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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

Obviously today will again be crazy but I’ll be blogging as long as I have power.

Send photos, questions, observations or anything related to Hurricane Sandy via email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com or via twitter to @PoPville, via facebook to Facebook.com/PrinceofPetworth, or via Flickr to the PoPville pool.

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  • Rave – house dry and undamaged. Fingers crossed though for family members that needed to evacuate coastal areas. They don’t yet know what they are going back to.

    Rave: Only person in the office. Thinking of pulling an Al Haig and declaring myself in command.

  • Rave: Buried power lines.

    Rave: DC seems to have weathered the storm pretty well.

    • Amen to that! So grateful that we were spared the worst. Thoughts with those who weren’t as lucky. Also, very glad that the kiddies won’t be robbed of Halloween this year. The thought of that really bummed me out even though I don’t have kids. Definitely one of the more exciting childhood traditions and I really didn’t want to see that canceled for them. Come to AdMo, parents! Cauldron-o-candy is ready for your little ones!

    • Does all of DC proper (not VA, not MD) have buried power lines?

  • skj84

    Rave: Made it through Sandy safe and sound!

    Rant: I’m going to have to use 2 PTO days for the days missed at work. I was saving my PTO for the holidays so not too thrilled about that.

    Rave: at least I somewhat enjoy my day off today. I was on edge about losing power/a tree falling on the house all day yesterday.

    Rant: worried about my family and friends in New Jersey and New York. They got the brunt of the hurricanes rath.

    • Thanks, do you know if there is a map or some place that shows where the power lines are buried and where they are not?

      • Why is this important to you?

        • Honestly, just curious. I’ve seen people from Dupont, Logan, Adams Morgan and the Petworth neighborhoods breathe a sigh of relief at not losing power so I was curious if those neighborhoods have buried power lines, which would explain why they didn’t lose power. Nothing sinister going on on my part. Apologies, but I’m just naturally a curious person.

        • I live in upper northwest and we have above ground power lines throughout the neighborhood. I used to live in Petworth and same deal, in the alleyways behind the row houses is where the poles are.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Reporter on the Today Show saying Sandy was reminiscent of Katrina.

    Rave: I am possibly as hated as PPercy for my unpopular opinions. PPercy, let’s have cocktails 🙂

    Rave: Had my rants yesterday, so I’m trying to be in a better mood today.

    Funny: My prissy cat snores like an old man.

    • Have you seen the photos of NYC? I’m not equating the two storms, but reminiscent sounds appropriate.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Well, I guess all hurricanes are reminiscent of Katrina in that they all have rain, wind, and flooding. To me it will be reminiscent of Katrina when people drown because they can’t cut a hole in the ceiling fast enough to get on the roof as water rises, when dead bodies are left on the road for days because all man power needs to be spent rescuing people who are still trapped on roofs or in last resort shelters, or when entire communities are wiped off the face of the earth.

        I get it, Sandy was horrible for NYC and other places, but it was not like Katrina. I hope everyone effected by Sandy is given more compassion and aid than the people who were effected by Katrina.

        • I’m certainly not going to argue which storm is worse than the other; I think major natural events are all pretty bad, no matter how you dice them. What I will say is that some areas are not equipped to deal with certain weather conditions so the recovery effort becomes cumbersome to those areas. New Orleans tends to be hurricane prone, which gives New Orleans and NYC a similarity – they are both resilient cities and they will be rebuilt, not without great expense in loss (human, emotional, property and financial) but they will bounce back.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Do you think people will be telling New York not to rebuild? New Orleans got a lot of that. Fun Fact: After they found out I was from New Orleans, people in FLORIDA told me that the country should not rebuild New Orleans. People as in more than 1. Disgusting.

            You and I agree, hurricanes are not something NYC and other Northeastern communities are used to, so they are at a disadvantage. I hope the communities effected get all the aid they need and a ton of compassion and support.

            I still don’t like that Today Show reporter and what she said. It doesn’t mean I don’t have compassion for those effected by the storm. I just think what she said was stupid.

          • Emmaleigh,

            I think that is pretty bad, to hear that New Orleans shouldn’t have been re-built. I honestly didn’t think that was a real option and you have people who say “dumb” things every single day. I don’t tend to watch the Today show so didn’t hear/know what the reporter said directly. Although I had the channel on NBC and FOX yesterday for weather reports, they are not my preferred stations, as I think they tend to hype thing a little too much for my liking. I prefer more matter-of-fact reporting and try to get the news from other sources during events such as Sandy.

          • Jeesh. We rebuild Florida like every 5 years. Shocking that they would say that.

        • As PoP has decreed, this isn’t the place to criticize grammar, so I’m merely suggesting that you might want to check into the difference between Affect and Effect.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Vikki, I already know I’m a shit speller, I don’t need you to point it out. But I’m sure you were just drawing attention to it from the kindness of your heart and not because you are a cunting cow.

          • Did someone hack your account? I don’t follow the comments on PoP very closely, but see your avatar a lot and don’t remember it being associated with the short-tempered overreactions that you seem to be posting a lot of over the past couple of days.

          • That’s at least twice in two days you’re dropped the c word. Maybe a bit much? Or, more accurately, just completely inappropriate?

          • I’ve seen tons of comments deleted that were less offensive than this one

            nice double standard, prince.

        • So last night you’re shrugglingly dismissve of the deaths that would result from this storm because, you know, you LOST VACATION TIME, and this morning you’re all righteous about the terrible tragedy of Katrina?

          Sounds ridiculously hypocritical. I agree with the other person who asked if your account was hacked. You’ve always seemed like a sane individual, but you went off the deep end yesterday. It was pretty ugly.

          • I agree with the folks who suspect something is fishy with this account. Either that or EMILY (was that to your liking?) has a split personality.

          • It’s possible that Emmaleigh’s account was hacked. I think Emmaleigh’s posts tend to be upbeat, cheeky but people have moods and they have hot-button topics. Especially if they are provoked. Some people can let it drop and sometimes they want to defend their point-of-view. I think if people have a different opinion, Emmaleigh responds reasonably if not attacked on her (I am assuming) perspective. I didn’t take any of Emmaleigh’s response to my comments as attacks but instead questions, which I thought were fine. I personally would have dropped or omited the c-word from responses but that’s just me. I also try to write out someone’s full name, moniker, as I think it shows respect for/towards that person.

          • Emmaleigh504

            1. No my account has not been hacked. The good, the bad, the ugly it is all me.

            2. Yes, I can be a hypocrite, no one is perfect. I didn’t wish death on people yesterday, just destruction. There is a difference (to me anyway).

            3. I cuss a lot in my every day life, sometimes it spills over into Popville. The cunt-word is one of my particular favorites. My apologies if the cunt-word offends your delicate sensibilities. I’ll try to remember not to use it in future.

            4. Perhaps I’m insane or maybe I’m just in a bad mood and bored. I did try to be nice today, but Vikki wasn’t having it. You pot-stirer you.

            5. There are naked people outside my window.

          • 1. What does the “cunt-word” even mean? Cunt is actually a word. And it is a noun, so “cunting cow” also makes no sense. It is like saying “penising cow” or I suppose “vaginaing cow.”

            2. Who is this Vikki you are obsessed with?

            3. Your vulgarity does not offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities, it just diminishes you as a person.

            4. R & R is exactly the place to go bat-shit-crazy if you need to – so knock yourself out. But you shouldn’t expect some kind of validation or coddling agreement.

        • I didn’t see the earlier thread/comments, and I feel really really really really bad for what is happening in NJ/NYC right now, but there is simply no comparison.

          One – 1800 plus dead. Other – 30 something dead (in the US) so far.

          One – nearly entire city destroyed. City sits under water for two weeks. Other – just not the same.

          Ya’ll lay off Emmaleigh. Katrina is still abusive to those of us from there or who lived through it.

          Here’s hoping NYC/NJ have a minimal amount of pain…

    • Off topic, as a New Orleans native, what do you think of Treme? I quite enjoy it but always wonder about the authenticity factor.

  • Rant: Roof leaked in two places

    Rave: That was the extent of the damage, and we still have power (and we normally lose power in big storms).

  • Rave: Family safe and sound in Jersey and NYC – phew. Made for some tense hours… now onto the clean-up.

    Rant: People bitching about being forced to evacuate.

    Rave: Hoping to make it outside today! Waiting until the wind advisory goes away and then I’ll venture outside.

    • Britt,

      For a brief period, I almost shared your thought when people were complaining about the evacuations but I changed my mind. I’m not hard on people about complaining about the evacuations. The storms and play-up to it are stressful, if you’re being asked to evacuate, the liklihood that your home will see some damage. Many people think of their home as a shelter, a refuge from the world, a little slice of their private world, not only with possessions but with history, memories, etc. It’s hard to leave all that and devestating to find it all gone or damaged. There’s a lot of loss in events such as Sandy and it’s not all monetary loss. Even though we should all “know better” that nothing trumps a human life, reason doesn’t always trump in every situation.

      • i’d be very upset to have to evacuate dc.

      • Thank you for your insight and at times, I felt the same. However, being from Jersey and having family members and friends who are rescue workers who have to go in and risk their lives to rescue people who did not heed warnings to evacuate, that irks me. Obviously, if unable to evacuate, that’s a different story but seriously… think of others as well as yourself.
        Also, I understand it’s emotional but what can you do for your home? Step away and hopefully come back to repair and rebuild. You’re putting your life in danger and others trying to rescue you.

        • Fair enough but you are looking at this very logically. Not saying that’s bad but people don’t always think logically. As to your point about Emergency Responders having to go and “save” or “rescue” people, your point is well made that it puts these responders at risk. And that point is very real. Governor Chris Christie has said that part of NJ where people did not heed evacuation warnings/requests, it is simply too dangerous for Emergency Responders to try to get to them. They will have to wait until the conditions are less dangerous before they go and try to rescue these people. Regardless of what you think about that decision, it seems he is putting into place efforts that will not obviously put responders into imminent danger.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I agree. When you don’t evacuate when it’s mandatory or just good sense, you aren’t just putting your life in danger, you are putting rescue workers in danger. That’s selfish. Besides, if the flood waters (or forest fire or whatever) come for your house, what the hell are you going to do about it? Tell the water “You aren’t welcome here, go somewhere else.” Water/fire don’t obey orders.

      • anon. gardener

        I grew up in coastal SC. In my experience, people generally don’t take evacuation orders seriously until they’ve lived through one bad storm. A hurricane is no joke. People who ignore evacuation orders are foolish.

  • Query: I wonder if Pho 14 is open today? I could do with a big bowl of heaven.

  • Rave: Never lost power!

    Rant: Roof leaked in a couple of places.

    Rave: No work today so I can have a nice chill day

    Rave: Hurricane baking treats and apple cider for breakfast!

  • Rave: House was unscathed and I even got my dog to go out for a pee last night when the rain died down a bit.

    Question – for those that live in converted rowhouses (an old rowhouse, but 4 units with a common door) – what do you do for the kiddos on Halloween? Knocking on the front door won’t be heard by any of the residents. So, do you leave candy outside? Don’t do candy at all?

  • Rant: not sure what they are reporting oversees, but my friends and family are completely freaking out over Sandy in DC. Getting emails like “are you evacuating??????!!!!!”

    Rave: so much food and baked goods and drinks at home. Feels like christmas.

    • i have an aunt in the sticks of virginia that keeps asking me that too. she feels that dc is always on the verge of riotous destruction.

  • Rant: lost power around 10pm

    Rave: got it back before 4am. Way to go, Pepco!

    16 dead in the US; 5.7 million without power. I know how lucky I am that 6 hours without power is the worst I “suffered”.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    MPD says:

    “Avoid the 1900 block of Biltmore due to a sink hole in the roadway.”

  • Just want to send out my thoughts and prayers for those affected by Sandy. I know the numbers of people who were affected are far-reaching and the devestation varies greatly by location. Wishing for a safe, effective, and quick recovery. If I weren’t a human being in the middle of the storm, I’d have to say it was a phenomenon to watch and serves to remind me that Mother Nature is wonderous and truly large and overreaching. The reality, though, is this is no science paper and I’m left almost speechless about what Sandy has left behind for so many. I am relieved that I think some places were not hit as hard as expected and I think there is some consolation in knowing that. At the same time, I have been in NYC during some remarkable periods but the flooding in lower Manhattan were, well for lack of words, awesome. What I can say is that NYC is a very resilient city and the recovery efforts will be amazing. Still, my thoughts and prayers go out to all.

  • Dear PoP,

    I’m sorry for asking boring questions:

    1. Does anyone know how garbage/recycling pick up will work this week? I know their efforts are probably focused on recovery and clean up. I’m not trying to be insensitive by asking, just asking for logistical purposes.

    2. Someone said street sweeping/leaf removal is suspended. Today is Oct 30 and usually the last day is Oct 31. Is this confirmed? Street sweeping is suspended from Nov 1-Mar 31. I know it’s only a difference of a couple of days but it does affect Weds parking/street cleaning.

      • Maybe you need to get some fresh air. I apologise, I was looking at these posts in the order of which they are displayed (meaning most recent first). You are correct, the questions I asked were in the very next post. Was it necessary for you to be so snarky? And my question about street cleaning still stands. Since they are so close to Oct 31 being the last day of street cleaning, the streets are filled with leaves and debris, I think it makes sense to confirm this. It wouldn’t be bad for the city to do a major street cleaning on the last two days and that it what I want to confirm. It does affect street parking (Tues and Weds) so thanks for your reply.

        • Street sweeping is suspended until March 1 (that was also a post farther down, but I won’t give you a hard time about it). 🙂

          • Thanks, I have actually re-read the information several times. I guess I can’t quite believe it, that’s all. Sometimes the city does ridiculous things. I’m sorry but the emergency fare of $15.00 that taxis were slapping on is a little much. I think during snowmageden the emergency fare was $3.00, which seems much more in line and appropriate, if you want to slap on a fare. I said they were boring questions in my original post.

        • saf

          No, that’s answered there too:

          “Residential Street Sweeping: Street sweeping in signed residential neighborhoods will resume March 1. Sweeping was suspended this week to allow the crews to clear storm debris, and the end of this program is October 31. Therefore, motorists do not need to obey the parking restrictions on Tuesday or Wednesday. Street sweeping will resume March 1.”

  • RAVE: DC survived the storm.
    RANT: Vincent Gray is DC mayor

    • I dislike Gray quite a bit and would never vote for him. I think he cheated in the last election and broke the law.

      Having said that, I heard him on the news yesterday and was pretty impressed with his command of just about every detail of DC’s response to the storm. He seemed dialed in.

  • Anyone in the Bloomingdale area get sewage backup during the hurricane?

  • Rave: Got outside to a bar last night and hung out with some locals. Nothing like a natural disaster to bond with your neighbors! (Snowmaggeddon anyone?)

    Rant: Sleeping way too much because of this lazy, rainy weather. I miss the sunshine!

  • bfinpetworth

    Not really a rant, but what is up with Governor Christie and the Atlantic City mayor!? Seems like there must be an interesting story there that nobody is discussing.

  • Does anyone know if Ohio Drive is open? All the online traffic sites don’t mention it as closed, but it is so close to the river. I have house guests that want to drive down and see the memorials.

  • Rave: DC got off pretty easy.

    Rant: If people would start ignoring emmaleigh504, she would go away.

  • Rant: Horrible to see the images of water pouring into the subway, homes in NJ flooded, boy it’s a good thing climate change is a myth, huh?
    Rave: House still standing, giant tree did not crush us in our sleep. Backup daycare stayed open both days, I am going to send them a gift basket, those teachers rock! Also props to the Columbia Heights Giant for being open and fully stocked last night at 8 pm. Only aisle that looked slightly depleted was the wine section 🙂 Petworth and DC in general has been good to us as far as disasters go. Just some basement water…
    Rant: The news never sleeps, so I never get a fun day off at home for stuff like this.
    Rave: Free food at work.
    Rave: Looking more and more like kid’s Halloween will be back on tomorrow.
    Rant: people who don’t think or care that the c-word is like, the most offensive word ever, worse than the f-word.

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