Scuttlebutt: Kraze Burgers Coming to Barracks Row?

415 8th Street, SE

I’m hearing some interesting rumors about the vacant space next to Chipotle on Barracks Row at 415 8th Street, SE. At one point this space was going to become a gourmet pizza joint but apparently that fell through. A tenant that I’m hearing is interested in the space is – Kraze Burgers:

Featuring made-to-order, hand-formed, fresh ground, all-natural, hormone-free beef, our meat is at the top of its class. Add to this, our fresh buns baked in our bakeries and our unique patented sauces, and you’ve got a diverse menu of burgers offering savory flavors only available at a Kraze Burgers restaurant. It is an innovative burger concept redefining the burger joint and making headlines wherever it goes.

But what makes Kraze Burgers truly special is that while we are devoted to making the best burgers around, we don’t just cater to meat-lovers! We also deliver the goods to our health conscious and vegetarian customers. We offer tofu burgers, veggie burgers, and a wide array of delicious salads. Our My Burger option lets you build a burger the way you like it. From proteins like turkey and tofu to special cheeses, grilled mushrooms, and pineapples…we’ve got you covered.

Anyone ever try a Kraze Burger before?

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  • I’ve never even heard of them before today. But this town must almost certainly be reaching the burger restaurant saturation point.

    • there are a bajillion chains around here, and i’ve not been to one of them. since i’m moving next week, what’s the best local one to check out (not 5 guys)? black and orange?

    • I’d instead contend that we’ve reached our Xavier Cervera saturation point on Barrack’s Row/Cap Hill. Affordable options are very welcome.

      • Seriously! They are going to name the block after that guy soon. I feel like most of his restaurants are the same.

        • XC’s restaurants provide customers with very consistent quality -in food and in service. Love the guy, he just needs to open up restaurants in other areas of town so I don’t have to schlep to BR all the time. Shaw would love to welcome him

    • Could we get them to serve the gourmet burgers on small plates… from a truck?

  • yes there’s one in bethesda and their food is GOOD. their spicy burger and their tofu “burger” were two of my favorites.

  • Great news. I’ve been to the one in Bethesda & it’s good. Try the Bulgogi burger.

  • Kraze burger is all over Seoul, S. Korea (where the chain is from). While over there, the quality of their burgers was a welcome novelty. Being back stateside, I much prefer the likes of Ray’s Hell Burger. Though, any addition to my neck of the woods is most welcome!

  • Who patents a sauce? How much would you have to sell to cover the costs of your patent attorney?

    And why does it have to be a burger concept?

  • Because the burgers are curated

  • I think it will be a good fit for Barracks Row. I’ve pretty much stopped eating red meat entirely so it would be nice to have a place with good veggie burgers. The mushroom burger at Good Stuff looks like such a calorie bomb that I’ve been scared to try it. 🙂

    • the good stuff mushroom burger was blatantly stolen from Shake Shack. As you could imagine, it tastes good, but it’s the least healthy option offered by the new face of heartburn.

  • I’m a fan of Big Board as well. But for a quicker burger, I’m with team shake shack. If they bring something to the table better than Good Stuff Eatery, it should thrive.

  • I had Kraze (pronounced KRAH-ZAY, no joke!) burger a couple of times when I lived in Seoul, and it wasn’t very good. I’m amazed that they’re trying to expand into the international market. This would basically be like Taco Bell trying to open a store in Mexico. Why can’t a Korean company start a Korean BBQ franchise and bring that here? Also, Capitol Hill doesn’t need another burger joint. What it really could use is a KFC outpost — Korean Fried Chicken!

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