The Coupe Opens in Columbia Heights at 5pm Tonight!

3415 11th Street, NW

It was back in Feb. 2011 that we first heard about a new venture from the Tryst/Diner/Open City folks coming to the broken down building at 11th and Monroe St, NW. It was well worth the wait.

Here are the opening hours:

Though The Coupe is a 24-hour community gathering place, we will operate on a limited schedule for soft opening (see below).
Thursday, October 4th 5pm-2am
Friday, October 5th 7am-3am
Saturday, October 6th 7am-3am
Sunday, October 7th 8am-2am
Monday, October 8th 8am-11pm

Starting Tuesday, October 9th at 5 p.m. The Coupe, on the corner of 11th and Monroe in Columbia Heights, will have its lights on 24/7.

I went to a preview party last night and thought the place looked phenomenal. Great addition to a great street. Here’s some photos I took earlier in the day:

More photos after the jump.

11th and Monroe St, NW

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  • Yay! Looks great.

  • From the photos it looks like the Tryst portion needs more seating or a communal table. People like the jammed in-ness of Tryst, and being able to get a seat.

    Otherwise it’s too good to be true!

    • +1, i was really hoping for a tryst like place where i can bring my laptop and eat chocolate cake at midnight. this place looks more high end though.

    • Is management trying to discourage wifi-leeching hobos by not providing them adequate loiter space? MAYBE!

      • People camp out in the ADMO Tryst all day with only a glass of water, it is rather annoying… Maybe they need coin operated spike seats?

    • I agree. In that first photo, kick the three pinterest armchairs, and put in a sofa and a loveseat!

  • Looks fantastic! Nice job. I’m sure it will be a great addition to the neighborhood.

  • Any idea what the menu looks like?

    • I bet it’s rectangular with lettering on the front, maybe the back.

      • This is a valid question – is the menu just a copycat of the diner, or is it something more? I’m interested too.

      • Wow. Pad Thai Omelet with hashbrowns? $12 french fries with meat debris? This vegetarian is likely to pass on this place. What a bummer.

        • I think the Pad Thai Omelet is vegetarian. Definitely not vegan, but I don’t think you can expect vegan dishes in the omelet section.

          • But is a Pad Thai Omelet a good idea? Sounds gross, but perhaps I’ll have to try it to be sure. And I’m sorry, but “Pad Thai Sauce” is not promising. Do they just buy that at Giant?

          • I don’t know why they bothered with the “vv” designation. Nothing for vegans on the menu except “snacks,” and only two at that. Oh, and French toast. Whoo-pee. Not a bright move. I actually expected more from them.

        • I’ll probably give this place a try. Breakfast served all day is my favorite, and the Thursday special sounds good. But it cracks me up that they only have one vegetarian salad!

  • Looks great, but kiss parking goodbye in that neighborhood! LOL.

  • I live a block away… I kissed parking goodbye long ago…

  • Looks a lot smaller than I had originally imagined it. And it’s gonna be super-duper crowded for the first few weeks, I’ll bet. I’m looking forward to giving it a try after they’ve worked all the kinks out.

  • I can walk 🙂 in fact, I just might check it out tonight. Anyone else?

  • I’d say they should lose the “the,” just “Facebook” style.

  • Holy shit.
    See you at 5:00

  • Just moved to France a month ago. My apt in Washington is only 1 block away. I am really missing home now. I hope everyone enjoys this place! We’ve been waiting forever!

  • Looks very cozy and inviting. We need something like this on H Street NE!

  • Went by this morning to check it out. It looks huge. We’ll be there at 5pm!

  • Looks very nice, but no rugs or curtains? It’s going to be LOUD.

  • Ugh. Does a “community gathering place” have worse service and food than a, you know, restaurant? This being DC, that worries me.

    But I’m hopeful they’ll focus on the basics, and ignore that mission statement, and then they won’t have to worry about customers gathering.

  • Yay! I wonder if anyone is worried about the types of people rolling in around 4 AM.

  • Am I the only one pedantic enough to be bothered by the use of the “coupe” spelling with a chicken theme? If it’s a chicken theme, it should be “coop.” If they want to spell it “coupe,” it should be a car theme.

    (I’m mostly kidding – the place looks lovely. But it DOES bug me a little…)

    • I don’t like it either.

      Apparently they’re punning on the cup (a dessert cup that shape is called a “coupe,” something I didn’t know until I read it in an earlier PoP posting), but I wish they’d called it “The Coop.”

    • i think the glass he is standing on is called a coupe. but, i get what you’re saying.

  • The menu looks decent, but I’m forever let down by my food at Open City and The Diner. From a business persceptive though, these guys have nailed the DC Yupster style.

  • Just got back from dinner at The Coupe. It was a long but anticipated wait for the food, which was decent. The atmosphere was really fun but damn it was loud. 90 dB loud. My ears are still ringing like crazy. Not sure if it was all the excitement but I’m hoping that the noise level will wane a little bit as the excitement dies down.

    I’m still amazed about what has happened to 11th Street. I remember Marty from CH Coffee knocking on my door with a flyer announcing that he was opening his coffee shop. How things have changed…

  • I agree – it is amazing how much 11st has changed since I moved to the neighborhood 6.5 years ago.
    Had dinner at the Coupe last night – I thought my croque monsieur was great. I agree that the “couch” area could use more seating, but my guess is that it will accumulate over time.

  • We live in the building next door and the owner needs to learn how to become a good neighbor which unfortunately has not been the case for months now. Friends went their yesterday and they had one waiter for the entire restaurant. I went two days ago. Untrained staff and long waits. Food was all wrong. Needs to step up his game.

  • I went there this weekend for brunch. The food was good and I loved the space. However, I was with four people and three of us got our food while the forth had to wait about 45 min. for his.

  • cute space. But it def needs a few months to get the service and food down. Service was awful (not entirely her waitress for the entire back section)…keg wine was water. Our food came and we had no drinks. Kind of a mess. Pull it together Coop. We want to love ya!!

  • Went Friday night right after the opening, and yeah, it was *loud*. I had the chance to stop in yesterday (Tuesday) around 10 a.m. They still need to work on service, the gal that was on the floor was really nice but scattered and slow, and at that hour there were maybe only 4 other people in that part of the floor. I really hope they get more furniture in “coffeehouse” area, and put up some curtains or hangings all around to mitigate the noise. Also, here’s hoping they also expand the menu, it would be nice to have sandwiches and more breakfast options, they could easily offer more variations on the foundations laid already. Coffee’s still excellent, but I miss the “Clever” brewing method offered at Tryst. I love the location and the interior’s beautifully done, will try the dining room part soon enough; just hoping the service and food options keep progessing. Tryst and the Diner set the bar pretty high.

  • Why is the building itself so ugly? Why didn’t the developer improve the facade on the condo side?

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