Taste Some Cocktails Made with “DC’s first legally distilled liquor”, Green Hat Gin, Tonight

414 H St, NE

From an the folks at Boundary Road:

“Boundary Road is teaming up with the makers of Green Hat Gin to celebrate the launch of DC’s first legally distilled liquor. Distilled a mile and a half from Boundary Road, Green Hat is a deliciously smooth, citrusy gin, produced in small batches in a copper pot still. We’ve put together a special cocktail menu for the night, and the distiller will be on hand to chat, answer any questions, and sip a drink or two with you.

5-8pm at Boundary Road. 414 H St NE DC.”

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  • Awesome. But where can I buy it? (Store, not bar.) Can’t find anything on the website.

    • I don’t know if they’ve got it yet, but Schneiders on Capitol Hill is going to sell it. You can also buy at the distillery itself, which is at 1832 Fenwick Street NE.

      • AM Wine Shoppe (18th and Wyoming NW) sent an email saying they will be stocking it. If you go, pick up one of their sandwiches because they are delicious. (not a promoter, just a happy customer).

        • I didn’t even know they carry liquor. Do they have a good selection? I’m always looking for liquor stores with interesting booze. Ace Beverage on NM Ave has a great selection, but it takes forever to get there from my house. The new place on 14th seems promising, but they are still bringing in product. Central on E St is OK, but expensive.

          I’ve never actually been to Schneiders, so I can’t vouch for them.

      • Schneider’s has it. I saw it there last week.

  • I picked up a bottle of the first batch at the distillery. It’s very good. The distiller, I sadly can’t remember his name, gave me a quick tour of the place. It seems like yet another friendly, awesome alcohol producer in DC.

    • Me too, seems like a cute, friendly operation, and it should be fun to visit once they set up the tasting bar. Also the gin itself is quite good, with a unique flavor (though perhaps not as smooth as a super-premium).

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