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  • The Nova. Almost as good as the Pajero, in the Spanish-speaking world.

  • Ah yes, the NUMMI Nova. GM and Toyota working together to build a car more boring than either could manage alone…

  • There is not a single thing remotely historic about this car; it merely qualifies for the tags due to its age.

    • Well, I think that folks who know a thing or two about the history of the auto industry would consider the NUMMI partnership itself to be pretty historic.

    • You gotta respect the mint condition. And if you’re going to have a small city car, this is certainly more interesting than a 2008 Focus or a Kia.

  • brookland_rez

    It’s funny that 80’s shit boxes are now qualifying as historic. I agree bgluckman, nothing historic about it.

  • My first car was a Nova. And it wasn’t a family car, my parents actually went out and bought it (it was 1998). It only had a am/fm radio and duct tape on the seat belt. But how I loved that POS.

  • My first car (in the mid 90s) was a ’69 Chevy Nova that was passed down through our family (great aunt >> uncle >> me). Cherry red, white vinyl top, chrome moon-caps, and a stark white vinyl interior. It got 12 MPG, but I was only paying $1.10/gallon back then.

    The Nova in the pic above is a disgrace to the memory of the classic Novas.

  • My high school car was also a 1969 Chevy Nova. That car had some pickup. Sadly, it was olive green, in and out.

    • Huge front and back bench-style seats. Perfect for high school shenanigans. 😉

      Mine was actually the straight six, only about 250 cubic in. I think it was one of the smaller engine that you could get in a Nova. Then again, it was originally purchased and driven by a little old lady. With the 250, the engine bay had tons of space to work since it had to accommodate engines up to 409 cu in. Great car (and engine) for learning the basics of car mechanics. Just follow the instructions in your blue Chilton’s manual…..

    • saf

      Huh. Mine was a 1968 Chevy Malibu 2 door. Burgundy. V8.

      Loved that car.

  • Those DC historic plates are really ugly and were clearly designed using some Microsoft Office product, anyway. If I had a truly classic car, I wouldn’t use those plates, anyway.

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