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  • This picture should be posted neither in the store nor especially on this blog. It perpetuates hurtful stereotypes of black people stealing, which harms our society much worse than the actual theft.

    Additionally, there doesn’t seem to be any proof of the allegations. This picture certainly IS NOT proof.

    PrinceOfPetworth, please don’t sink to this level.

    • First point, you have to be kidding. We can post a photo of the thief even though he is guilty because he is black? And we can’t do this because it just further reinforces a sad truth in this town?

      You sound like that citizen association that criticized the location of the upcoming Walmart because there were so many black youths living nearby and I quote “wouldn’t be able to stop themselves from shoplifting” and so the location should be moved so more young black men in town don’t end up in jail.

      Second point is they have the thief on a down pointed camera elsewhere in the store stuffing it into his bag. Because it was at a vantage point that didn’t show his face, they used another camera shot.

      And I finish up with again…you have to be kidding?

    • Allison

      I hypothesize the store actually does have footage of them stealing the wine, and chose this frame from later in the recording because it best shows their faces best. Jusssssst an educated guess.

      • ah

        Is it both of the guys facing the camera, or just the front one?

        If both, shouldn’t it be “thieves”?

      • Why do you assume that the two men in the photo are together? Nothing in this post mentions wine “thieves.” If it were a black man and a white man would you assume they were together?

    • I would guess that if they had a picture… they also probably have video of the actual stealing. Let’s hope at least…

      As far as stereotypes go… I would also assume that if a white/hispanic/asian/etc… person was caught stealing the store would have posted a picture of that person. Asking the store to make judgement calls about which thieves to expose isn’t justified. A thief is a thief, plain and simple.

    • Neve… seriously?? That is the most ridicously statement I have ever read on here.

    • So with this logic we should not seek out an asian who commited a hit and run? Or an irishman with a public intox…I can go on. Black people steal sometimes, as do every other creed and color.

      Your logic is garbage.

    • Neve, saying “don’t post these pictures” doesn’t get us to the long-term solution. If the stereotype is hurtful, then let’s take action to end the stereotype. Let’s say it’s ok to disseminate photos of those few of any group who steal, etc, let’s prosecute them and send them to jail for what they’ve done. Let’s also create a culture in which “snitching” to the cops isn’t bad, an environment in which criminal-prosecution becomes a lesson to other members of society so that they don’t continue to perpetuate the stereotype.

    • Thief is a thief. No matter the color.
      Neve, you should be upset with the theif for perpetuating stereotypes not Pop.

  • ugh. not only is he a thief but he also has poor taste. Moscato, the ‘grape drink’ of wines.

  • Allison

    Thank GOD it wasn’t the riesling!!

  • This should read: “Stop moscato wine!”

  • Aren’t Yes! Organic Market the real thieves here? Have you seen what they charge for Breyers ice cream?!?

  • Whats Moscato?

  • C’mon stop hating on the Moscato.

    It’s a great summer drink and brings back all kinds of memories of the Italian riveria in the 1970’s, haha….

  • I’m not sure if the flyer is clearer in real life, but it seems like it would’ve been helpful if Yes! had circled the thief’s face, or drawn an arrow pointing to him. (I’m assuming it’s the guy in the white shirt and jeans, since he’s the one closest to the camera.)

  • I blame the rappers, yeah that’s right I said it. I blame, Kanye, Lil Kim, Drake, 2Chainz, etc. for spoiling the youth and planting this idea that Moscato is delicious.

    The number of Moscato bottles that can be found on a Saturday/Sunday morning in the gutters of Adams Morgan is a little shocking.

  • Moscato is just Italian bitch pop.

  • How do any of you know who the thief is in this picture? Why is everyone focusing on the black males to the left and not the lighter skinned (white?) woman (?) on the right?

  • The big problem I see is that it’s not clear from this photo which of the guys is the alleged “thief” – the guy in front or the guy behind. They should have drawn a circle around the suspect. If I were the paying customer here, I’d be pissed.

    • Exactly – if I were the innocent customer, I too would be very pissed off to be in this photo.

      This store should take down this photo, and properly crop it to be only the thief in question.

      This is very poor form from the store.

  • Neve you have got to be kidding! “It perpetuates hurtful stereotypes of black people stealing, which harms our society much worse than the actual theft.” Can you explain this statement because I can’t believe what I’m reading.

  • My moscato is much bettter than Kim’s.

  • That stuff is gross. If you’re going to steal…STEAL!

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