Reader’s Car Hit by Bus this Morning – Anyone Happen to be on that Bus?

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Dear PoPville,

I was hit, while driving, by the #54 bus on 14th St. NW in the SB lane this morning and didn’t get the bus number. I am hoping that someone who reads this was on that bus and could possibly help me out. The accident occurred at about 7:57 near 14th and Lamont. I attempted to stop the bus at the stop at 14th and Euclid by banging on the door but the driver. So, if anyone remembers a semi-crazed looking blonde girl banging on their bus door this morning or a loud noise from the bus hitting a gray Dodge Avenger and happens to know the bus number or ANY information that could be helpful to me, I would greatly appreciate it. I know that I should have seen and remembered the bus number but it all happened so fast that I totally blanked.

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  • I hope someone reaches out to you, but in the meantime, I’d submit your accident notification here with similar details:

  • Yeah, with just the information you have (location, time, 54 bus) WMATA should be able to find out which bus it was. Whether they’ll be able to do anything about it is another story…but when I filed a complaint about a bat-sh*t crazy metro worker and all I had was a vague physical description, they were able to identify the person. Good luck.

    • Actually, when people complain about metro they are frequently told WMATA can’t do anything about it without the bus number–you’d think they’d be able to track it but they usually can’t. So it probably won’t hurt to make a complaint but I’d also:

      a) post this on unsuckdcmetro too in case one of their readers were on the bus–you might want to try posting on the local listservs in Columbia Heights too.

      b) consider filing suit against metro (or having your car insurer do it)–they may have to turn over some info during the discovery process that can help you figure out who hit you. In this case, Metro said they didn’t have enough information to get the driver fired under union rules, but information that came out during a civil suit led to a criminal prosecution that eventually got the guy fired.

      c) see if MPD or local businesses have cameras in the area that show the accident. I’d do this ASAP, since many surveillance cameras erase the information after a certain period of time.

      • “you’d think they’d be able to track it but they usually can’t.”

        They usually WON’T, you mean. Combination of CYA, laziness, and general WMATA-style unhelpfulness.

  • Is there a 14th and Lamont NW? Perhaps you mean Park?

  • As previous – all the buses have GPS – and cameras – so they should be able to locate it. Also – contact the Metro PD (yes – even WMATA has its own police) to file a report.

    As a longtime rider of the X2 – many of the busses also have a “black box” that record things like sudden stops, horn honks, jolts – etc.

    Good luck!

  • Metro showed up when I called the police but said that they wouldn’t or couldn’t pull the tapes from the bus because I didn’t get a bus number. It didn’t seem right to me but that was what I was told. Thanks for all of your help so far!

  • I recommend reaching out through they have great readership and they might be able to help.

  • If you haven’t already filed a police report, do that now.

    • Oops. The OP posted about calling the police while my comment here sat open while I was on the phone. Refresh before posting, I guess, is the lesson.

  • I just love that the Metrobus driver simply kept on going, after hitting your car. Leaving the scene of an accident is against the law. People like that shouldn’t be allowed to drive anything with a motor.

  • I hope you’re okay (go to the doctor even if you feel fine–you may be stiff tomorrow) and that WMATA handles your claim quickly (if you need repairs).

  • I was on the 64 bus once and it hit a parked car while pulling up to the northbound stop at 11th and U. The driver actually said “that was close”. I don’t think she realized she hit the car.

    • She should lose her job for either (i) knowingly leaving the scene of an accident, or (ii) not knowing she hit a freakin’ parked car!

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