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  • Just in time for cold weather!

  • I applaud the attempt but I’m not sure the execution was done quite right.

    • Agreed. That wooden planter looks like it’s uneven and about to fall over. Tables and chairs plopped down on a grassy, unfinished side yard is not my idea of outdoor restaurant seating. If you’re not going to do it right, just don’t do it at all.

  • They’ve had these chairs and tables out sporadically for the past month. I’ve never seen anyone using them unfortunately. On a related note, their chickpeas are incredible.

    • i’ve seen a handful of people using them… but still most folks eat inside. I hope it takes off a bit more in the spring. I am also hoping for that little bit of extra effort to make things more level/add plants.

      Agree though that their food is really good despite awkward seating outside.

  • The food here is really great. I’m sure the seating will improve with trial and error. Could get muddy when it rains but I’ll be eating there on a warmish fall evening.

  • Not every place has to have a fancy patio with tasteful decorations.

    I love this place. The food is priced right and it tastes great. Who cares if the planters aren’t level?

  • They have good food and good prices, atmosphere is what they lack. The owner is SO nice. I really wish he would make the place more inviting though so more people can enjoy it, there by increasing his profit. I would be happy with a price increase just to see him spend a little money to clean the place up, put out a proper patio so people would enjoy sitting there (now it looks ratty, buggy, and dog peey). Currently it is the kind of place you would find in a middle eastern country, problem is we are in a first world country and people expect a little more when they are spending their money.

    As it is, good food good prices great owner, they will stay in business, but they won’t thrive. If he is happy with that keep on keeping on….. but I wish more for him (and our community). He should take a short walk in any direction and see how Beau Thai, Cafe Boehme, Rustik, Boundary Stone, Shaw’s Tavern are doing it. You have to fight for a seat in those places most of the time, and there is a reason for that. Here’s to wishing him lucky, prosperity and happiness!

    • BeauThai, Rustik, Boundary Stone, and Shaws Tavern all had renovations that would cost over $100k (Shaw’s was likely closer to $500k). The place is simple because it’s a simple small business. The space he’s trying to use as patio space is difficult because the roots of the beautiful large tree in the corner take up much of the space.

      I think the way to go would be to build a deck over the space to level it out, but I’m just happy he’s there and will continue to support him. Red Toque has been a great addition to the neighborhood.

  • I just wanted to say that I agree with the sentiments above. Red Toque is great food for a reasonable price as far as this city goes. I will also continue to give them business.

  • Will stick with carry-out for those mediocre kabobs for now…

  • Red Toque would be an awesome candidate for one of those restaurant makeover design shows! the food is mostly good — a bit oily for my taste and the rice dishes may be overly spiced, but I love the spinach dish (vegetarian here). I agree that the inside can be made nicer and more welcoming. The owner is supernice! I remember hearing a long time back that neighbors had helped Windows Cafe and Market update its interior. Maybe folks in the neighborhood with that kind of talent could help this owner?

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