Sad Start to Sunday

A reader sends in the sad scene from in front on Cork Wine Bar at 1720 14th Street, NW.

Ed. Note: I came very close to smashing into a deer on Beach Drive last night so please also use extra caution if driving through Rock Creek Park at night.

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  • Only in DC would someone caution tape off a roadkill deer.

    • only in dc? thats hard to believe.

      • There was a deer in SW that broke through the plate glass front window of the Library like two years ago – that was a semi-commercial area – not immediately adjacent to a green/wildlife corridor.

        Forest Rats, IMHO – the only “sad” thing about this is it mangled someone’s car. We have eliminated their predators and as people give up hunting, they are over-running us. It’s not good for people or for eco-diversity. They are highly destructive to the forests as well as to suburban flora.

  • Wow, weird. I can’t imagine what was going through the mind of the driver when a deer ran in front of his/her car on 14th street! Poor deer.

  • Yes this is sad. But what frustrates me as an animal advocate is that 60 billion “farmed” animals are raised and slaughtered in unimaginable conditions every year. No photos are taken, no outrage, only tacit compliance and indifference by every meat eater. If this picture bothers you think about what you would feel if this was a cow or a pig in the road. What makes a deer’s life more important than a chicken or a turkey? ~frustrated.

    • So right – someone should have butchered that deer right after it got hit – lots of good meat going to waste! The backstraps (tenderloins) at least might still be good. My rural friends always carry a good knife in the pickup for fresh roadkill.

    • The difference is our culture. Most everyone here has been raised to think of live stock as food only. Game animals have a slightly higher respect because they are wild and have at least some semblance of a free life. Do you really not see how and why our culture has different perspectives on these animals? If it is an attitude you wish to counter, you need to come to an understanding of it.

  • How the hell did a deer wander to 14th and R? This is nowhere near RCP.

  • The only sad thing about a deer getting hit is damage to a car and potential injuries to the driver and passengers.

  • Deer are the worst. I come from a rural area where I don’t know ANYONE who has not been in an accident with a deer. It’s really important to keep their population under control or else things like this will continue to happen. Sad, but true. Personally, I’m more concerned with my own safety than the safety of a deer.

  • Had to jump in on this one..nobody has ever died (as far as any scientist knows) from eating a wild deer due to deer prions – .. OK? And yes, we have lot’s of deer in the DC Region..and racoons, squirrels, rats..I don’t see why we have to exterminate ANY creature, even rats! Sure, I feel sorry for people who hit these beautiful creatures with their cars (not so much for hitting rats, and raccoons are a pain!), but..I don’t get people who say we have to kill them all..we can control the population of deers in many ways, but seriously, SERIOUSLY..don’t you think it’s Super Cool that animals this big live in DC..sorry, it’s AWEsome!

    • First off, exterminate? Who in their right mind is talking about extermination of the deer in RCP? The discussion should be only about population control. Statements like we have all of these other alternatives to control deer. Like what, deer birth control? And who is going to pay for that one? You know what’s great about hunting? You achieve population control and people get to eat. We’ve changed the ecosystem so much that yes, we humans are the only ones left to control the deer population. Want something sad, watch a deer die from starvation because of overpopulation.

  • We saw this deer on 8th St NW last night around 12:30 am.

    We had just parked our car around 12:30 am at 8th and R Sts NW and saw the antlered deer skipping down the middle of 8th St NW. He bolted onto 8th from 7th and T Sts NW.

    He was spooked, needless to say. We couldn’t tell if he was bleeding at the mouth or whether a red drink cup (or bottle) was in his mouth, which could make sense with all the partying associated with Howard homecoming.

    The deer then dashed from 8th St NW onto R St NW. We had hoped he could get the 12-16 blocks to Rock Creek Park, but this post let us know what happened to the young buck.

    • I saw that same deer in Ledroit park at the intersection of 4th and T around 1245am. It had antlers, and its tounge was out of its mouth as if it was injured. However, the deer in the photo is not the same, as it does not have antlers. Perhaps a family of deer wondered downtown friday night? The whole thing was very surreal. It bolted across the intersection and into someones backyard.

      • I saw this dead deer close up and it did have antlers. Not sure why they dont show in this pic–maybe the angle?

  • So, did anyone harvest the deer for a few good steaks and sausage?
    For everyone here that never spent more than three days outside the east coast megalopolis, this is kinda a normal thing. Actually a bit surprised this does not happen more often in DC, which is kind of an urban splotch surrounded by North American wilderness. Deer are a natural part of the American ecosystem, long before America, and their run-in and death with humans is what it is. Natural. A bit out of place near AdMo, but lots of weird shit near AdMo. Why should a deer hood ornament be of note.

  • Wow!! I wish I had known about this earlier. I was undecided on what to put in my crockpot yesterday.

  • Horrifying to see some people are more worried about deer than about the HUMAN BEINGS whose lives are put at risk by these pests. Let’s pray that no humans were hurt. Bambi was a movie, folks. These are dangerous animals that cause a tremendous amount of human death. We ought to fight them like cancer.

  • It’s just an advertisement for the newest restaurant on 14th- Venison!

  • Every time I go through the park at Kennedy there are always deer!

  • Another reason to avoid Cork

  • Interesting set of comments, but no one should be driving fast enough on 14th Street that a deer darting out could cause injury to the driver or passenger. This isn’t a country road with a 55 mph speed limit surrounded by woods that make it hard to see what is coming at you. 14th is 30 mph tops and clear lines of sight give you more time to stop.

    If you can’t stop fast enough to avoid hitting and killing a deer, then you can’t stop fast enough to avoid killing a small child that darts out. Kill your speed, not children, seniors, and the city!

  • another angle of this deer I saw on Instagram showed it had it’s throat cut. true story. VERY strange if it was killed and dumped there.

  • No matter how much of a menace deer may be, this is still sad — the deer probably died a painful death.

    I’m surprised at the callousness of some of these comments. I don’t discount the danger that deer pose to humans, but for heaven’s sake, it’s not like they’re purposely running in front of cars with the goal of creating accidents and injuring people!

    The links that “So, Just Sayin'” posted were interesting; I didn’t realize that deer had become such a problem in Rock Creek Park. (For the park itself, not just for humans driving through.) I’m not necessarily thrilled about the park’s decision to bring in sharpshooters, but at least that kind of death is probably quick and less painful than this.

  • I would post the Lois CK bit about deer if I could, but I’m at work and don’t have u-tube access. I’m sure someone else can find and post it.

  • D’oh…a deer…a female deer?

  • Ha, i myself got hit right in front of Cork this time last year. Conspiracy? Definitely.

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