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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: It’s halloween! Dressed in an office-appropriate cat costume today and have a cauldron of candy on my desk =)

    Question: This is my first year handing out candy in DC. What time do the kids start trick or treating?

    • I noticed DC trick or treaters – at least in Petworth/Columbia Heights, tend to be on the later side – 7-7:30 starting.

      • SouthwestDC

        Same here in Capitol Hill, though I think it has something to do with the Hill-O-Ween event at Eastern Market that starts at 5:30 and goes on for a few hours. Everyone seems to go to that and then venture out afterwards.

        I’m worried I don’t have enough candy this year (only 200 pieces) but I overbought last year and I think the turnout might be smaller this time. I guess we’ll flee to a bar if we run out early.

        • Weird. I’m on Capitol Hill and had 15 bags last year and ran out in less than two hours. One of my neighbors had about 40 bags, and while she was out for another two hours, she ran out while there were kids still on the block.

          The trick-or-treaters also started around 5:30 pm. It was mostly the kids on our block, but then other kids followed soon after. I’m on the eastern side, so I wonder if a lot of kids east of the river come over, and that’s why we got earlier and more traffic.

    • I live in Columbia Heights. In my experience, they start at sundown and come until 9:30 or so. We go through tons of candy. It’s always a good time.

  • I will add to the Halloween Rave. Super fun having kids to take trick or treating.

  • Rant: Jersey Shore – it’s so sad to see the place I love and grew up at so devestated…

    Rave: Family and friends are all safe.

    Rave: Getting back to a sense of normalcy here in DC…

  • talula

    Rant: Friends and family in NYC and NJ still without power. Seeing photos of my hometown underwater ๐Ÿ™

    Rave: Everyone’s ok. Glad things didn’t get too bad here in DC. Feels good to get back to work.

  • Rave: That is my girlfriend, my dog (Charlie), and me in that picture above!!! We won Best in Show at the Lincoln Park Howl-O-Ween!!!

  • Woke up this morning with no phone, internet, and cable. I’m on comcast, and they claim that it is an area wide problem they’re working on. Anyone else affected? I’m in adams morgan.

    • My internet has been suuuuuper slow, starting a day or two before the storm. I chalked it up to a lot of people online during the storm, but it was still pretty sluggish this morning.

    • talula

      Hey AM neighbor, I’m over in Lanier Heights and I didn’t have any problems with my Comcast internet this morning.

    • A friend of mine who has Comcast internet also had no service this morning (in Petworth)

      • Thanks for the responses, guys. For the record, this is an annoyance, but it’s hard to rant/get upset when my biggest problem is a lack of internet.

    • mine was super slow yesterday

      • Comcast internet is sucky & slow ALL THE TIME.

        Ugh, I hope we are able to get FIOS one day. Comcast has a damn monopoly – $45/month and pretty atrocious speeds & service. There needs to be some competition ๐Ÿ™

        • RCN is an option in some parts of DC. Same cost, but I haven’t had any speed or service issues in quite some time (knock on wood).

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Halloween!

    Rant: I don’t get trick or treaters.

    Funny: the word dongle

  • Rave: DC seemed to weather the storm fairly well – thinking of all those in NY and NJ!

    Rant: Cold from hell came on over the four day weekend and now I can’t a sick day because there is work to do:(

    • Emmaleigh504

      Here’s what I’ve learned from watching every old movie I can get my hands on: Brandy cures everything except gun shot wounds, that takes whiskey. So get some brandy (maybe not at work) and feel better soon!

  • Rant: I put off homework for the past two days and now I have to do homework in the midst of a Halloween party at my house tonight.

  • Rant: One of my favorite holidays today is being marred by my urge to go to New York and help those in need. No idea if transit is running into the city (i.e., NY’s Penn Station) but I really want to help.

    Rant: Train prices, could take Bolt Bus…

    Rave: Thankful DC was barely touched by Sandy, minus some power outages. Let’s be thankful that almost none of us lost our homes, apartments and other belongings, people!

    • I thought you moved to NY? Sorry if I am confusing you with someone else but I thought you often commented about how you couldn’t wait to move to NY?

      • Wow, thanks for remembering! I am still in DC, but moving in a few months time up north (waiting for my lease to be up). I also decided not to plunge into the move as I needed to save more $ . Patience is a hard-ass virtue to follow sometimes.

        I am seriously debating going up this weekend to help at a shelter or something… I feel like a donation to RC just isn’t enough.

        • There’s a reason that patience is a virtue…some of the best things are worth waiting for (not forever, though).

          I think as people have said, $ is probably what is needed more right now for the area, though I don’t think NYC will hurt for $ as much as some other areas. I think they are less likely to need “extra” people to “help” unless you are with a specific agency, such as the red cross. More people means more people for workers, emergency responders to worry about. Probably the best time to jump in to help is when the city has been cleaned up (in terms of water, debris) and the subway system is running, even if not at full schedule. That’s when people/businesses will begin to try to pull together pieces after the city has come through to clean up and stabilize things. And after that, the best way is to patronize areas hardest hit.

    • If I remember correctly from other disasters, relief agencies usually need $ more than people.

      Unless you have specific disaster-related skills, I’m not sure that your going up to NYC in person would really help all that much (though I totally understand your desire to help).

      • Yep, this is true. $ and not manpower is usually more appreciated in situations like this.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Correct. Unless an organization requests volunteers (like someone mentioned the Red Cross did) it’s better just send money. It’s also better not to send things (books, clothes, etc) unless an organization specifically asks for them. It’s difficult to just sit back and do nothing but send money, but it’s usually best.

    • No transit into the city. None. Frankly, at this point staying out of the way is probably the biggest help.

  • If any female PoPers out there are looking for housing please let me know. I have a room w/ private bathroom opening up in my apartment in mid-November. Rent and utilities come out around $1160/month.

  • Supplemental Rant: Why isn’t it a big deal that DC discharged 240 million gallons of raw sewage into our local water ways during Sandy. This is SOP for any storm in this area and it is disgusting. I know it would take big money to fix the problem but does anybody care?

    • I thought this happened in MD, not DC. That doesn’t make it any less or more terrible, but thought we should get the location right?

      • Nope. THe Maryland thing was a separate thing that was not supposed to happen. In DC we have a combined sewer/storm water system so it all flows together and gets discharged in big storms.

    • Where would you have it go? Back up the pipes in your house where it came from? When runoff volume outpaces storage capacity, it’s gotta go somewhere. Sanitation engineers wizards.

      This is also exactly what the massive Anacostia storage tunnel is supposed to help alleviate when it’s done a decade from now.

      • It is actually against the law and EPA has taken enforcement actions against other municipalities that do this. They certainly pick and choose their enforcement actions though. It is good that they are working on it with a storage facility. So it certainly is not a choice between backing up in our homes or going into the rivers.

        • Central DC has a sewer system that was built in the 1870s when combined sewers were normal and about the best that technology had to offer at the time. It takes a long time to build all the replacements for this stuff. There is no magic wand that DC Water can wave to make it instantly be replaced. You can easily search the EPA web site for combined sewer overflow waivers and consent decrees.

    • The “280 million gallons” is a projection for the whole region, not something that has already happened, but as for the DC combined sewer replacement, it’s costing $2.6 billion dollars, it’s a huge and years-long project that has been in the news for years (including right here on PoP numerous times), and just because you weren’t paying attention until now doesn’t mean it’s not a big deal that nobody cares about.

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Zombies. I just don’t get the fascination. I mean, I can appreciate a movie like 28 Days Later, but do we really need zombie preparedness guides from the CDC? Or zombies as part of every Halloween talk show stint (I’m looking at you, The Doctors)? Or [insert random famous person] zombie costumes?

    Rave: Happy to see very little street flooding and downed trees on my walk to work this morning. Glad my colleagues and friends on the Eastern Seaboard are safe and sound.

  • Rave: Didn’t lose power, no damage to my home and I might not have to use personal leave for the two days I missed.

    Rant: Girlfriend is getting more immature and whiney every time I see her. It might be time to let her go.

  • novadancer

    rave: neighborhood did not flood!

    rant: our basement sprung a leak (either foundation issues or condos next door) and we had to suck up the water every hour for 36 hours. Not a fun way to spend two days off ๐Ÿ™

  • Rant: WaPo article today about Sandy not being too bad–I get the point, but they lost me when they disgustingly downplayed the deaths of 4 DMV residents. RIP to all those that were lost in this storm, including those in the Carribean.

    Rant/rave: Had an interview scheduled for Tuesday, they decided to reschedule for this afternoon and I am not even wearing a proper suit! The rave part is: at least I didn’t dress for Halloween…I almost did.

  • Question: Is there anywhere to monitor the lines for early voting? I’ve never voted in the district before. Should I attempt early voting or will I be better off just going on election day? I’m in Ward 2.

    • novadancer

      my husband went on Saturday am and had no lines at all. I wonder if things are better earlier or if it was specific to certain early voting centers?

    • I don’t know what the ward-specific early voting locations are like, but when I did early voting last week at the citywide location (Judiciary Square), there was hardly anybody there and it went very quickly.

      • What’s the advantage to early voting? Do you only do it when you know whom to vote for or you won’t be able to vote on Election Day?

        • I hadn’t changed my address yet, and it was easier to get there (it’s practically on top of the Metro) than to go to my old voting location.

          I voted early on a previous occasion too, but I can’t remember what the specific reason was.

        • I do it to avoid lines on election day. Because I hate standing in the cold, and my line always seems to be run by the slowest person on the planet–I see other lines process 10 voters to my line’s one voter.

          I don’t vote at the exact moment that I decide who to vote for, I wait until it’s convenient for me to vote. Which sometimes turns out to be election day.

          In DC you don’t need a reason to vote early, it’s just allowed. I’m sure DC BOEE has more info: http://dcboee.us/

        • binpetworth

          Do they give out stickers to early voters? Because that’s one of the major reasons I like Election Day.

          • Yes, they do give stickers for early voting.

            I think it was the very next day that there were a bunch of David Grosso supporters campaigning outside my Metro station, and when they said, “Vote for David Grosso!” (or whatever it was) I was able to say, “I already voted for him.”

      • novadancer

        that’s where he went too.

      • Good to know. I work close to Judiciary Square & wondered if it was worth it to try early voting there this week.

  • Rave: Girl mooning the camera in the photo above.

  • Rant: I am already worried about being in jeopardy about my job and am completely irrationally afraid about asking to leave early to get my roof fixed (Sandy damages)
    Rant: So much still to do because I did no actual productive work during the storm.
    Rave: 3 day work week.

    • I don’t think you’re being irrationally afraid (to ask for time off re roof) if you feel that you/your job is in jeopardy. Good luck with your situation and hopefully it works better than you are thinking it will.

  • Boyfriend invited to out-of-town wedding with no guest, but in a city where he knows nobody and a wedding where he knows nobody but the groom (and we all know how much time you actually spend with the groom at his wedding). I am going with him so his entire weekend isn’t a bust. Glad to get a weekend away, but WTF I have to go off by myself for 4 hours while he’s at the wedding? I appreciate cost saving as much as anyone and think this might be different if he was part of a group of old friends who will be there or lived locally and this is just a couple of hours of his afternoon. But in this case think the wedding couple is just being rude to expect someone to travel at great expense to spend a weekend as a stranger in their city by himself. Spend another $75 and let him bring a guest.

    • An invitation is not an obligation to attend.

      Your boyfriend could have (graciously) declined the invitation.

    • skip the wedding and send a nice gift. problem solved.

    • Really, the problem is easily solved. Don’t go in person but be gracious enough to send gift and well wishes. I think it’s pretty rude not to invite +1 but people have to draw the lines somewhere. First, it’s rarely $75/head, if it’s a formal or large wedding, which I suspect it might be, given that they are drawing lines. Second, sometimes people draw the line at enfianced or spouse or long-term SO as opposed to bf/gf, which sometimes just come and go. Why pay for “flavor of the day.” Not saying that that’s what you and your bf are but let’s be fair, not every bf/gf relationship ends up being super serious long-term partnership whether or not it ends up in marriage. If you bf wants to attend and you go along but have to entertain yourself for a few hours, what’s the big deal? If it’s a fun city or a place you’ve never been to, enjoy having an amazing dinner solo and go find a bar and hang with some locals. Done. Easy. Problem solved. Life is too short to get upset about the details. Turn this into an opportunity.

      • You make so many good points but I vehemently disagree with your (and OP’s) assertions that it’s rude not to give a +1. There are many perfectly good reasons.

        • Why are you disagreeing with me? It can be rude not to invite a +1, depending upon the relationship of the +1 and the reason for not including a +1. I’ve seen it done when the intent was very rude. I, also, as noted in your comment, gave reasons (and fair) as to why someone would not include a +1 when doing a wedding.

          • I disagreed with you because it sounded like your point was “Yes, it is rude (even though there can be reasons)” as opposed to “It can be rude depending on the reason.”

        • As the OP, I agree that in some situations it can be fine not to invite a +1 — I mentioned some above. But in this case it is thoughtless (trust me on this one!). I also agree that my bf could decline the invite (my recommendation, in fact) but since he didn’t we are trying to make an opportunity of it. An opportunity with significant hassle (given the venue and transportation) that would not exist if I could go to the wedding itself, but an opportunity.

          • Seems like you’re determined to ruin a vacation. Go or don’t go, but don’t go and whine about spending 4 hours by yourself. Travel can be part of the fun, not the headache, if done in the right frame of mind.

            But, my advice is for you to skip it completely, enjoy the weekend on your own, and put the snub in the rear view mirror.

          • I’m not sure how you read a determination not enjoy into this reply – I stress that I’m turning it into a chance to enjoy a weekend away. But also thought the purpose of this page was to be able to vent some frustrations that we may not have other outlets for.

          • not invited,

            I guess the “Anonymous” repliers can get confusing. To clarify, I am the Anonymous poster who responded at 1:27 and 1:52 but not the one who replied at 2:31. That Anonymous poster is on his/her own.

          • if we are to agree with you that it was “thoughtless” then your boyfriend is a dick for going. dump him.

          • Dump someone for having a thoughtless friend? That seems a bit extreme.

          • no, not because the friend is thoughtless, but because the boyfriend decided that it was okay to go, thereby placing the thoughtless friend above the OP.

    • I am not sure if your boyfriend has done this already, but perhaps he can ask the groom if he can bring a date. I just got married over the summer. In between sending out my save the dates (6 months out), and final RSVP deadline (1 month out), I had a couple friends who found themselves in new relationships. While the initial invite did accord a plus one, they did reach out to me about bringing a date. By the time all my yeas and neas came in, I was haplily in a place to accomodate them. It’s worth a shot.

    • Wow. Just as weddings aren’t all about the bride and the groom, they also aren’t all about the guests.

      • But sometimes they are about the details and history and context that don’t make it into the rant. Just venting some frustration, thanks for judging.

    • fascinating.

      it strikes me as odd that your boyfriend would even want to go. it also strikes me as odd that you would go too, despite not being invited. the concern of what to do with yourself for 4 hours is easy. just go for a walk. go to a museum. shop online. get drunk. jeez, explore.

      but whats weird is that people meeting up at weddings usually make plans to do stuff together that night or the next day, but your boyfriend is going to have to check in with you instead of going with the flow. you won’t be on the same high as everyone and it would be weird to join them.

      the whole situation is bizarre to me and uncomfortable. just let him go on his own for a weekend.

      • Agreed.

        I’m not sure why the OP is claiming that she (he?) is treating it as an opportunity, but at the same time is complaining that the wedding couple is rude and should have spent another $75 to invite her.

        Seems like the OP should either genuinely treat it as an opportunity and not complain, or stay home and complain.

        I wonder if the OP’s unspoken beef is that her (his?) boyfriend accepted the invitation in the first place, rather than declining it on principle.

  • Rant: My family’s shorehouse is in pieces. We’ve been trying to sell it over the past year because it was becoming more of a hassle than enjoyable, and now my Mom’s out about $300,000. She’s completely devastated, and there’s not a whole lot I can say to make her feel better. And her birthday is on Saturday. She’s had some shitty luck around her birthday the last couple of years. I told her that if Romney wins the election (i.e., more horrible news), its the fault of her birthday omen. That made her chuckle, so she still has some humor about his misfortune. The pictures and videos of the Jersey Shore really hit home–I feel absolutely awful for people affected by this storm.

    Rant: We’ve got some water damage in the condo we just purchased back in July. A pain, sure, but I have absolutely nothing to complain about in comparison.

    Rave: My work is incredibly wonderful and flexible, letting me work from home all week while contractors are trying to dry out the water damage.

    • Sorry to hear that you lost the place. I hope your Mom has insurance coverage?

      • She’s not expecting much from insurance. I couldn’t imagine an insurance company allowing insurance for a house 11 ft above sea level. She was starting the process yesterday, so I hope she has some news today.

  • Not a rant or a revel but an FYI:

    DPW Online Chat Discussing Leaf Collection, Wed., Oct. 31, 1:00 – 2:00pm

    With this week’s visit from Sandy, fall has kicked in with a vengeance. If you live in a tree-lined neighborhood, your street is no doubt blanketed with leaves. DPW’s leaf collection service begins on Monday, November 5th. Find out what you need to do to help prepare for your scheduled leaf collection days by tuning into DPW’s online chat Wednesday, October 31, 2012.

    To participate in the session once it has begun, visit dpw.dc.gov/livechat. Transcripts of all chat sessions can be reviewed after the session by following these same instructions.

    WHAT: DPW Online Chat Discussing Leaf Collection
    WHEN: Wednesday, October 31, 1:00 – 2:00pm
    WHERE: dpw.dc.gov/livechat

  • Rave: so glad we had the city remove the gross ginko tree from in front of our house this summer! No vomit-berries on the sidewalk in front of my house!

    Rant: all the other ginko trees on the street are still dropping their nasty-as* pods everywhere (especially during the hurricane) so even though there are none directly in front of my house it still stinks to the high heavens.

    • I couldn’t believe how many I gingko fruits I squished while walking around the neighborhood yesterday! I enjoyed the part of it that was like walking on bubble wrap. ๐Ÿ™‚ And was glad the neighborhood did not smell nearly as bad this morning as I thought it might.

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