to market to.

    Things in the press release that signal this place is an investors toy and not going to succeed are listed below:

    “most elite and sophisticated crowd”

    “using the latest innovations from Las Vegas and New York City nightlife”

    “celebrity DJs”

    “It’s all about ‘the show’”

    “great sightlines to the raised DJ booth which is located in the middle of the room”

    “Admittance will be by guest list and table service only.”

  • Places like this open AND CLOSE all the time in NY. I’m a recent transplant from Manhattan and a club like this will certainly do well here until trends change and something bigger and better opens. It happens all the time. You nay-sayers about DC life need to get a better perspective of NY. DC’s scene is much better in my opinion. When you drill down some, you’ll find that your NY image is based on the last Sex and the City episode you watched. Those lifestyles and scenes don’t really exist. Love what you got here. I do.

    • Nice perspective. +1

    • As a former Manhattan’ite (9+ years), I welcome you to DC! It’s cheaper, greener, and cleaner.

      That said, there’s already plenty of places like The Huxley that exist in DC – Lima, Opera Ultra Lounge, Eyebar, Cafe Asia, bar at the W Hotel, etc. They aren’t bringing a new concept to DC, plenty of shit like this already exists. They’ll merely be stealing the hair-gelled, live-with-their-parents-but-drive-a-BMW crowd from one of the existing spots. The cycle will repeat itself when something new opens up in 2 or 3 years and The Huxley closes.

      Fools and their money, quickly parted….

    • Wait you are trying to tell me that there aren’t places like Stefon recommends?!watch/239645

  • At last, a club for me!

  • Ever see that movie Party Monster?

    • No, but I did see the “Partysaurus Rex” short before seeing “Finding Nemo 3D” with my 2 year-old on Monday.

      I’m sure they’re, like, basically the same movie.

  • Location looks awesome, and my feet will love me for not having to walk up and down stairs in my stilettos. Pretty excited about this place, DC’s needed a refreshing take on nightlife.

  • As someone else said “Well, the nightlife in DC sucks so badly why not let one more club have a go?” — Huxley looks like it’s aiming to turn things around. Kinda excited to see the NYC/Vegas style concepts/touches they are bringing in. Plus it’s in a good part of town so walking around isn’t an issue.

  • The Huxley owners gave me a tour of the space last week and I was actually quite impressed: all ground floor, high ceilings, wide layout, plus the location is prime for nightlife. Very few clubs in DC have one of those let alone all four factors going for them. I think this place will do very well.

  • LOL at the Huxley’s publicists descending on this thread

  • Not really my scene, but would be fun to go to with my wife and some friends. Especially if you split a bottle a few ways its not pricey. I’m a balla anyways but I would rather drink high end beers near my house.

    I wish them success, if only for the tax dollars and employment generated.

  • With a name like “The Huxley” it’s DOA. Some preppy douche-sounding name would get more attention: Catamaran.

    • It’s a tough call are the three groups that “most elite and sophisticated crowd” is code speak for. Either Georgetowners, Middle Eastern kids or Buppys. They all have their own niche. Huxley only fits the later. If its blue bloods than Catamaran or even Nantuckets (gotta have that extraneous “s”) would be better, but for the middle east set it should be something like Crescendo or Palace 1000.

  • An interesting thread of posts I see… How has no one noted who Eric Lund is? He’s a pretty decent guy and has been extremely involved in DC nightlife since his undergrad years at GW. Eric is good at attracting hordes of attractive women, and with them come men with deep pockets.

    Honestly I think this new venue will attract patrons from Georgetown, Dupont, and K St.

    As for the exclusivity, it clearly states all you need to do is text your name to Eric’s phone (202-RESERVE) to get on the list. My advice would be to familiarize yourself with the door staff, because if the list gets as long as Smith Point’s, you might as well buy a table to bypass the BS wait.

    I just hope they put in a proper sound system, unlike the crap at Dirty Martini’s rooftop (neighborhood agreement, I know…), so you can really get the party going. While I doubt they have the budget for Opera’s Funktion-One speakers, Josephine Lounge’s EAWs are good enough.

    I am only skeptical of the design and construction. I think Marvin, The Gibson, and U Hall are 3 mediocre venues. Let’s face it, Opera and Josephine have the same Miami designer, and he did a damn good job with both of those places.

    As with ANY club, you have a 3 year prime, so I disagree with those who don’t think it will exceed 6 months. Recess has made it 3 years now, if not 4. The Reserve was a POS disaster from the start, so no wonder they didn’t make it. Fly is reopening as Heist, and how ESL has made it this long is a testament to its greatness.

    Good luck to these guys, I really hope it goes well.

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