Sweet City Ride – Political Edition

A reader writes:

This driver pulled up next to my bus at a light at union station on Mass ave. Pedestrians stopped in the middle of the intersection to get photos from all sides of this car. I unfortunately only have the right side, but it’s a Cadillac in all chrome, from top to bottom, including the rims. The side is emblazoned with Obama’s face and campaign slogan, as well as the hashtag, #obamascar. His license plate wasn’t commercial so I’m assuming it isn’t a company car (though it very well might be) and is some VERY dedicated supporter. From my Instagram (terricia)

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  • The owner is going to feel really foolish on November 7.

    • I was thinking they should feel foolish because I saw Justin Beiber on TV and apparently he has a ride with this exact finish.

    • If you believe that you should go over to intrade and make a bet on Mr. corporate raider, pro-torture, anti-equal rights, has no moral whatsoever he won’t compromise to win an election, Romney. You’ll make a nice profit given that he’s trading at around 40% right now.

  • I wouldn’t mind a chrome CTS-V coupe, though I’d only take it if it came with someone to follow behind me in another car and remove fingerprints whenever I park.

  • It’s not actually chrome. It’s a vinyl wrap. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader as to whether that makes it more or less tacky. It’s pretty high on the “gold chain ‘o meter” either way.
    On the bright side, the owner can just peel it like an orange (scab?) on November 7th.

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